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Understanding Nine

Science of Nine

Lesson 3: Shining

Belief is all the magic you need. Nothing else you might include in the working of creation has any effect without belief in its efficacy. The wand is a tool, potions are but knowledge distilled, but belief is the stuff reality is changed with. This is true for any magic, even if it is only a little bit. Holographically, you summon all the knowledge and understanding of creation, along with all of the natural forces and beings which conspire to make dreams come true. Nine moves within the weave of creation like belief moves through magic or healing, even if there is only a vague awareness of its presence or potential. In the making of reality, belief is Nine’s main form in which to appear. This is true as well if the magic you are making is in the form of prayer, even if you call it a miracle from God. It is your own belief — in God, in love, in balance, natural order, or dumb luck — that makes magic and miracles happen. All the rest is particles of belief formed into what you believe is necessary.

As belief goes, there is not much to add to the basic adage that belief determines experience. That is an idea that your world has been presented with for a while now. You are getting the point. But do you believe you have the permission to apply such power? Are you able to toss your beliefs about everything out the window, and take a look at the core infrastructure of your thought patterns on which belief depends for its form? It is not always such a difficult thing to do, and it doesn’t necessitate a complete breakdown to the point of non-functionality. White-knuckled grips on the form of belief leads to sorrow and disappointment. Loosening your hold just a little allows for the natural restructuring of neural pathways and a gentler transformation of what once seemed like a useful idea but which, in the light of a new day, suddenly appears moth-eaten and stale.

Belief is all the magic you need. Nothing else you might include in the working of creation has any effect without belief in its efficacy. #scienceofnine #pleiadian #nine #9 Share on X

When you give yourself permission to let go of yesterday’s tools for coping and survival and the relative structure they form, you may find yourself in wide-open spaces in which anything is possible and yesterday’s rules no longer apply. Then you come face to face with what is, regardless of what you believe. Then you stand at a place of immense power and creative potential where the core of reality is revealed. To reach that place requires extreme purity of purpose with the faith to release belief in favor of gnosis. How this is done is best described in terms of the weave of Nine.

Within each strand of the weave of creation lay the belief in something particular to that strand’s energetic emanation. In the weave of One, for example, may be the belief in the self as an individual of singular identification with divinity, or with darkness, or with sound frequency. To believe only one of such identifications not only limits the fullness of experience, it denies the truth of One, which is the identification of self as all. To release a belief within the awareness of the weave of One frees the individual to experience a more total identification with the Self that is All, with the totality of being that is the source of One’s emanation into reality. Releasing a belief about your experience of One as the experience of being releases you as an individual to a greater exploration of and identification with divinity.

This is the basis of what you could call shining. We will call it that, for that is the experience. As belief is transformed into allowing, the inner substance of light gains freedom of movement, and the result is illumination. When all that is left is the realization of self as the essence of being itself then you could call that shining in fullness, for that is the experience. Could you ever imagine the kind of hope that exists beyond belief? It is a whole other kind of hope than is what is constrained by the rules of belief. To let the rules and requirements of belief to fall is to step into hope as an essence of the experience of time. Hope, unbounded, works within the weave of Nine to perfect the experience of the one hoping, to bring the frequencies of that which is hoped for and that which is known into a harmonic resonance with the essence of Nine, which is perfection. Hope, perfected, is the experience of bliss, of light entering pathways of resonance cleared of the debris of thought. It is the experience of shining at its most fundamental, for hope is the most basic movement of intent. If you get belief out of the way, hope quickly transforms into intention, purpose, and ultimately into unbounded being.

What do we mean by letting go of belief? Without belief, form dissipates. To have the experience of embodiment, some degree of belief is needed, even if that is only to hold some idea of I AM in form as a being who has created its self as a response the OM-sourced movement of love impulsing itself toward understanding. In other words, to believe in one’s existence as an embodiment of love is the most basic of beliefs around which other beliefs gather. Because it is the truth of one’s experience it is beyond belief. It is variously interpreted, but at the core of human experience is the truth of love. Everything after that is an indicator of belief. It is the beliefs most closely associated with the core truth which hold a being in form. In the understanding that you are love incarnate is the beginning of formlessness. In shedding beliefs about what love is, what life is, who you are, are you able to shed density of matter and allow the energetic impulses of light — which carry pure spectra, pure resonance — to activate the natural pathways of thought which in turn activate their expression.

Thus does a being shine.



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    Oh my goodness… Your page is a work of art. The information and the breadcrumbs resonate so much with visions my beloved and I have had. In a meditation, my beloved got Bucarest, and the shining ones, they said do the work lol. Then he got that he needs to define hope and what hope means to him. Much love.. Treya Norris🦋🦋


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