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Mastering the Illusion

A personal blog detailing the process of transformation both inner and global, with insights into my own journey, through the lens of Nine.

On the Edge of Transformation

Lately—and I mean daily for the past week or so—I've been getting a signal about a specific point in time. Not a calendar date, but a more intuitive sensing of a transformation point along the continuum of being. That space in time where ending and beginning meld into a singularity. Neither is indistinguishable from the [...]

End of Phase: That’s a Wrap

Today was a wrap on filming on the set of Lightships. I feel as if something has launched, balloon-like, into the free space of what-is-to-become, after having been filled with so much energy and life. The next phase is in the mode of becoming. The evolution is underway. In the intense month of January, where many [...]

How Deep the Soul Whispers

Have you ever wondered how direct communication from the soul might work? Here's an insight from the Pleiadian perspective on how the soul whispers. I've been acting as an intermediary — a transmission relay — between the Pleiadians and individuals for more than 10 years now. Well, mostly for the Pleiadians. Sometimes, for others who [...]

My Complicated Relationship with Predictions

I predict some reading this will see the deeper wisdom in what the Pleiadians are saying here. Some won't. There, I'm covered. Starseeds Waiting... For those of us who have been awakened for any period of time, be it decades or months, it can be very frustrating to wait, and wait, and wait for the [...]

Love and Pain

How is it that we feel both love and pain? Limiting the love you give ultimately leads to some kind of pain. Love is too big for that.  The Paradox of Love and Pain A decade ago, contactee Alex Collier famously quoted his Andromedan guide, saying, "The love that you withhold is the pain that [...]

The Video Machine Is Running Again: A Techy Inside Look

Everything you wanted to know — and stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to know but will appreciate nonetheless — about video production on Nine’s Path. A Bigger Picture: Video Upgrades While I did study video production and film in college, that was just before avi became a thing, when we were still using […]

A Moment in the Unicorn’s Path

"No more will be war. BOOM." Not all of the transmissions from the League of Light are written. Some come through the medium of drawing, as well. One of these drawings from years ago has always haunted me as a kind of map. I finally created an overlay from a real map to compare the [...]

Cookie Monster: Get In Line

"Nine brings freshly baked cookies to your soul food barbecue and afterwards cleans up all the dishes." — from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity I've been talking with a friend over the past week or so on the subject of cookies and permission. Lest you think this has to do with a cookie [...]

Timeline: A History of Nine’s Path and My Work with the League of Light

From the moment I first encountered the Pleiadian mind, many years ago and far away, I have gone through countless metamorphoses. Both in my personal, interior life and my exterior, public life, the changes have been immense, though stepwise, and guided by something I have long since learned to trust. A slapdash collection of notebooks [...]


Contributed posts by guest writers invited by the League of Light to extend and enrich their mission at this time of transformation.

The Body-Snatching Problem: False Identity Disorder

by Karla Damarelya Segura The most difficult aspect of possession at the DNA level is the changes that, throughout our lives, we can experiment in the form of radical ideas, dramatic swings in personality and even physical changes that reflect a certain incompatibility with our original template. This is not the case for everyone at […]

The Body-Snatching Problem: The Infected DNA Problem

By Karla Damarelya Segura Our physical DNA is far more complex than what we might think. If you were to dissect it and translate the information it contains into images, it would probably not be too different as to what a medium can do while attempting to tap into the Akashic records. The difference is […]

The Body-Snatching Problem: The Great Squabble

by Karla Damarelya Segura The Great Squabble “Sometimes my eyes appear of different color when I take pictures of myself. It happens randomly. Even when I was a teenager people would tell me that I had very beautiful eyes, of a color that is not my natural color, and they were convinced of what they […]

Triumph through Adversity

A recent message of hope from Num’Shala, through Nine’s Path contributor Veronica Gonzalez. Message: “Children of the most High, there is Triumph through Adversity. You are understanding the intense priorities of life itself. You are slowly coming into the reality of your hidden potentials. Of the warriors you are within. You, my dear ones, are […]

Temmerian Sexuality (a short conversation with Asket)

Asket: ”You have wanted to know about the sexuality of Temmers for a long time. I must apologize you had to be kept out of that knowledge because you had to grow through your own steps of understanding and recover memories of your own in a particular order. Now you know more. You have the […]

Who is Num’Shala?

At such a pivotal moment I have come across such important information.  Upon waking up this morning, I had the sudden urge to look through one of my old dream journals. I came across a channeled message from the first time I came in contact with the energy, Num’Shala, back in August of 2017. Message […]

From Draco to the Pleiades, with Love

A long time ago… It was so long ago, that we first crossed paths. We were somewhat similar to your cats and your reptiles, but we were larger, more humanoid looking, and more evolved. However, there was fear in our eyes. We had to see at some point that we were not so different from […]

Changes Among Us

A channeled message through Veronica from Num’Shala. Greater than the rift that has been set beside you, along the coastal planes there shall be such a design of tremendous change. For the antiquities of yesterday will be the so-called advancements of tomorrow. The light shone from within will rise in such a way that blindness […]

