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Galactic Presence and Earth

A diagram of Earth surrounded by various forces of galactic presence, from 2008.

(Me) “Can you draw this out, is there heirarchy? Diagram?”

(They) “Very well, we shall show you a rudimentary sketch of how it is from GF’s (Galactic Federation) point of view.”

From top, clockwise, outer circle:

Motherships of GF, 10s of them

Andromedan ships by the hundreds

Many ships from another galaxy, observing

Sirian League, many hundred ships x many people

Some ships of men from the stars you call (…) Pleiades

Wandering aimlessly from other systems, no threat

Extra ships in service, from otherwhere

We broadcast to you from our ship of some 1000 crew

Ships of mixed use

And clockwise from top, pointing to areas of planet Earth:

Land of opportunity to grow

We will show up here first

HQ of 110-220 volt energetic point of living matter

Is it going to  hold?

The drawing of Earth seems to center on the Atlantic Ocean, showing the east coast of North and South America to the left and Europe/Africa to the right, roughly drawn out.

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