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Opalescent Nine Nine's Path Pleiadian channel Maryann Rada

Read on…  Click here to visit Bends of Light for reflections on my experience in the journey of being a contact point for the Pleiadians.

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nine's path pleiadian video Interviews: Several years ago, I was asked to do some interviews to talk about my experience and the Pleiadians’ message. Here is an archive of those conversations. (7 videos)

nine's path pleiadian video Pleiadian Tarot: Readings of the week’s tarot cards from the Pleiadian perspective, with some of my own insights and reflections added in.

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Pleiadian contactee and author Maryann Rada joins radio hosts for discussions of awakening, meeting Nemesis, discovering fearlessness, integration, home, and more.
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Published at 2014, March 18
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Very Insightful interview. For more information about Maryann visit:
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As a healer and writer, Maryann Rada's career has crossed over many diverse paths. Trained in healing modalities from energy work to holistic therapy, meditation, yoga and metaphysics, she has helped countless people find their way to empowerment through forgiveness and knowing of the self. The healing energies she serves are inherent in all as the inborn connection with the divine, and this is embodied in her writing as well.

As a DNA-attuned liaison for the League of Light, she began writing in concert with the Pleiadian Renegades, beginning in 2006 to transcribe the pages that would become the book Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity. Meanwhile, she created the Opalescent Words website in 2008 as a first public vehicle for communications from Nine through the lens of the Pleiadian Renegades. It serves as a collection of guidance to prepare humanity for the inevitability of contact with a greater family of galactic emanation. This group of messages are gathered in her first book, Remembrance, and the communications with the Renegades, and with Anica, a Pleiadian in service with the League of Light, grew to include Renegade Thoughts, Anica's Notebook, and other online collections. Her second book, Garden of Unknowable Things: A Renegade Pleiadian Lexicon, is a sort of guidebook to the thought processes involved in understanding language, from a Pleiadian point of view.

Her personal channelings from Nine for those who have contacted her directly for such guidance have touched the place of healing with uncanny heart-centered exactitude, as her clients have remarked. In service to the source of love and healing, she continues to carry forth the message of Nine, with several works in various stages of completion, intent on humanity's progress towards wholeness, peace, as well as self-understanding for individuals and the planetary consciousness of the human, being.

Pleiadian Tarot

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Published at 2018, January 07
Pleiadian tarot interpreted through the lens of Nine: 2018 promises to be a year of change on the deepest levels of how we orient ourselves toward the world. In this spread, the idea of change seems to mark a dividing point coming at some time in the coming months. This is a good reading to bookmark and refer to now and then, especially as you confront the challenges ahead. Personally and globally, it seems it's time for us to step up and speak the truth! Read on for details about each of the cards in this week's Pleiadian tarot spread.

Please visit the Nine's Path site for more tarot readings, and explore more deeply into the Science of Nine, the messages and books from the Pleiadian Renegades and the League of Light, and see the new project in development, Core Access, where a narrative is developing about our galactic history. (the original!)

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