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Personal Reading

Get a personal reading from the Pleiadians of the League of Light. Choose from a full channeled reading, a full tarot reading, or a one-question quick reading. You can learn more about personal readings here.
personal Pleiadian transmission

1: Choose Your Reading

Which type of personal reading from the Pleiadians suits your needs?

Soul Whispers Full Channeled Reading

The Creative Counselors of the Pleiadian Renegade Family of Light-Hearted Healing offer indepth readings uniquely tailored to speak to the soul’s plan for you, answering questions and providing guidance in often unexpected and always insightful ways. Readings are approximately 3 pages in PDF form. Best for when you’re ready to stand in front of your soul for a full face-to-face encounter with what you most need to hear, at whatever level of being is prepared for change.

Full Tarot Reading

Pleiadian Tarot is an in-depth spread exploring the paths and potentials in front of you, and can be applied to multiple layers of your experience. All layouts are unique to the person’s question and needs. Readings are approximately 3 pages in PDF form and include images of the cards. Best for specific questions relating to plans, changes, deeper understandings of any life situation or goal.

One-Question Tarot Reading

Sometimes, you just need a nudge, a clue, or an insight into whatever’s on your mind. An impartial outside voice can be helpful in setting your head straight or your mind at ease. Connecting consciously with the cards and their message can reveal an insight at just the right time. So ask your question, and I’ll get back to you. Or, if you want to see what happens, leave the question open and see what is revealed! Readings are emailed to you. Best for quick insight into higher energetics at work.

2: Send Your Question

Let me know what your questions or concerns are, or if you just want a general personal reading from the Pleiadians and guides. NOTE: Clicking “SEND” redirects you to PayPal, so make note of which reading you’d like beforehand.

NOTE: You'll be redirected to PayPal after hitting the Send button.

This site does not store personal information from contact forms.


NOTE: I recommend printing the file, so you have it handy for easy reference. As the answers are multilayered and designed to speak to many aspects of your being and understanding, multiple re-readings are to your advantage. More can be revealed with each review. It is rare to get the full effect of the transmission on the first reading, but that will serve as an initiation and opening for what many describe as a life-altering shift.

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