Logbooks of the League of Light

Now available at the links below, two companion titles from the Logbooks of the League of Light series. Readers describe these transmissions from the Pleiadian Renegades as “a piece of heaven” and “uplifting and explaining ways to raise your vibration and let go of fear”, books which “speak straight to the heart!”

New Design

The design of these volumes came together under Pleiadian guidance, as does everything you see on this site. The books complement each other in structure and design, yet each remains distinct in delivering unique content. Look inside (by clicking on the amazon.com links below) to see some of the details. They feel fantastic, too, with a velvety matte finish on the cover.

Here you can see a photo of my own copies of the Logbooks of the League of Light:

Logbooks of the League of Light Pleiadian books

A One-Person Creative Venture

So now you know: I do the interdimensional download and writing, create blogs and the website, and share. Later, I rearrange those messages into a coherent singular narrative in book form. I also do all the setup and design for self-publishing, from typing and layout to creating covers and digital conversions. (I make my own websites, too, but that’s a story for another day.) If this sounds like a lot, you should know something of my history. My early career landed me in scholarly publishing at a top university press. There, I learned every aspect of print publishing, and a natural eye for exactitude honed itself into professional sharpness. Later career moves teamed me up with graphic designers and studying the art of presentation, both print and digital.

These books represent a lifetime of allowing Nine to shape a path leading here, to this now-moment. Sharing the wisdom transmitted through the Pleiadian telepathic download has become my life’s work. I’m pleased to offer you a beautifully designed package to receive it in — with, I hope, some grace and enjoyment in hand.

The Waveform

A note about the artwork on Pleiadian Renegade: The waveform streaming across the cover traces the spoken word “open”. It’s the inspired work of a talented tattoo artist whose voice provided the sound. Do you agree that it’s perfect for the essence of the book’s message from the Pleiadians?

open waveform

Must-Have Titles

These are must-have titles for anyone seeking a closer connection with our stellar family and a deeper understanding of our shared reality. These timely, lighthearted essays profoundly explore what it is to become more fully, transcendently human.

The books feature three sections of three chapters each (so nine chapters in all), with new introductions and a distinctly attuned introduction and foreword for each volume. Beloved and very much alive, the words of the Pleiadian Renegades have for years inspired countless readers to new heights of conscious awareness. They continue to reach deep into our hearts and minds today. Find links for each below.

A couple of reviews from a previous edition of volume 1, Remembrance:

Remembrance Pleiadian book review

Remembrance Pleiadian book review

Order Your Copies

Volume 1: The reissue of Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact features a completely new design, easier to read, with a new introduction and a bold, fresh look. Get your copy in paperback or digital download at https://www.createspace.com/7325833, or from amazon:  Logbooks of the League of Light    or Smashwords: Pleiadian ebooks

Volume 2: The collected messages of the blog Renegade Thoughts are reorganized and gathered into a new conceptual framework as a totally new message in itself in Pleiadian Renegade: Thoughts of Higher Magnitude. Get your copy in paperback or digital download at https://www.createspace.com/7326272 or from amazon:  Logbooks of the League of Light  or Smashwords:  Pleiadian ebooks

logbooks of the league of light pleiadian books

Also available for Kindle and other digital readers!

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