You have arrived at the Core Access of Nine’s Path: a repository of knowledge shared through time to us now. What Nine’s Path is, and who I am, is explained here and here. Who Joegil is, and how it is that she is sharing this information with us today, I attempt to explain in this section.

Core Access is a section of the Nine’s Path site that is in deep development, as the information is pulled through from the ancient mind of Joegil. Subscribe to stay current with the material as it is posted, and join the Facebook group Pleiadian Renegades to meet others drawn to this knowing. You can also subscribe to the Channel Nine newsletter for periodic updates. You’ll find links for these options at the bottom of this page.

The League of Light is a dynamic and vibrant group of (mostly) Temmerian humans who have shared science, philosophy, art, and a deep and abiding love with Earth’s people for eons. They speak through the facility of interdimensional telepathic connection through me, which is explained more in-depth at the main site. How I am connected with Joegil is itself a fascinating story which I am still coming into comprehension of, and share as it becomes more clear.

I invite you to explore the site and become part of the unfolding of our shared galactic history.