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Oneness and Egohood: The Other Side of the Coin

Oneness and Egohood: The Other Side of the Coin


Broken Egohood As a child, perhaps you tried to create a drawing to impress your parents. Then, you faced a certain form of neglectfulness. You saw your parents being distracted enough  with all kinds of responsibilities you would not understand as to pay attention to your newly created masterpiece. A little older you became, and […]

As above so as (not) below

As above so as (not) below


“As above so below” I will start this message with a bit of a disclaimer, because I am going to disagree with the statement. And yet, it is still true when it comes to a particular context. Chances are, you have probably heard of a place called Heaven and you know about a strife that […]

Reflections on Opalescence

Reflections on Opalescence


Reflections on the book “Opalescence, The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity“ “….isn’t there a lesson in pain?” Indeed there is, but not one you learn by holding on to pain.  You must let go of the pain for the lesson to be integrated. (pg. 207, or new edition pg. 248) “Mastery is achieved when hearts […]

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Opalescent Nine

Deepen your insight into the Science of Nine, the League of Light, and the main body of transmissions from the Pleiadian Renegades and others.


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Pleiadian Tarot

Apply Nine to your journey, and open to expansion and depth. Weekly insights into archetypes of tarot trigger understandings from micro to macro.


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Galactic History

Follow the unfolding story of the human experience as a galactic saga, from Lyran roots to Pleiades to Earth, from a historian of the League of Light.

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