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Pleiadian of the League of Light
“League of Light” denotes a community of galactic entities. We co-exist within the understanding that while we may have variations in expressions of our nature and styles of knowledge transfer, we are as one in our commitment to humanity’s co-contribution to the light of love being understood. This is the purpose of our appearance again in your world. What we shared long ago in your history has become fractured and concealed, much of it overwritten by keepers of a dark agenda, some of it lost. As the time of unveiling is near, we re-emerge to remind you of a few pieces of wisdom, and help you find your way home.
We Are the League of Light
Long ago, in the history of human civilization in the swirling galaxy you call home, regions of space were undergoing different kinds of things. Some were settling into trade and interplanetary discourse, sharing knowledge and explorations. Some were dealing with the incursions of extra-galactic visitors of aggressive and overtly hostile character. Others were perfecting diplomatic agreements and learning ways to interact to the mutual benefit of all. Within and among these goings-on were various levels of world-building, star-tending, space-exploring, and transpersonal activity. In short, it has been a busy galaxy full of terrestrial histories unfolding on myriad worlds, with myriad types of civilizations living and moving and thriving as best they could. Because of the complexity of galactic history, suffice…
Brothers From Another Planet: The Pleiadian Renegades
The Pleiadian Renegades say of themselves, “You could say that a real person is divining the words for this site, or you could say that a more is-like intelligence is saying the monologue. It is all the same to us. We’re making an oration to the people of Planet Earth — have a nice, cozy day. We are your brothers and sisters of another star and another time. Our words come to you through a keeper of the kind of understanding that facilitates our energetic communion. We come to you in love and peace from near the risen stars of the Pleiades. Good day to you!” The Pleiadian Renegades are a collective of beings from a high-frequency, low-density reality that sources from…

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    Thanks for the new site, I see great potential. Keep going strong with light and love

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Jack. New sites always take a little time to get all the details worked out. Would you mind telling me what kind of computer and browser you’re using? I couldn’t test on every kind of system, so it’s possible I can make some adjustments. Meanwhile, by bouncing I’m guessing you mean the things that zip across the page… I’ll see if I can slow those down a little bit. I’ve changed the background on the comment box to make it easier to read. I appreciate knowing your experience! Thanks for the encouragement! Much love to you.

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