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Anica’s Notebook

Pleiadian Knowledge, Human Observations

The Time of Your Great New Beginning Is Now  (video)

To say that you are without help in this time of change is to deny the truth of our existence. We of the lighted realms of life have far more to do in your world than to sit at the sideline and cheer you on as you work your way through the progressive levels of awakening yet before you. You who have been doing the hard work and those who have found their way along the energetic lines the pathmakers have cleared will hear some new information very soon about the help poised to present itself.

The Light  (video)

Whatever the time, the plan remains. We are now, as we have been for the length of your time on Earth, awaiting a certain locality of fact to arise from within the collective of consciousness that signals your clear understanding of love. We are not waiting until the totality of people get it; just enough is sufficient for us to embark on the next phase of what has had your hopes and dreams enveloped within its very essence for eons of time. What headed your way in the far-distant past returns now to answer the questions that have been in the collective in increasing intensity: When will the drama of oppression end? Are we going to have any outside help in achieving world liberation from tyranny?

The Truth of Living Is Life Itself

In one sense, the word “life” is understood to mean anything that lives and breathes and procreates, and this is held sacred. In another sense, it is taken as a signal of consciousness indwelling in a distinctly individual creature or organism, and is held to be inviolate. In other modes of understanding, it can refer to that which animates a creature, the meaningful energetics of a party or other social communal happening, or inseparable power of that which withstands the ravages of time, destruction, and death. All of these are arguably “life” and we agree that these terms meet the definition of the word to some extent. You are aware, if you meditate or otherwise tune into a greater one-definition of awareness, that there is more to the meaning of life than these simplistic renderings of thought and experience.

Secrets in the Shadows  (video)

We welcome you to this discussion, where we will be talking about something that will be of use to you in the days that are unfolding around you. This is Anica. I come to you as one who is in service to humanity at this time, with the auspices of the League of Light. We are a collection of civilizations which spans the galactic arm of which you are a part and various places within and without your galactic home. Our mission is simple. It is just to burgeon up the survival of life and to facilitate the expression and the experience of love wherever it is. You on Earth at this time are of interest to us because we are related through blood, through genetics. We have been part of your timelines, your historical epochs. We have been involved with your development as a humanity on Earth, acting as teachers and guides and always with the interest of your brightest future in mind.

Fearlessness of the Demonic  (video)

Dear ones, this is Anica speaking with you today. I come from far away in time and space to meet with you now. Wherever we are, together in this moment, we are meeting. In this moment, I have one thing to bring to your attention, as the days are grinding into a new form in which time will take less of a battering from the activity in your world and will become more of a conduit through which you will pass from chaos into a new world, one that is without the structures and limitations, the clouds and the darkness that have overshadowed with greater increasing presence on your psyche in the past lifetimes, as you have known it.

Moving through Earth’s Transformation  (video)

We of the League of Light greet you, humans of Earth. I am Anica. I have spoken with many of you before, and I greet you with great joy and with love as one who is in service to you at this time. You are seeing so much going around your world like a storm, breaking barriers and uprooting beliefs, blowing aside illusions and letting you see behind the scenes. What do you think of what you see? It is well to question and it is well to understand that what is happening now is what you have been waiting for. It is time for you to shine, dear ones; this is the thing that has been on your minds for millennia. What will you do when at last the great big thing you have built and allowed to be built around you comes crashing down?

Taking Formation

Before you ask what the subject of this message will be, I would ask that you remain in a place within your mind of beginningness and openness. That will make what I am saying make more sense in these chaotic times of turmoil that your planet is in. You may think that everything is going along smoothly for everything and everyone in the grand scale, but the truth is, many of your neighbors are wondering how they will make ends meet, not only on their own needs but on the totality of getting to the next level of human development in a meaningful way. You need only look so far as the weather to see strangeness and unpredictability. It is a hint at the way things will be continuing for a while.

Beneath the Loss, Love Is Still Alive

Beneath the tender life that wafts before your eyes is a stream of energy that is the substance of love. It is not for anyone to decipher the mysteries of life before understanding the nature of this stream of particulate light that carries intelligence within its waveform and oscillates within the range of perception by a human being in the nearness of material frequency phase shift. That is the nature of love, to be sensed before it is understood, but in the entrainment of the stream of love that underlies life is love brought into focus as some form that exists within the eternal numinous essence that each person understands themselves to be.

Home Now

Have you a moment to share with me, human of Earth? You have only to pay attention for a little while and I will be brief. It has already been one fraction of a moment to get to this point in what I have to say, so if you just give a little bit more time, you will know what it is that I have to share, and it takes such a little effort to have an understanding received in such a way.

