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Nine Pense

Innermost Thoughts of a Galactic Nature

Truth Tells the Best Stories

Over the many, many eons of time that you have been traveling as a planetary body composite through the vortex of the sun’s trajectory through the galaxy, you have had a lot of time to think about the way you would like to have things work out. Or in the case of having time to think, you have had a lot of time to have some deep thoughts and some brief but powerful insights. Inner-world mechanisms of understanding being what they are, sometimes you hardly hear the echo of your soul’s call to pay attention for a few moments, while it tries to share some general vital statistics with you.

No Longer Bound  (video)

A new feeling is about to overtake the world, and every person on it. When you see the light in the sky that emanates from a new source, you will know the time is upon you for a return to your old ways of knowing, and a new way of being in the matrix of Earth. It is of this time that we would like to communicate with you today, as it is coming on the next wave of time’s relentless surge upon the shores of your consciousness. In a manner of speaking, it is upon you now. On the count of three, you can open your eyes and see it. One… two…

There Is No Outer Being but You

In OM is knowledge of one. In you is knowledge of two. In other is knowledge of three. In family is knowledge of four. In kindness is knowledge of five. In conflict is knowledge of six. In inventiveness is knowledge of seven. In planetary inclusion is knowledge of eight. In internal sacredness is knowledge of nine. These are the threads from which reality is formulated, and through the interpolation of which is the experience of human beingness understood. Modulations of the basic frequencies are necessary for the full appreciation of life lived in the fullness of being, and molecular rearrangements are all made according to the linear and matrix-based relationships between the interplay of the binary-coded interdimensional forces inherent in material existence.

Beginning the Ending

Being given the last piece of a puzzle is like being given the first piece of a new picture. You have nothing left to look for except the resolution of bits and pieces, the amalgamation of a mystery into a coherent pattern of sensory input. You have that in the form of finally seeing the bigger picture after realizing that you were looking for a picture before the last remaining pieces have been put in place. The time is starting to dawn that the pieces you thought you were looking for aren’t the ones you had in mind, at all. In fact, the final pieces are already on the table, just out of synch with the places they belong.

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