Overview & Layout

Overview & Layout

The wisdom of Nine speaks through the cards by way of enlivened symbolic communication. You as an individual are part of a planetary organism; you simultaneously influence and are affected by the collective consciousness of humanity. This is the mechanism through which Nine speaks to one and to all at the same time. What you read online here each week can be understood and applied to whatever you are dealing with in your world.

Pleiadian Tarot

Though the transmissions of Pleiadian channel Maryann Rada, you not only get the wisdom of Tarot, you get the wisdom of the League of Light as well. Thus, Nine’s agent of change, Nemesis, unveils herself as teacher and guide, and reveals what you might have missed… and more importantly, leads you with grace through the challenges which you find in front of you. Scroll down to see what each card in the spread communicates.

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The Layout

Weekly readings are in the form of a 3-card spread:

Pleiadian Tarot

Card 1: Foundation

Quick meaning: The core of current thoughtstreams underlying your situation.

The foundation of any challenge seen through the eyes of Nine opens the door to the inner corridors of self-recognition and begin the process of disconnection from ideations and end-game expectations. This is the card the reveals some hidden whisper from the collective soul of the awakened bearers of light that helps the individual guide the mind into new understanding of purpose and movement forward. Give attention to that which is giving you something to think about, or the cause of distraction for your current situation. Pause for a moment to look in the mirror that this card represents.

Card 2: Lodestone

Quick meaning: Give this card the grace of seeing what direction it points toward.

Lodestone is the naturally occurring magnetic mineral that the planet carries in her form. You, too, carry a natural knowing of direction and the interplay of cosmic forces in your life. Signaling you to turn the core of your being toward what leads directionally homeward, your inner lodestone is your soul’s impulsed beacon generating a magnetic pull between your Earthly form and your divinely purposed evolutionary state. It is this that you trust as your intuition, yet unclouded by mental fragmentations of what you have thought yourself to be. What is within you, as lodestone within the Earth, is as pure and undecorated by definition as the hand of God, itself.

Card 3: Most OM-ward Direction

Quick meaning: Looking into the sun as it appears in the mirror, you see the way home.

Following one’s linear path from internal witness to realized authenticity is a stepwise movement from moment to moment within the matrix of time. As such, you are always gaining greater understanding of your true nature as divine, and always moving closer to the source of life, intelligence of being, knowledge of love, all combined in a singularity of knowing yourself as inseparable from all those things. Through your choice to be comes your movement toward integration with the source from which you came. What this card reveals is the soul’s nudge in the direction most directly back to that source, so that the reality of becoming can keep moving toward the source of all light.

The readings are for the collective consciousness of awakened humanity, but in the wisdom and fluid grace of Nine, they are individually available to all who find themselves attuned to the sleep-shattering vibrance of illumination through Nine.


(Necessary disclaimer here: None of the readings shared on Nine’s Path should be construed to be medical, psychological, legal or other advice outside the realm of divine revelation and psychic curiosity.)

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