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The Pleiadian Notebooks

From pendulum to automatic writing, to voice relay, messages come through in many ways from the supra-astral dimension where the Pleiadian transmissions source. Explore the Pleiadian notebooks to see how they developed and get to know the League of Light through their words and drawings.
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At times, transmissions will come through in a script that’s not of this world. The writing on these pages of the Pleiadian notebooks, some with translations, are sure to trigger remembrance in some people.

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Images of conversations with Anica and others, “kin”, higher-dimensional teachers from the League of Light and their allies show handwriting unique to each, and offer insight into their personalities and mission.

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Many transmissions are interwoven with drawings, quirky, evocative, often charming. These intricate line drawings allow the Pleiadians to share their view, quite literally, and give a snapshot of conditions on Earth.

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Pleiadian language dictionary notebook page handwriting

Vocabulary and phrases from the Pleiadian language, Saren.

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Some early conversations leading to writing Opalescence and working with the League of Light

While these are most notably shared in the blog posts, books, and videos, some are more private, more scattered and off-the-cuff. I’ve gathered some pages from my Pleiadian notebooks to share with you a deeper insight into the process of these transmissions, including automatic drawing and writing, and handwritten communications from various members of the League of Light.


In the early years, there wasn’t much more than a few lines at a time. But that developed into full-blown conversations, and eventually into the blogs and books that you find herein linked. I wrote down some of the conversations I had with Mary, Quan Yin, Raphael, and other such lofty figures as appeared during the intensity of my healing pursuits. However, later, that experience evolved and gained another very specialized dimension, as I poked my head through the membrane of the astral plane into the wide-open space where the Pleiadians waited to meet me again.

As I have come the point of looking at these books on my own shelf, and inviting you to add them to your own, I am able to step back and take a broader look at how this all happened. To that end, I share with you some of the pages from my own Pleiadian notebooks, as I dust them off and go through them.


So many of the communications that I receive are snippets of messages, diagrams of some concept, some piece of history or perhaps a prophetic vision, or a delineation of the ideation of the numbers of creation. Especially prominent of the latter are the numerals 5 and 9. Five, if you read through the Science of Nine (and even more clearly explained in the first chapter of Opalescence), is the thread of mind through which we clothe reality in form. If you look through the pictures shared in this section, you will doubtless find a few 5s scattered throughout.

Explore the Pleiadian notebooks to see how they developed and get to know the League of Light through their words and drawings. Share on X
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From my early days, I have been a journal-keeper. Starting with little green diary with a broken lock, I kept thoughts, poems, and at one point a collection of 11 four-leaf clovers I found in our backyard one afternoon. As I grew and experienced the ecstasy of spiritual pursuits and the dark depths of loss, pain, and abuse, I kept journals. While quilting together the broken pieces of my life, facing shadow, fears, exploring trauma and reaching a point of healing and integration, I kept journals. Eventually, my words found a response; conversations developed, at first using a pendulum and other tools for centering and accessing alternate planes of consciousness. I dutifully recorded all, being a diligent student of my own becoming.

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