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Pleiadian Tarot


Interpretations of the evocative Hanson-Roberts deck transmitted from the higher mind of the Pleiadians.

Weekly Tarot

Discover the transformational tool that is Pleiadian Tarot.


Three cards exploring the foundation, lodestone, and most OM-ward direction for the week ahead


A single insight for maintaining Nine’s path


Scroll down to discover more about Pleiadian Tarot, the cards, and the layout.

Consider Yourself for a Moment

Summary: How aware are you of what you know? While it's easy to get lulled into a false sense of complacency about how things will turn out, weighing one against another, there's nothing like the truth to set things straight. Tune in, and while you have your eyes closed, take a good look at yourself. Where [...]


When All Else Fails, Choose Love

Choose love… Random events are beginning to exhibit some clarity. Obfuscating clouds are parting, and a higher understanding of life's meaning is beginning to settle into your awareness. Yet you hold onto to what is dear, what is familiar, what is comfortable. At this moment of dimensional bleedthrough into your everyday world, examine the reasons why [...]


Each week, you’ll find a lifeline for awakening humanity. Understanding will come for those ready to move.

The weekly messages are for the collective consciousness of awakened humanity, but in the wisdom and fluid grace of Nine, they are individually available to all who find themselves attuned to Nine’s sleep-shattering vibrance of illumination.


It is suggested to apply Pleiadian Tarot messages to the greatest challenge before you now in relation to your awareness.

Every so often, events in the shared reality that makes up this multifaceted world coalesce into a moment in which humanity stands poised to make a grand step toward collective evolution. If ever such a time has been, it is now. You, as you read these words, are an integral part of the wakening world. To what extent you are yourself awake from the dreamworld of engineered illusion, you are ready to move forward into greater awakening.

As you do, escalations of light pry open the eyes of others who yet are waking up, themselves.

Basically, of the essential numbers of creation, Nine is the highest. In ancient philosophies and esoteric traditions, Nine occupies the spot of mystical knowing, evolution, perfection. Information on the various aspects of the number nine abound… yet as a force of creation and an intelligence itself, Nine becomes discernible to the human psyche when attention shifts to the divine within, the perfection of love as a substance and foundation of reality. I’ve literally written books about and inspired by — indeed, infused with — Nine. If you’re just starting your journey on Nine’s path, or want to re-acquaint yourself, read more about Nine here.


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Discover Pleiadian Tarot

Why Pleiadian Tarot?

If you are already familiar with the Science of Nine and the wisdom that is transmitted through it by way of the messages posted from the League of Light, you may be surprised to see the tool of divination cards appearing on the scene. While I have been writing and doing personal readings for friends, for fun, for nearly a decade, I hadn’t publicly shared my affinity for the tools that are personally helpful to me.

Despite the communications I download from the League of Light, the Pleiadian Renegades, and others, sometimes I am stumped on a personal issue, and I turn to the cards as to a trusted friend — especially this deck, the Hanson-Roberts. As people have come and gone through a lifetime of movement and growth, the cards have remained, trusted and articulate, intimate and honest. No holds barred. No punches pulled. They speak with a straightforwardness one finds in the staunchest of allies, and are perfectly compatible to blend with the wisdom of Nine. Read more about the cards and my experience with them here.

Weekly messages through Pleiadian Tarot are simply another way the League of Light communicates to us now in this time of great change for individuals and the world. Through archetypal language, our attention is drawn to those aspects of reality that are most “under the microscope” and help us navigate through transformation.

How to Use the Weekly Messages

Come back each week for more progressive insights from Nine and the cards. Details on the cards and their positions are found on this page. In the meantime, join others on Nine’s path at the Facebook group and/or at the Roundtable Forum. You’re invited, as well, to comment on your experiences below, and discuss what Nine’s path is coming to mean in your own life.

Read more about Nine, the cards I use, and a bit about who I am. For more information and insight, visit the Nine’s Path main website, which this blog is a derivative of.

The wisdom of Nine speaks through the Hanson-Roberts tarot cards by way of enlivened symbolic communication. You as an individual are part of a planetary organism; you simultaneously influence and are affected by the collective consciousness of humanity. This is the mechanism through which Nine speaks to one and to all at the same time. What you read online here each week can be understood and applied to whatever you are dealing with in your world.

* Illustrations from the Hanson-Roberts Tarot deck reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1985 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.

Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot insights* are for you if you find yourself among awakened humanity, facing toward a common goal of individual empowerment within a planetary biome of universal, multidimensional, or extra-planetary communion. Those who intuit the unitary nature of human consciousness with all life, who understand the human as the divine incarnated within form, these are the ones who sense Nine’s movement through the human organism.

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