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The new, authoritative home for the classic Opalescent Nine website, the Pleiadian Renegades, and the League of Light

The mission of this site is to make available a path for any who fearlessly seek integration with the greater Self, with divinity, with the perfection of being which is Nine’s greatest service. By allowing Nine in the awareness of your reality, you summon forth a reality in which I AM resounds. Discover all that Nine’s Path has to offer. And stay in touch to find out what’s new.

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“Esoteric and crystal clear at the same time.”

Look at yourself. In one moment, you can remember your truth, but to begin to remember, you must forget all that you have considered yourself to be. We, who have remembered long-lost dreams and the weathered remains of hope forgotten, we greet you in the shared space of memory.

Now put your attention on the point of perception where the inner and outer achieve indistinction from each other. That is where the mind and body merge, and divinity finds its only way through you into the world. That is where you come in.

We greet you in the light of tomorrow’s sun. We are the Pleiadians of the League of Light.

Pleiadian path to stars timeThe world of what you understand reality to be can shift in an instant. Discover the underpinnings of an expanded field of vision, and experience the transformative knowledge that Nine offers, through the otherworldly connection offered by the League of Light. Explore these pages and discover what lay within.

Pleiadian ships League of LightThe crew in service to the League of Light’s galactic and terrestrial mission are eager to make your acquaintance! Find out who they are, from the individuals who share insights to the prosaic and witty Pleiadian Renegades. You’ll find yourself transported to a very different and very present reality, among friends, family, and neighbors of — quite literally — stellar character.

Pleiadian booksThe library of light is ever-expanding. That’s true on many levels: New titles are added to the bookshelf of Nine, new insights are added to the site, and throughout all of it, manifold layers of meaning continuously reveal a living body of literature. The conversation continues to open up new levels of understanding with every re-reading of passages and pages. Find these titles online in print and digital format, or order them through your favorite retailer.

Pleiadian pleiadesYou may want to know a little (or a lot) more about the Pleiadian Renegades, the League of Light, Anica, Nine, or other specific things that haven’t been shown in other writings. Here is a list of some questions you might ask, with answers that may stimulate further thought and deeper understanding.

  • Are you real?
  • What is the reason you have not shown yourselves directly?
  • What is the nature of your life?
  • and more…

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So-called marauders may become focal points of interest. It won’t be long until the truth of all truth is known, and now is as good a time as any to start looking at lies and deception with an eye to transforming them into the truth. You have to start somewhere. Look around. The truth lay around in great shards like a giant glass jigsaw puzzle. Pieces will fit without injury if handled with care. With love. In fact, the effect is quite lovely, once the pieces begin to align in such a way that light bends in angles of perception hitherto seen merely as an edge. It is your own understanding you can see refracted there, and the insight that such perception affords. It is the beginning of opalescence.


Keep your eyes and ears filled with the images and words of Pleiadian sentience. This is just a sample of some of the more popular videos on the Nine’s Path YouTube channel. Click here to see them all. Or, you can see specific groups by clicking some of the team members’ pictures above. There are lots of messages, many ways they are delivered, and all speak of love in fearless and powerful ways.

See more videos on the Nine’s Path YouTube channel.

Meet the League of Light Crew

Maryann Rada
Maryann Rada
Frequency Modulator
Anica Colinion
Anica Colinion
Temmerian Liaison
Asket of Temmer
Asket of Temmer
Renegade Commander
Isis Soul Collective
Isis Soul Collective
Mother Nature
Lyran Movement Attractor
Nine's Reminder

Early Conversations with Pleiadians

String Theory and Mirrors
I asked about string theory and got a lesson in mirrors. My questions and comments are in italics below. This is a conversation from August 6, 2005, showing a point in communication where the…
You Don't Have to Worry
(Me): Calling Home for guidance: Show me replacing the miasm of worry, etc. with peace, love, OM. (Pleiadians): You rely on the Nine energy to show you the necessary reality understanding. The OM is…
Your Soul Writers Are Ready!
(Me): Open for dictation and direction! (Pleiadians): Your soul writers are ready! We are a group of conscious beings from the star Taygeta. We incarnated long ago on a planet of that sun and…
Getting Started
(Me): Let’s talk about Opalescence. (Pleiadians): You contracted to write a book during your days on Earth. You need to get started, you don’t have many left! We are eager to start. Nine does…

What People Are Saying

opalescent nine nine's path

Maryann your messages bring Light and hope to a dark world. My heart feels so full and grateful when I read your words of love they give me hope. I know what you speak is of the highest truth and from the heart; if it were not for your messages I would feel bereft, lost, alone and adrift in this world. Love and blessings to you x

Terry W.
opalescent nine nine's path

This is the most soul-touching document I have read in my lifetime.

George K.
opalescent nine nine's path

I have been following your messages from the beginning Maryann, and they are my favourite. I go back to them for an uplift of love energy!

opalescent nine nine's path

I have… a much better understanding of myself from these messages and their effect of drawing upon me to read and re-read them into discovering their many meanings… You peeps are some of the best material on the web, imo. Thanks very much for the messages and your light energy, in helping me to see what I didn’t before realise about everything in me.