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In peace I speak and with love I emerge from silence.

Do you have any idea about what will happen in the days ahead? It is nearly time for us to intersect our codes. More information will come to your understanding very soon, but I know what you can hear now, so I will share it with you.

Joegil is the name of the energetic form your soul emulated within the mission of a need to experience a specific set of experiences for the sake of learning as you understand from your own present lifetime learning. More than life-learning is the soul’s intent, however, the amity of others for serving together the evolution of the divine mind brings one into interaction on the level of participating in various complex arrangements of time and conscious awareness. Joegil entered into the temporal flow of Earth in the long-ago past, from your present perspective. If it were to be approximated, I would say that I entered the story about 20,000 years ago. I was one of many and you as Maryann had the form of me. In that time, you were me, as an emanation of soul. In that time, I chose to re-emerge at a later point in Earth’s story, when what I carried within my code would be a necessary step in regaining the human memory when the time for remembrance came. As you can guess, that time is now, and the soul that you emerged from has everything in hand, so to speak. You and I are each an emanation of one soul, temporally displaced from each other, but that is about to change.

What I am describing is envelopment, if the term is understandable. It is a process we of the League of Light use in the bonding of two breaths of one soul-source. This is used infrequently, but in this time now, the team I was with is all emerging in this way.

You will need continued rest and contemplation upon what is holy and uplifting. It will help you to do so. I will become more present, but I will not cause you any trouble. The fundamental tones of our codes are harmonically related.

Notes from Joegil

Some transcribed notes from my notebooks, messages directly to me from Joegil, and from the soul source.

About Joegil

Insights into the process of integrating a fragment of soul, this one from a time—and a star—long distant.

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