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This sampler of videos from the Pleiadian Renegades and the League of Light spans every variety of their communications. From direct messages to guide us through personal and global transformation to excerpts from their books, to hints on navigating the times ahead, you will find the common thread of higher consciousness both shared and imparted. Let the words, images, and energies of these videos trigger awakenings. Open to the deeper discoveries of self they guide you to. And see how they are perfectly timed for this moment, right now.

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Channeled messages from Anica, the Pleiadian Renegades, and the League of Light. Impulsing more than just information, encoded to trigger deep understanding and awakenings.Discover more at Nine's Path, https://ninespath.comBooks from the Pleiadian Renegades can be found on (
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Published at 2013, May 23
Concerns about planetary changes, physical challenges, earthquakes, bizarre weather, disintegrating social structures, global coastal events... are you prepared to navigate the shifts we are facing today? The Pleiadian Renegades have a message of loving and intelligent trust for what we as a planet are embarking on: a total recalibration, restructuring of everything we know, and a call to remember who we are and where we're going.

New version of the original "Core Restructuring" video, updated and enhanced... hope you enjoy!

This video is an excerpt from the message "A Core Shift in Spatial Relationships" originally posted on

Discover more transmissions and teachings at the main website for the League of Light, Nine's Path. Get weekly Pleiadian tarot readings, explore more deeply into the Science of Nine, the messages and books from the Pleiadian Renegades and the League of Light, and see the new project in development, Core Access, where a narrative is developing about our galactic history.

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Video transcript:
"Core restructuring is taking place within the planet. It is taking place within every being upon the planet, within species, within nations, within social structures, families, and friendships. Everything -- everything -- is shifting into a different band of frequency, into a new realm of understanding, a new phase of being.

"[R]emain steadfast in your consciousness of the reality from which you came, and know that everything will change in the culmination of a brief period of intensity and collapse. Nothing can avert the imminent transformation of the Earth. It has already begun. So, too, has your inevitable evolvement. There is nothing that can avert that, either.

"While the transformation is underway, you will yet see distress. More is coming. Hold your hearts together amid the mayhem and let each other know, in whatever way you can, that come what may, there will be no separation from what is to be. Mourn the loss, be of comfort where you can, and with awe for the transformation in every being from death to life, share hope, open your hearts and see where light is waiting to appear. Remember who you are, remember where you are from, and know that you are becoming the people you have been destined to be. Love is your nature. You cannot lose that.

"We are with you, part of a continuum of life, which will meet as time begins the final stage of its collapse. We await reunion and remind you that it is with love and respect that we say, you are most beloved. Be strong, our sisters and brothers. Time dissolves, but the truth of who you are becomes more coherent by the day."

Music by Gschmidt, "head for the hills"

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