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Luminous Dimensions

Following the Pleiadian Renegades‘ narrative from the original Opalescent Words blog (now collected in the book Remembrance) and its sequel, Renegade Thoughts (now the book Pleiadian Renegade), Luminous Dimensions became the next logical receptacle of transmissions from the League of Light. It encompasses some of the most practical of lessons, a set of communications from allies of the League of Light through the LOL’s liason, Anica, as well as some sponsored messages from readers. An eclectic mix but full of satisfying and intriguing messages.

Although the original blogs mentioned above are no longer active, I have retained some posts on them, so you can get an idea of the experience from “way back then” when they were first posted (and thus a sneak peek into what later became chapters of books).

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Luminous Dimensions: Transmissions from the League of Light

Watch the Videos

Be sure to visit the Nine’s Path YouTube channel for the video library of Luminous Dimensions transmissions from the Taygetan Pleiadians of the League of Light. This includes some that only appear there, in spoken-word format. Some of them are also on Bitchute and Brighteon, for those who don’t use YT. Explore all there is on the channel; there’s so much to discover, from twice-weekly guidance updates to FAQs, direct voice transmissions, and more.


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