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You Don’t Have to Worry

(Me): Calling Home for guidance: Show me replacing the miasm of worry, etc. with peace, love, OM.

(Pleiadians): You rely on the Nine energy to show you the necessary reality understanding. The OM is the way. Would you like to know a secret?


Reality shifts as soon as you set an intention. To see chosen realities, you only need to see a possibility live in your Pleiadian head.

This, sometimes, seems most difficult.

Nine. Sometimes you pay attention to your doubt. Quarter your whole self when you doubt, do you. OK, to be at peace instead of worry, you need only to remember that a most interesting fact about reality is that it is malleable, and that you can mold it to your irritation or to your favor. What is your KO? The phrase: “I choose Nine in this moment to take me to the most favorable reality for me and All That Is, and I choose to leave all other realities to be subsumed into Nine and tuned to the highest harmonic possible, gaining wisdom on the way and healing all aspects of my soul and bloodline.” Nine will answer with joy, “Yes!”

You don’t have to worry. You only have to begin and you will finish, and you and your bloodline will be healed. Nine will come to your aid and untangle One through Eight for you, for it is you.

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