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League of Light Video Library

Videos for Awakening

This sampler of videos from the Pleiadian Renegades and the League of Light spans every variety of their communications. From direct messages to guide us through personal and global transformation to excerpts from their books, to hints on navigating the times ahead, you will find the common thread of higher consciousness both shared and imparted. Let the words, images, and energies of these videos trigger awakenings. Open to the deeper discoveries of self they guide you to. And see how they are perfectly timed for this moment, right now.

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Channeled messages from Anica, the Pleiadian Renegades, and the League of Light. Impulsing more than just information, encoded to trigger deep understanding and awakenings.Discover more at Nine's Path, https://ninespath.comBooks from the Pleiadian Renegades can be found on (
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Published at 2016, October 17
The gathered forces of light in the galactic neighborhood of Earth join their voices together in this new series of messages that come through the services of Anica Colinion of the League of Light. This series of messages addresses what we as humans within the process of transformation, globally and individually, need to understand if we are to bridge the perception of difference and separation. Now is the time for us all to awaken, to support the awakening of all of humanity, and to participate with awareness and intent in this momentous instant of change.

The League of Light messages are collected at You can find the original written message there.

This video is a recording of the original written message downloaded from an interdimensional interface with the collective of beings who are here to encourage us to keep finding our way in the dark, as light comes. Read by the author.

Discover more transmissions and teachings at the main website for the League of Light, Nine's Path. Get weekly Pleiadian tarot readings, explore more deeply into the Science of Nine, the messages and books from the Pleiadian Renegades and the League of Light, and see the new project in development, Core Access, where a narrative is developing about our galactic history.

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All music, video clips, and images are public domain and/or CC license no restriction. Intro music is by Barbarix, "Secret Garden". Background track is "Beyond Space" by Susperia-Electrica. Outro by David Szesztay, "Point Zero". Thanks for listening.

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