Zero point from a metaphysical and psychological combined perspective

An almost physical visitation A few weeks ago, I had a nightly visitation by two soulmates. I was fully anchored here, and wide awake. It was not possible for me to see them, but they moved my body to let me know they were there by my side and I heard them speak. The loving […]

A New Divine Signal

A channeled message from Num’Shala  from the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. She is said to be one of the chosen ones aiding in peace and cooperation. Message: It is a joyous time for us as we are now  able to assist you and your planet. Are you beginning to feel the shift? The grumble throughout […]

Highest levels of empathy confused for hypersensitivity

The origins of hypersensitivity How many people in this world identify themselves as empaths? In one way or another every single individual holds the capacity to be an empath, independently of their set of beliefs, soul age, the way in which they exert their spirituality, or in which way they are connected to the material […]

This is why we have limited intervention rights

This is a message from Asket of the Pleiadian Group. We have always stated that our desire is not to shape the future of the planetary humanity in a way that serves our understanding of a bright future. We have been present in the periphery of the events that have been unfolding in the last […]

The Portal

She stood before me, the stars in her eyes dancing with mine, silently delivering a message that I understood but didn’t want to accept. “You are not telling me you want to incarnate on Earth again, are you?” I asked. She was wearing a black skintight costume like the ones we used when we were […]

Failure of the Empaths

By now, it is probably a well known fact that the realm is going through a substantial change towards a higher vibration. This includes the introduction of a new type of a human being that would be better aligned with its divinity and more connected to others. This is an agreement that Gaia made guided […]


A message of awakening from our Pleiadian family with love. Through awakening, you are not only expanding your minds, you are peeling away, layer by layer, of your old 3D Self. Each layer becomes less and less painful as you become more aware of the Truth that lies within the archives of your soul. You […]

The Cosmic Shift So Far and Our Future on Earth and the Universe

Conscious remembrance of what once was an ancient myth If you have payed close attention to the ancient myths and the illustrations that have accompanied such stories, you might have noticed the presence of beings that have shaped our collective path. Our understanding of such beings has shifted dramatically during the last decades. This is […]

Oneness and Egohood: The Other Side of the Coin

Broken Egohood As a child, perhaps you tried to create a drawing to impress your parents. Then, you faced a certain form of neglectfulness. You saw your parents being distracted enough  with all kinds of responsibilities you would not understand as to pay attention to your newly created masterpiece. A little older you became, and […]

As above so as (not) below

“As above so below” I will start this message with a bit of a disclaimer, because I am going to disagree with the statement. And yet, it is still true when it comes to a particular context. Chances are, you have probably heard of a place called Heaven and you know about a strife that […]

Reflections on Opalescence

Reflections on the book “Opalescence, The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity“ “….isn’t there a lesson in pain?” Indeed there is, but not one you learn by holding on to pain.  You must let go of the pain for the lesson to be integrated. (pg. 207, or new edition pg. 248) “Mastery is achieved when hearts […]

Life within the star system of Alcyone

The Vast Pleiadian Cluster Within the star codes of humanity, the light of the Pleiadian cluster shines like a multicolored gem. Little is recalled of the trajectory of the Cosmic human within the large cluster, but plenty are the expressions on Earth of what once was built in such corner of Cosmos. Alcyonians still exist […]

The Keys of the God-Self: Third and Fourth Keys

Divine Dreams of the Timeless Mind Read more about the Divine Dreams of the Timeless Mind: Introduction First Key Second Key Third and Fourth Keys Disappointment. Distraction. These two factors could block us from progressing further in our path towards finding ourselves, not just as precious jewels of Creation embodied in a human body, but as […]

Of Angels and Demons

Greetings, dear ones. Today I am going to tell you a short story. It is my own way of getting to understand Maryann’s message titled “Speak with Love, Demons are Listening”. The angel fought with the fury of Heaven, her wings beating violently the toxic air. The theater of war brought her to the ruins […]

The Keys of the God-Self: Second Key

Divine Dreams of the Timeless Mind Read more about the Divine Dreams of the Timeless Mind: Introduction First Key Second Key Third and Fourth Keys The Second Key: Letting go is the road to Inner Peace In the previous part of this essay, the first key and the nature of dreams were expounded. As I explore […]

We can hear you!

Through the stillness of meditation they spoke to me. A message from the Pleiadians of Love and Hope. From out of what seems to be a “state of unconsciousness”, comes the Dawn of a New Era. We have now emereged from our old ways, into our newly altered state of being. “But wait, is this […]

The Keys of the God-Self: First Key

Divine Dreams of the Timeless Mind Read more about the Divine Dreams of the Timeless Mind: Introduction First Key Second Key Third and Fourth Keys The First Key:  Natural cosmic process of reintegration of the soul essence known as soul retrieval Soul retrieval holds the first key to manifestation of better dreams, better experiences, and a […]


A Message from the League of Light “Through the eyes of Nine we were made with perfection. We were created from a state of being so pure and flawless, that there are no words to describe it. In the beginning, authoritative energetic vibrations of light created beautiful souls distinct in their own way. Each and […]