Hang On

Black clouds have not blocked the light. You have not perished. We have not ignored your requests for help and intervention on the world stage, but we have also been mindful of your need to experience the drama now playing out all around you. Right until the last minute. We will present ourselves, but not until your fear has been outweighed by your freedom-loving hearts in unison. You have nearly achieved harmonic resonance in this regard. You have only a mastery to gain from the momentary hope to the fully aware realization of the true empowerment of the human species in the face of a dread so deep it shakes you to the core.

How Much Will It Take?

When we last spoke, the world you live in was imperfect in many respects. Now, in the time of imminent catastrophe and corporate misbehavior, it probably seems much more imperfect. One thing is for certain, and that is that none of the worst-case scenarios you have feared will come to pass. The planet will not die. Many people die every day on your world, but the human race, despite the toxic soup you are swimming in, still lives. The future is full of light, if you know how to look for it.

Yesterday Is No More

Dear ones, you are at the doorway to a new reality. Are you ready to enter? Some of you have had sweaty hands on the doorknob for a long time, waiting for the lock to turn and the pressure of your combined intent to have the truth bursting the portal clear. Some of you have thought about it and decided that change would be good, as long as it doesn’t disrupt the flow of life too drastically. In yet others’ minds, the prospect of a total break with the current failed system of belief-turned-real is at the same time exciting and terrifying.

Are You Ready?

You are ready, you say, for contact to commence on a grand scale that will forever obliterate the way of life you have always known. In every way, you will see the unfamiliar showing you the familiar that had been imprinted on your soul but not so easily recalled by your fact-riddled minds. You are love, yet you find yourself acting in ways that belie that truth. If you had to remember in a hurry, are you ready to as quickly forget the pain that has described and defined you for as long as you can trace your identity as human? Are you ready to forgive injustice and open your hand in a gesture of peace? Your clenched fist has been noted, and its energy feeds that which will not survive the intensity of love that you are capable of throwing at it.

Name Your Dream

If you are wondering whether or not the current speed of change is going to change anytime soon, the answer is yes. It’s going to get faster. At least, it will seem to. You are approaching the crossing point where time and space collapse on each other and re-emerge as another thing altogether. You are focused on time so much that you don’t even realize how much of your lives are affected by it. “But how will I survive even more change?” you ask quizzically. “I can barely remain grounded as it is.” You all are thinking this on some level, aren’t you? Doesn’t the thought in some form cross the screen of your conscious awareness from time to time during your busy days?

Have You Had a Nice Time with Your Thoughts Lately?

Hardly a day goes by that you aren’t bombarded with information that is pulling your thoughts from one side of an issue to another, it appears. You have, on the one hand, people who want to take care of you by promoting a system of checks and balances, and yet, on the other hand, you see that the system they promote is broken in many very disturbing ways. Is this making you realize that your world is in need of some kind of change that comes from within, as much as from the outside?

Dreamers Awaken

Greetings to you in the times of transition! I have watched your planet’s wrenching through a tight spot during the previous weeks, and my heart has been with you as you have navigated the sharp turns and perilous drops in energy. Nothing has befallen you as a people that could be considered disastrous, though you have not yet disconnected from the mass-consciousness belief in impending doom that has hung over your heads for centuries upon centuries.

Love Note from Anica  (video only)

“Dear Ones, this is Anica speaking. I invite you to sit with me for a moment, have a cup of tea, relax. I have come to tell you a story.”

Soon Is Almost Here

You have heard us all saying we will be among you soon, as visitors and as brethren. Soon has taken a charge as a relative, subjective, inconceivable point in time. But now, I can tell you, is the cusp of soon. Oh, yes, dearest ones, you have not long to wait. I tell you, soon is almost upon you.

Not for the Simple Notion of Peace, but for the Knowing

Do you want to really know peace, people of Earth? Look within and take note of where it can be known in your heart. Then you will be able to know how to see it in the world around you, as a reality rather than a hope. This is our message to you today.

Getting to Know You

The best part of waiting to finally meet you in person is getting acquainted first. I have a window into your world, as I can read your energetic story and learn about you. So I will tell you about myself and you can learn about me and my people.

A Welcome Note from Anica

Welcome! May this be the first hello of many that we share. My name is Anica Bintarilo ta Colinion. I am a human from another planet that circles another sun. If that sounds outlandish, perhaps it is, but it is, nonetheless, true and not of some fantasy of the one who writes these words on my behalf. I am quite real, and so are the many others with whom I live and breathe. As real as you am I.

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