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Nine Pense

Of all of the collections of transmissions I have gathered, Nine Pense is probably the most enigmatic. I entertain the idea of revisiting it, adding to it, as the gates for those communications reveal themselves open again. The pathway to Nine is always available. This collection of light transmissions came into being during a lull between active periods, when my work with other facets of the LOL‘s mission gave me an opportunity to connect with them in a new way. These messages are precious not only for that, their relative rarity, but for what they convey.

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Nine Pense: Innermost Thoughts of a Galactic Nature

Watch the Videos

Be sure to visit the Nine’s Path YouTube channel for the video library of Nine Pense transmissions from the Pleiadians of the League of Light. This includes some that only appear there, in spoken-word format. Some of them are also on Bitchute and Brighteon, for those who don’t use YT. Explore all there is on the channel; there’s so much to discover, from twice-weekly guidance updates to FAQs, direct voice transmissions, and more.


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