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Understanding Nine

Science of Nine

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An Introduction and Lessons in Understanding

The time has come for the science of Nine to be unleashed to the global human consciousness. The last several months have been times of intense transformation in many ways, and you may be in a very different reality than you were in just half a year ago. In fact, the world has changed and is changing, despite the efforts of many to convince you that it’s all business as usual. It isn’t, obviously, if you see what is going on around you. The economy is on a pirouette, the world wide web has graduated into the realm of artificial intelligence, science makes discoveries every week that turn beliefs upside-down, and that’s just the start of the thrilling experience of planet-wide transformation to a greater state of being. More is coming your way soon, and it is only a matter of time until the whole of reality changes utterly. What that change entails remains to be seen. That is where this home on the cyberspace frontier comes in as a force of good-natured free will.

Applying the Science of Nine

Do you know what the next changes will be, or how reality will respond to human consciousness as change is integrated into the everyday business of being? You can speculate, but you cannot know. You are, as a human organism of planetary consciousness, on the edge of a new dawn. Soon light will flood where you have known only shadows. Are you ready for what such illumination will mean for your individual and collective reality? You may be ready for anything and that is a start. What you think you’re ready for and what possibilities await may be quite different, and far better for everyone than you might think possible.

Through the coming changes, these updates will be made available at precisely the time when they can help you the most and be best understood and received. What you can find here is guidance from the source of what makes happy trails happy, what is best understood as Nine. The basics of Nine are covered in other parts of the site. These updates are designed to help you apply the understanding gained through Nine awareness and change holographically all things to be perfected. Nothing is accidental.

Lesson 1: Nine

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Lesson 2: Space + Time = Creation

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Lesson 3: Shining

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Lesson 4: Nemesis

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    Thought about intervening into human affairs. Ha ha, quiet meditation in the desert is much more useful. What a distraction! Good luck! Your perspective is closer than the others so far, but so far far far……..

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    Not a lot of Science in the Science of Nine? Well, I am just kidding, about this particular post. I’m sure I’ll find it if I keep looking. That climatology stuff is interesting, part science and part Trumpist conspiracy theory. Once I understood that consciousness exists in every part, then I realized that humanity is overrated. Humanity defines inhumanity, just like Satanism defines Christianity and Christianity defines eternal torment in the hells that Christianity stimulates people to create.

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    Yes, do read more! I hope you do 😃👍 Your fertile mind should find plenty to chew on, and I hope it is all nourishing. Surely, humanity as it has understood itself to be thus far is overrated. The problem is, that understanding is only partial.

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    You cannot share the map to one’s center, you can only suggest it it there to be found. The path is unique, to each answer you seek, inside is the only profound.


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