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Something Is Missing… or Is It?

Something Is Missing… or Is It?


Summary: You’ve come to a point in your search for fulfillment on something where you feel like turning around, as if everything you’ve constructed has come to naught, as if… something is missing. Settle into your knowing. Guided by your intuition, focus yourself in this moment on the essential knowing you carry within. Feel the […]

Maintain Integrity

Maintain Integrity


Summary: While things unravel, the truth is coming forward in a big, bold way. Hold on to what you know is true, that core essential stripped of all its trappings, the shining singularity of thought that withstands any onslaught. Right now, maintain integrity and stay steady. Stay grounded, as your intuition is guiding you to […]

A Bold Arrival of Golden Light

A Bold Arrival of Golden Light


Summary: This turn of the calendar page marks the bold arrival of new energies manifesting in your world. You hold the beginnings of something grand, and when the dust settles, you’ll be in clear view of a brilliant new source of light and life. Where you felt its recent promise, you now can feel it multiplied, […]

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Nine’s Path Main Site

Launch your exploration of the divine Nine and your adventure with the Pleiadian Renegades and the League of Light, following all of the paths from here.


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Opalescent Nine

Deepen your insight into the Science of Nine, the League of Light, and the main body of transmissions from the Pleiadian Renegades and others.


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You Are Here
Pleiadian Tarot

Apply Nine to your journey, and open to expansion and depth. Weekly insights into archetypes of tarot trigger understandings from micro to macro.


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Galactic History

Follow the unfolding story of the human experience as a galactic saga, from Lyran roots to Pleiades to Earth, from a historian of the League of Light.

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