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Bends of Light

Conscious Comments through the Lens of Nine

Post-Ecliptic Thoughts

Now that we’re on the other side of the equinox eclipse, I have a moment to share my take on it. At the core, this is a major reset. Spring starts with a glimmer of light, then switches it off, then starts again. Now for insights into that…

Friends Gather, and Isis Adds Her Voice

Sometimes when I write, I receive transmissions that originate from outside of the group of contacts you have come to know as the League of Light. The Pleiadian Renegades are still very much here, as are Anica, Asket, and Semjase (read Semjase’s recent message or watch the new video of it). Recently, you were introduced to Theo through messages targeted at dimension and transformation. And woven throughout the years, other voices have made themselves known here and there in communications I’ve brought to publication, on the web and in print.

Giving In to Self Healing

Given the amount of news that’s been happening lately, from letdowns of the big-time business kind to shutdowns of the government kind and meltdowns of the nuclear kind, not to mention showdowns of the cometary kind, it’s no wonder that the little wonders of life get lost in the shuffle. It’s hard to pay attention to anything in particular when so much in general is making headlines. Even the lessons of spiritual leaders is making it into the back pages of the news, but little is said of what is happening on the impending next thing, simply because we don’t know exactly what it is. We can feel it coming, though, and it feels like more than just a change in the weather.

Trading Hope for Something Better

Right now, most of us are feeling tense about things we can’t control. We can dislike the sound of war drums, we can be disgusted with tawdry exhibitionism on tv, we can watch helplessly as headlines continue to surface about radioactivity poisoning our planet’s largest ocean.I feel the tension outside, but I’m not feeling tense… why? I know I can’t change these things myself. I can’t stop war planes, but I can stop fighting with myself.

Shining Light into the Darkness

Even at the height of summer sunshine, it’s still pretty easy to see the dark hand of Nemesis at work. Nemesis, however, is a teacher, a regulator of karma, who brings everything into balance, eventually. Rest your mind about the deeper goings-on in the world with the knowledge that there is shifting and balancing happening at every moment.

2013 and It’s Getting Later…

Like many people looking at the calendar and wondering what the heck is happening in this time of global change, I have some thoughts about the state of the world. What is happening with the sun, the weather, the earth, the social order…. all this is troubling to me and to many. Yet on another level of awareness, I know that everything is working out for the soul of humanity to experience the most remarkable transformation into understanding its innate divinity and expressing that in a way that will forever be remembered as a new birth for the planet.

FAQ: Frequency Adjustment Questions… why now?

For a long time, I’ve had questions for the Pleiadian Renegades and other sources I’ve had interdimensional communication with… questions beyond the business of getting the books and blogs written, and beyond the personal guidance I’ve received for myself and others. Questions like, who are you? Exactly? Really, what’s up, what’s the story with “Pleiadians”?

Take Pause

Seeing what’s happening now, on the world stage, gives an idea of what transformation is. It’s happening at all levels and lately, that’s right in front of everyone’s eyes. If it gets to be too much, close your eyes, and connect to the timeless sea of what is inside you. Take a break, before the next wave of change sweeps over everything, to remember where you are, regardless of where you’re standing.

Yes, It’s Happening Now

Being in the earthly vibe these days is hard for everyone and impossible to sustain for many. I have heard of lost hope and no future before, but this is serious business to consider right now. In the recent weeks, the social structure has imploded all over the place, the ones with power are enclosing those without, and hard times are getting harder in every sector of society.

Odd What I See

Looking at the news, the recent headlines are in one sense interesting reading, and in another complete nonsense. The same goes for most of what is coming through alternate media streams, and to me, there is no insanity greater than what is happening right now. It looks like the world is losing its collective mind. I had a vision last night that captured what I’ve been feeling about what I’ve been seeing.

The Writer Stays Within

How are you, dear readers? I am in the process of working on a new chapter for my big book, and taking some time out of my day to reflect on the time that it’s taken me to write what I’ve already written… and I wonder, you must have been busy too, writing the next chapter of your story. Are you in a quandary about where to lead your plot? Are your characters developing to your satisfaction? What about the timeline of events… is it progressing apace? I have been stymied long enough at the work before me and have finally thought, “Enough is enough, time to get this show on the road.”

Taking Wing

“Bring on the interstellar contact!” seems to be the vibe of the day. Bring on the reunion with our family! I greet every day with these thoughts, among others, and though there has been no grand light show in the skies above me, there has been plenty happening within in the past … ah, well, just lately, I guess. It’s like this: I am a different person in the morning than I was from the person I was who went to sleep the night before, and by the next night I’m a different person yet again.

Come to Think of It

When I first started posting messages from the group of people who call themselves the Pleiadian Renegades, I never thought putting a few notes online would lead to the creation of the network of websites and people that it has. Three years and a half later, I am awe-struck at what the Pleiadians have given to us all. Every word is alive and I am part of the process every time I write. Being the conduit for their messages is hardly a passive experience!

