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Two New Videos

As I outline in this post, the video-making machinery is up and running on Nine’s Path. I’ve recently added two new videos to the YouTube library.

The first is a reading of a post first published on the Changing Address blog several years ago… but as the Pleiadians have let us know, those intense days of writing and uploading transmissions for them were targeting a point in the future when they could be more fully appreciated and applied to our shared reality. So, “Now We Come” is on video, with a sweet new intro and music, and video footage to complement and deepen the experience of listening. The video is timely, from NASA documenting US and Soviet cooperation in reaching the moon. Read more about it here. Watch it here:

The second video is a direct voice transmission from the League of Light, with Anica’s softly powerful voice leading us into an exploration of forgiveness, trust, and realignment with the divine in these days of international peace talks and denuclearization. The accompanying video is from the 1979 film “Meteor”, starring Sean Connery. Read here about why this video works so well to unlatch the consciousness from mental frameworks. Watch the video here:

League of Light — Pleiadians: Holding On While Letting Go

Watch this video on YouTube.

With all the widely various things I have on my plate, from bringing the League of Light library to video, disseminating the messages on social media, writing personal messages for those who wish for a direct communique from the Pleiadians, to site upkeep, the tasks of daily living, and staying in tune with the LOL’s plans for the mission (lots happening!), I just don’t have the time to get this latest video transcribed. However, I am sure it would be very helpful to very many people to have a written version to pore over. So, if there’s anyone reading this who would like to transcribe the video, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate the help!

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    When are you guys going to stop promoting the globe earth model? Isn’t it time for the TRUTH?


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