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Demons Are Listening… Now on Video

They’re lurking, there, in the shadows. Demons are listening. Watching. What do they learn from you?

Some Insight into Demons

The League of Light have been talking about demons for a long time now. How to recognize them. How to see that they’re looking for love… wanting to learn about love. As there is little chance they will be learning much about that by those who use them for dark purposes, they peek to see what you’re doing. How do you respond to your own fear? How do you choose to see it?

My own experience with demons is the stuff of another tale, at another time. Suffice it to say, it’s taught me firsthand that some of these little devils really, really want to know what love is. And they want you to show them.

Revisiting What the Pleiadians Say

With all that’s happening in the world (as I often say), it seems a good time to get another video out there. It’s just getting too easy for people to demonize each other, when what we need is love, more love, more insight into finding love where it’s least expected to be discovered. Transformation awaits. And thus is born a new video. I hope you like it. (Note: I had a request to use an older version of the intro, “Emerge in Love”, and I will definitely bring this one back, but as this was ready to go and the other one needs to be reconstructed, I’m going with this version here.)

Find the complete written version of this classic message on Nine’s Path here.

“Demons Are Listening: Speak of Love”

This classic message first appeared on the Opalescent Words blog and is now part of the book Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact. Like all of the transmissions I downloaded from the League of Light in those early years (this being from the famous 2008 collection), the messages were meant to be read first by those who were ready at the time, and to be discovered later by a wide audience when global human consciousness was ready to fully appreciate and integrate the knowledge shared. This is that time. Share.

Demons hide in shadows, watching how you use power. They seek to learn. What will you teach them? #pleiadian #ninespath Click To Tweet

The video accompanying this message is from a music video, “Brightest Star” by Fastwalkers. I found it — rather, like these things do, it found me — while I was rifling through various clips online, wondering where this message was going. The musician graciously allowed me to use it for this video, and I’m very grateful. It seems to fit the message well.

So, if the demons are listening to you, what are they learning?

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