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Triangulating with my present self are two aspects of my soul. One is Anica, from a point yet to be in our linear time. The other is Joegil.
Joegil Maryann Rada Nine's Path

A piece of me from another time, a different Earth… a Pleiadian who lived among Earth humans and sent her code forward in time to meet us again now.

Joegil notes and messages Nine's Path

Explore the process through the notebook pages and personal messages through the years

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“Joegil entered into the temporal flow of Earth in the long-ago past, from your present perspective. If it were to be approximated, I would say that I entered the story about 20,000 years ago. I was one of many and you as Maryann had the form of me. In that time, you were me, as an emanation of soul. In that time, I chose to re-emerge at a later point in Earth’s story, when what I carried within my code would be a necessary step in regaining the human memory when the time for remembrance came…”  more

Joegil's Communiques

Read Joegil’s messages for humanity in a new collection, Rare Naissance: Autonomic Data:

Joegil Rare Naissance blog Nine's Path

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Understand Joegil

Many, many thousands of years ago, Joegil walked the earth, as an aspect of the soul that I am now. She sent her code forward through time to a point where it could re-emerge. That time is now, and that point is my being. Get an understanding of the process, the person, and the Pleiadian who is Joegil, and how we are becoming.





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