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Every Wednesday, find a new 3-card spread that outlines the energies that present themselves for the week. You’ll find a summary and a detailed description for each of the three cards covering the week’s Foundation, Lodestone, and Most OMward Direction positions.

The posts in between those weekly readings are personal reflections, either on my own experience or observations of the world stage, which are holographically representational and perhaps relative to your own experience.

Weekly Readings

Love Will Bring Us Together
Summary: When long-ago realities are whispered and revealed, we in our present upside-down relationship with ourselves can be brought into balance. The key is love, and reconnection. Our path through time approaches the final hours in which we can focus on memories long lost to our shared history. What has separated us is going to join
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Death Comes to Face a Risen Humanity
Summary: The time of transformation, not death, is upon us. From a foundation already saturated with the elements of nature both planetary and personal, new seasons of life are promised. In transforming what appears to be an attack into a gift, seeing the potential within what seems dead as full of life, we claim the seat
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Between Judgment and Justice Is the Light of Self
Summary: The rising tide of consciousness and compassion drives this week’s momentum toward a more human balance of oppositional forces. Between Judgment and Justice is the sacred space of the human heart in recognition of shared light. Grounding our differences as well as our identifications in remembrance of higher wisdom intensifies illumination. The wings of a
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Perfect Balance
Summary: The King of Cups has descended his throne and finds himself more at peace this week. Simple, sweet opening to the point where opposites balance without extremes rocking the boat form the foundation of a more sane time. 3-2-1, are we ready? Nearly. You can finally find the vantage point where you have the steadiness
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Let Not Your Own Light Be Dimmed
Summary: The solar eclipse overshadows, quite literally, this week’s reading. While we begin the period in a state of composure, the waters of awareness are creeping up around us. By week’s end, as Leo takes his exit and Virgo prepares to enter in his shadow, we look at a very different landscape. More respectful, more thoughtful,
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Divided No Longer, the Kingdom of Mind Is Yours
Summary: It is singularity of thought that will bring you to the point of full expression of free and sovereign humanity. However, you must claim it for your own, and dare to own your mind in the face of a grand machinery of control, divestiture, and subjugation. Know that the ones who would turn your thoughts
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New Consciousness, Old Beliefs
Summary: Surprises may present you with new experiences, and new realities may startle you by what they have for you to see. Keep your eyes open and attentive, while your heart leads you to find your way through the maze of thought and belief to the final discernment of dualistic foundations of the mind. Keep inner
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Turn from Belief toward Knowing
Summary: Are you seeing that the truth has been turned on its head, that the knowingness you’ve been so sure of has slipped into emptiness as the wild storms of change have blown? Truths and deceits no longer can be hidden, least of all from yourself. It is time to step down from the certainty you
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A Simple Shift of Perspective
Summary: Fast-paced though your desire to see thing change may be, you have got to learn the art of getting a grip in the centrifuge of total change. Stay focused and know you are following the right track, and find the truth of your being with the simple shift in perspective from looking at things
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Sturm und Drang, or Love's Labors Lost and Found
Just this week I realized that what I had built in my mind as a theme for my life has slipped somewhat from where it began. If I look around for blame, I dare say that it is life that has intervened. Varieties of experience bring my awareness to things that make me focus on
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Can We Rise?
Sooner or later, spikes driven into ice will make it crack. We stand frozen in the face of a cold, unrelenting machinery of control, and the spikes of fear are being driven with greater ferocity, with almost reckless lust, into the body of our shared humanity. What will happen next, we wonder? Yet we remain
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Keep Your Focus on the Fish
This week, I am entering into the depths of website development and feeling a bit over my head. I know the result will be worth the effort, because the present Opalescent Nine site is getting a complete overhaul and will bring the entire League of Light mission to a greater level of bright service at
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Running Away or Standing Your Ground?
This week, my young son reached a few milestones to mark his maturity. While remembering to pick up his clothes from the bathroom floor was not among them, he’s demonstrated several ways that he’s actually been paying attention to the lessons life and parents have been throwing at him. Then he met Gabrielle. Gabrielle’s meddlesome
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Reflecting on the Swords
So I had this idea of writing a little reflection piece in between readings, just to connect what’s been coming up on my screen with the guiding virtues of the week’s Pleiadian tarot spread. Sound like a good idea? I’m hoping it will trigger some conversation, too, either in the comments of the post or
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