The best part of waiting to finally meet you in person is getting acquainted first. I have a window into your world, as I can read your energetic story and learn about you. So I will tell you about myself and you can learn about me and my people.

I am, like you, human. My work is to serve as an ambassador to your planet. I represent the people who serve on a spacefaring vessel called MMM 5 Life Force Knowledge, or in our language Eho-ka-ta-il. MMM is a designation of the elementary classification of our ship, which is of the diplomatic type. MMM represents the planet of our origin, in league with other planets who recognize a common purpose and intent – sort of a federation, but we call it Arco-ki-il, which translates in English to “League of Light. Ours is one of many ships of our class and purpose. Other types of vessels are in your skies, and just beyond. There are many kinds of planets and people represented in the other vessels, each with a message for the people of Earth.

I, Anica, carry a message to you from the League of Light and of Nine, which is, we are here to bring home our people and to help the keepers of the frequencies of the awakening have their light perfected by sharing the knowledge of the science of Nine. We are here in peace and with great love and respect for all humans. We have waited for a long time to greet you openly. The time of our meeting is near. How that meeting goes is under consideration, as to the final details. It’s all so intriguing, isn’t it? Know that we are ready, and we are waiting only for a few crucial elements to be in place before full contact is initiated.

Now, I will keep a hand near the pen as much as possible in the next several weeks, and write as often as I can and my scribe is able. Keep reading, and stay tuned, because some big changes are coming soon. We will update you as things unfold. As they do unfold, remain secure in the knowledge that each one of you on the planet is loved, and find peace between each other and within yourself.

Au revoir,

  1. Hi Maryann I am enjoying browsing the website congrats on the refresh…. looking great. I believe your message is needed urgently in this chaotic time.

    Anyway I was wondering if I could make a enquiry about personal readings from our pleadian brothers and sisters.

    Apologies if I have submitted in the wrong area. I was reading your personal bio and wad intrigued by the personal work you do. I am going through big changes in my career at present and feel I’m entering in to a new chapter of helping my fellow humans awaken

    Look forward to any reply


    Barry mcevoy

    1. Thank you, Barry! Yes of course, and I would be happy to connect for you. I’d ask that you look over the info on this page and the links to the choices, and let me know what question you might have: What you have said already echoes what most people are asking about lately. And I think that’s great… more awakening is a good thing. Much love, Maryann

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