Pages from My Pleiadian Notebooks

Pages from My Pleiadian Notebooks

From my early days, I have been a journal-keeper. Starting with little green diary with a broken lock, I kept my thoughts, poems, and at one point a collection of four-leafed clovers I found in our backyard one afternoon. Eleven of them. As I grew and experienced life, its ecstasy of spiritual pursuits and its depths of dark degradation, pain, and abuse, I kept journals. By the time I started piecing together the broken pieces of my life, through the years of facing my shadow, my fears, through the hard work of exploring trauma and reaching a point of healing and integration, I kept journals. Eventually, they took on other voices than my own, as conversations developed, in large part though the growing understanding of the use of a pendulum and other tools for centering and access of alternate planes of consciousness. I dutifully recorded all, being a diligent student of my own becoming.

Recording Visitations

In the early years, there wasn’t much more than a few lines at a time. But that developed into full-blown conversations, and eventually into the blogs and books that you find herein linked. I know I wrote down some of the conversations I had with Mary, Quan Yin, Raphael, and other such lofty figures as appeared during the intensity of my healing pursuits. Later, that evolved, as I poked my head through the membrane of the astral plane into the wide-open space where the Pleiadians waited to meet me again.

As I have come the point of looking at these books on my own shelf, and inviting you to add them to your own, I am able to step back and take a broader look at how this all happened. To that end, I share with you some of the pages from my own Pleiadian notebooks, as I dust them off and go through them.

The Pleiadian Notebook Pages

So many of the communications that I receive are snippets of messages, diagrams of some concept, some piece of history or perhaps a prophetic vision, or a delineation of the ideation of the numbers of creation. Especially prominent of the latter are the numerals 5 and 9. Five, if you read through the Science of Nine (and even more clearly explained in the first chapter of Opalescence), is the thread of mind through which we clothe reality in form. If you look through the pictures shared in this section, you will doubtless find a few 5s scattered throughout.

Drawings & Diagrams

The drawings come through the same process as the other transmissions that are commonly called “channeling”, or automatic writing/drawing. When I start a picture, the tip of the pen rarely leaves the surface of the paper until the image is complete.

The jagged nature of the lines I can only say is a function of the energetic connection I have with the source from which they come; I feel the exploration of the biomagnetic pathways of my consciousness as they develop on the page. However, they do convey some semblance of meaning.

Certain figures come through more often than others, among these dragons, small birds, 5-pointed blobs, and boats of various shapes. What do you see as thematic representations? You’ll find sheep, teddy bears, and mermaids, too!

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Pleiadian languageAutomatic Handwriting

Each of the contacts I have has a characteristic frequency “feeling”, and a characteristic handwriting. Some are slanted forward, some backward, some are very loopy, some very square. The printing is notable for how it is formed: the pen begins always on the baseline, and the letter traced upward, and usually backward from where I am accustomed to it tracing.

Anica’s handwriting is also notable. She is the most present figure among the contact points I have within and beyond the League of Light for the simple fact that she is related directly by DNA, and is, as she describes it, my “chosen future perfected self.” Her handwriting fills the space between lines completely, with big, looping curves and a distinctively forward-driving energy as the pen moves across the paper. I can hear her writing in the rhythmic scratching of the pen on paper as much as I can see it threading its way across the pages.

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Language of Light

I am not adept at reading any non-terrestrial languages. While I can recognize certain scripts for the region of Earth from which they originate, I am completely uneducated as to the origins of the languages of light, as they are commonly called.

Whether these source from the Temmerian civilization that so much of my association with the League of Light does, or from elsewhere, or some combination thereof, I do not know. I do know that some other people who have had telepathic downloads of what appears to be extraterrestrial script have written in a style much like the ones you will see here.

While most of the writing you see here comes through on its own, or as coding designed to trigger an unconscious or time-bound level of awareness, some of it is directly translated into English.

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