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The Crystallization of Nine’s Path

After a decade of coming together, the myriad transmissions and multicolored message of the League of Light is delightfully at home at the new Nine’s Path website! It’s a complex of sites actually, bringing together the various branches of the work the League of Light has been downloading from their extraterrestrial perch just outside of our ken.

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What Is Nine’s Path?

Nine’s Path is the entry point for the online presence of the League of Light, specifically:

Nine’s Path: The main website, where you’ll find the basics, news, FAQs (with a twist), and more personal interactions.

Opalescent Nine: The classic collection, featuring everything you want to know about the crew who are in communication with us from the League of Light, their teachings, and transmissions. You’ll find notebooks and drawings from their communications with me, the grand body of messages stretching back over a decade, all perfectly calibrated for this now-moment in time, info on the books, and the Science of Nine.

Pleiadian Tarot: Each week, find a new message illustrated through the archetype of tarot, lensed through the consciousness of Nine, captivatingly discussed by the Pleiadians of the League of Light. They’re for you and for the world, holographically applicable and satisfyingly meaningful.

Core Access: The grand saga of human history from a galactic point of view unfolds through the transmissions, from the Lyran diaspora through the space wars to Earth, shared from the point of view of an ancient Pleiadian emissary, Joegil.

On each of these sites, you’ll find plenty to explore, plus links to newsletters and personal readings and more. The transformation is complete, and from here Nine’s Path will continue its expansion. The way ahead is brightly lit with a timeless and enduring sun, leading OMward.

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