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Rise More Freely Now

Rise More Freely Now

Anything's possible… Now that the ballast is cut and you've lost the weight of the world in the recent planetary torque, you're free. Relatively, as that may be, still you have a sense of having been cut loose from something. No longer are you held in a waiting position, no more do you have to bide [...]
When Things Get Weird, Have Absolute Trust in Yourself

When Things Get Weird, Have Absolute Trust in Yourself

Summary: With all the options of which road of reality to follow, with all the strangeness that's presenting itself, it's imperative that you have absolute trust in yourself. Your confidence and focus now will usher in a time of celebration and glory. First, though, you have to discern what's real from what's not. That means you [...]
Cut the Ballast to Prepare for Flight

Cut the Ballast to Prepare for Flight

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Look back… Are you ready to cut the cord to the ballast? The road you've traveled has led you to this moment. Around you have descended the heavy thoughts of life weighed down by tough experience in the wilderness. Yet here you are, having braved the worst of it and arrived as master of your own [...]

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Deepen your insight into the Science of Nine, the League of Light, and the main body of transmissions from the Pleiadian Renegades and others.


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Follow the unfolding story of the human experience as a galactic saga, from Lyran roots to Pleiades to Earth, from a historian of the League of Light.

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