League of Light Insignia

Some time ago, I asked the Pleiadian Renegades if they had a symbol or insignia that captured some meaning of their work, something that identified the spirit of the League of Light, to better understand who they are and what they stand for. They guided my hand in sketching out a rough drawing with some notes, and the paper was set aside for later.

More recently, the question came up about some kind of identifier for the group of renegades, and I recalled this sketch, hastily made and filed away. I found it and sat down with a telepathic uplink to the crew, and together we formed the design you see here. In their words, the symbol shows “the unity of interior and nonbounded spatial awareness.” It is, they say, “the form of a stellar newborn in the OM of birth.”

Meaningful design

They were very particular in choosing exactly the shape of the oval and the colors for each section. There is something of life in the combination of color, and in some way they are the breakdown of the light in opals… a reference to opalescence, a key part of their message to humanity, and the way they see our light all together as one human organism on this jewel of a planet.

The “writing” on the left side of the oval signifies the Pleiadian Renegades in service to the League of Light, “OM” being an allusion to the source of life, That Which Is, the is-ness of everything… the concept of God and divinity is difficult to capture in our limited vocabulary, but the vibration of OM contains within it all sounds, so this is what they use. They write a lot about this in the book Opalescence, if you want to dive into the higher mind of the Pleiadians.

Keep it close at hand

As a service to give you the opportunity to have some things in the design of this site and particularly of the symbols and words the Renegades have been sharing, I’ve put this symbol on some of the offerings at the Pleiadian Soul online store. All proceeds from that shop support the maintenance and ongoing work of this site, and are much appreciated.

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  1. Hello, I am the one who 35 years ago incarnated here a place called (Pulandian). Saw what you left for me.

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