The Big Shift

Bright days are drawing near. The cold dark is lifting, shadows are getting shorter by the day, and if you listen carefully you might hear a new song in the air as the Earth begins to stir from its long winter of slumber. The time has begun to turn. Where for long seasons the planet had lain hard and unyielding, or inundated by floods under which there was little room to breathe, now we find fertile ground for new seeds to take root. Recent events unfolding around the world are proving the resilience of life, even in the face of measured attempts to blot out the light of the new day dawning.

Persistence of Love

I’ve not been much for keeping in touch over the last year, messages from the Renegades and Anica being few and far between. This time last year, I was about to enter into an initiation like none other, and it has been a long one. Over the course of the year, I watched one manifest reality die and another come to life… you can read in previous messages that my son’s father succumbed to cancer early in 2010, after a long and tumultuous period of transformation for everyone involved.

Winds of Change

Love is a funny thing. First it sneaks up on you, then it says “Boo!” If it’s like everything else that is sneaky and surprising, it’s at least the one among them that eventually stops being scary. When the time is right, the winds shift a little bit and blow away the cobwebs of the past and bring some unexpected surprises. This too is love — change — and when fear goes out the window, it’s a lot easier to find the love in all things.

Into a New Reality

Hello again. I have been checking in as often as I can to stay connected to the pulsations of light from the collective, but circumstances have kept me, for the most part, silent. The man who had been the prime catalyst for my transformation during these past few years is suddenly absent from my side. My path these past months has been through the unpredictable darkness of the valley of the shadow of death, and every ounce of my energies has been directed at navigating towards hope, towards life. Grief sneaks behind me and from time to time overwhelms me. I am so grateful for this community.

Looking at the Monster of Imperfection

Over the past month, I have been going through some kind of transformation from within the core of my being, and nothing in my path is safe from the fire. It has been getting to the most deeply buried ideas about love that I have ever consciously accessed. How I have experienced it is a fully interactive arcade of imperfections steadily pointing out to me what I am experiencing is a form of imperfection in my concept of myself. For my part, I have rolled up my sleeves and am breaking a lot of belief structures and OM is in the background of it all.

Nothing More than What Is  (video)

In the past several weeks, there has been a growing undercurrent of excitement around the real potential for disclosure of extraterrestrial involvement in Earth’s reality. It’s as if suddenly it’s on the table, and people are starting to talk about it more. Aside from the hype of the modern world choking on its own violent creations in cinematic melodramatic forays into the ridiculous, some thoughtful discussion on the nature of extraterrestrial civilization is starting to make its way into prime time, marketed in a more tasteful way than such subjects typically have been.

Into the Still Point of Nine

Like you, I have been watching the world shudder as the set onstage starts to lose its integrity. Low frequencies are rumbling across the stage as the chorus starts their entrance. I am not talking about extraterrestrials coming to save us; I’m talking about all the people who are waking up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to move into a brighter future. Now, I’m not averse to friendly aliens setting foot in the public square, of course. I just want to see those of us on the planet get it together before they do appear for all to see, hear, and interact with.

Ask a Silly Question, Get an Honest Answer

It’s been a month of internal and external uncertainty, hasn’t it? I have felt the Squeeze of August in many ways, and am somewhat relieved to see September come in. Not just for the cooler temps to bring sanity to the heat of transformation, but to see what happens in the world of official disclosure regarding the role extraterrestrial civilizations have been playing in human history, especially in the past few decades. I have been chatting with my extraterrestrial friends about the possibility that they might indeed show up on the doorstep of planet earth and move things along somewhat, but I am reluctant to share what they have said.

Lessons in Seeing

I decided it was time to ask the Renegades a few questions that had been hanging in the back of my mind, just to gain clarity and get them out of the way. This is the question-and-answer we had.

In My Dreams

I have often felt that this world of illusion is not very considerate of those people who live on the planet as visitors. There are, after all, illusions to suit any persuasion of fancy, but not many in the general mainstream that fit into the vision of truth that aligns with extraterrestrial humans living on Earth to assist in a transformation of consciousness and physical reality. I think that’s got to change.

It’s cooking…

The new Speaking of Nine hub website is nearing completion! Yesterday we tested for bugs, and I oohed and aahed over it a while. Should be operational really very soon (I know, there’s that word again, but who can tell? Today, tomorrow, something like that.)

Funny you mention Close Encounters…

With all the buzz lately concerning us all meeting our cosmic brothers and sisters, ascending, opening doors to new ways of understanding, et cetera, it’s easy to notice coincidences. Like when a group of us were gathered recently around a campfire and asked, from our hearts, for a sign that we were on the right track even hoping to have contact.

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