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Time Transformers

The names Asket and Semjase have been part of the Pleiadian mythos for decades, made famous by a certain Swiss farmer who had some contact with them in years past. I had, myself, not studied these messages, nor held much affinity for what I had seen of the work he amassed, so when I was presented with the presence of Pleiadians with these names, I was highly skeptical. I didn’t readily accept the transmissions without thoroughly testing my own inner clarity. It was soon apparent that their appearance, and their insistence in sharing their messages, was the real deal. Thus began the series of transmissions you’ll find in Time Transformers, and the rediscovery of a deep friendship with Asket not just for me but for many who have found her messages, specifically, a trigger for awakening.

We are each of us, and all, time transformers, here on Earth.

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Time Transformers: Temmerian Transmissions

Watch the Videos

Be sure to visit the Nine’s Path YouTube channel for the video library of Time Transformers transmissions from Asket and Semjase. This includes some that only appear there, in spoken-word format. Some of them are also on Bitchute and Brighteon, for those who don’t use YT. Explore all there is on the channel; there’s so much to discover, from twice-weekly guidance updates to FAQs, direct voice transmissions, and more.


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