The Keys of the God-Self: Introduction

Divine Dreams of the Timeless Mind Read more about the Divine Dreams of the Timeless Mind: Introduction First Key Second Key Third and Fourth Keys “For those who seek peace in times of unprecedented destruction and transformation.” By the end of 2015, I decided to let go and let God.  When the apparent decisions of the […]

Harmonizing the collective energies

How do we go about harmonizing the collective energies of Earth during times of distress? A Look Back: Origins A very long time ago, before we reached the point in the collective evolution of Cosmos where we stand, we were born of the basic elements, both in physical form and in spiritual form. For each […]

Regarding Maryann’s Book, “Opalescence”

How many of you have a “favorite” read? A book that you feel, has changed your life? As for me, that is Maryann’s book, Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity. Now, I will explain in the near future in detail, why or how this came about, but for now I wanted to share a […]

Pleiadians call to “Be Still”

Note from Maryann: The League of Light whispered some information to Veronica, for her to share. I trust her discernment and see/feel this message is in alignment with those others that you have seen on Nine’s Path. A message from our Pleiadian family, through meditative state: “Through many lifetimes we have existed and have seen […]

The Road to Shasta: Exploring Lemuria

In life, it doesn’t matter what road you take, as long as that road leads to Love and wisdom. And no matter what, you will always be drawn to that connection, and it to you. In mysterious ways, the spiritual realm will find a way to let us know, not only where we are going, […]

The Unknown Visitors

On a new path to somewhere unknown, lies a nerve-racking, yet intriguing feeling. It is that same feeling that will either keep you from achieving your soul mission, or have you go beyond your wildest comprehensions. On July 29, 2018, I had an extremely vivid dream in which I felt, was a warning sign. Skating […]

Life through Multidimensional Transitions

From the start, the journey may seem complex. We must rely on ourselves for the Divine truth of where we’re from and where we are going. I present to you an insight into the understanding of connecting and reaching the powerful State of Nine. Multidimensional Transitions: Past, Present, Future We are here (Earth) beginning with […]

Of Angels and Pleiadians

Angels and Pleiadians The Angelic and Pleiadian human races are two of the most popular among the spiritual communities, so one might wonder about their similarities and differences. It was recently announced that the League of Light is working closely with angelic and elemental allies who see a common purpose in assisting this realm in […]

Meet Our Writers



Karla Damarelya Segura is an artist, healer and researcher in the area of natural resource management. Through a combination of disciplines she finds the inspiration to write about some of our ancient and modern individual and collective dilemmas, problems and lessons.

Lan Apona


Lan has an ancient warrior soul that eventually decided to serve the sword no more, dedicating eons to studies in the Earth school of hard knocks. Often times, he can be found helping people discover more about themselves and who they are beyond the thin veil of oblivion.



My name is Veronica and I’m a wife and mother of two. Through Dream State, I have found and hold as Truth, that all questions will be answered as we shed a different part of our “old self”, and begin to remember again.

If you’d like to write for Nine’s Path, please drop me a line via the contact form.

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News Updates

News and updates to the Nine’s Path website and related projects. For blog posts and personal updates, go to “Mastering the Illusion”.

“Lightships” Indiegogo Launch: Participate in Filmmaking

In the light of this past weekend’s full moon eclipse, we daringly launched a campaign to crowdfund something very special. Given the multiple possible points of entry to understand the material the League of Light has shared in so may ways, I sometimes am at a loss about where to recommend someone start. When you're [...]

Pleiadian Renegades Movie Is Coming

Earlier this year, late spring I think, I started hearing from the Pleiadians that my work was going to change in a dramatic way in the not-too-distant future. While I continue with the tarot, which I love and I know has a profound touch on the reality field, I sensed a down-shifting of the overall [...]

New Contributions

Recently, the League of Light tapped me on the shoulder to let me know that the time had come to expand the mission. Nine's Path was ready for an infusion: guest writers and contributors.  Extending the Mission The League of Light simply said, "Now is the time to gather those who will carry on your [...]

Weaving Opalescent Strands: Excerpts

Time to start weaving together the many parts of the League of Light's gifts to us, a little more at a time. Now you will find, after each weekly Pleiadian tarot message, a short excerpt from the book Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity. These excerpts are meant to be thought-crumbs, a contemplation focus. [...]

Checking In Between Readings: New Tarot Format

There's so much happening these days, so fast, that a week seems to be a long time between hearing the Pleiadians' regular check-in via Pleiadian Tarot. The guidance they offer every Thursday covers a huge amount of energetic flux and global evolution. It's good to stay in tune, but maybe a reminder, a nudge, is [...]

Two New Videos

As I outline in this post, the video-making machinery is up and running on Nine's Path. I've recently added two new videos to the YouTube library. The first is a reading of a post first published on the Changing Address blog several years ago... but as the Pleiadians have let us know, those intense days [...]

Added: Privacy Policy Page

In keeping with my webmastering peers and the changing climate of legislated control of personal information, I've added a new Privacy Policy page detailing how your data is and is not used by the Nine's Path websites. You can read it in detail here, if you like. The Basics As this is not a membership [...]

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