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Divine Being

Divine Being, Angelic and Otherwise

Angels and Celestial Beings: The League of Light allies with many civilizations, realms, and aspects of divine life. While the Pleiadians are typically one of the main conduits for interaction with Earth’s population, so too are angelic beings and other celestial/divine terrestrial life forms. More reveals itself during these days of transformation. Acquaint yourself with some of the divine beings with whom we serve Love.
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A new collection inaugurates a conversation celestial in nature, bridging realms from Earth to heaven as the League of Light introduces their angelic counterparts.


Angels and especially archangels (as we understand them, the term is correct, they say) work in tandem with the Pleiadians of the League of Light. Indeed, there are many besides Pleiadians who are actively supporting our planet’s transformation now, and who have been for eons. The first message posted in Higher Orders comes through “angels called Michael.” It introduces their geometry and origin. Read on to begin an exploration of other celestial beings. As this is a new branch of Nine’s Path, more will develop, so subscribe and stay tuned!



Like the seraphim, cherubim appear echo-like across many cultures and times. The Assyrian karibu were beings who would intercede with the gods on man’s behalf. There, they were often represented with multiple eagle’s wings and the body of a lion. You can see a form of that in the ancient sphinx of Egypt and elsewhere. These were powerful guardians, close to and supporting the activity of the divine creator. Most notably, perhaps, in Biblical tradition, they guard the Garden of Eden and golden effigies stand atop the Ark of the Covenant. They have nothing to do with the chubby babylike cherubs, which came to popularity later in the West and derive from Cupid/Eros.

Read about my first encounter with a cherub here.




Of the several times “seraph” or “seraphim” is mentioned in Biblical scripture, most often it is translated to mean “fiery serpent.” Otherwise, it is a reference to the living creatures Ezekiel saw in his vision, of brilliant light, with six wings and a multitude of eyes. They are the closest of all creatures to the central point of divinity and carry the whole of divine knowledge.

Look further back into the origins of the word and you find yourself in ancient Babylon; the Assyrian word sharrapu was closely linked to the flames surrounding the fire deity, Nergal.* Further back still, and you find relevance in ancient Egypt’s iconic regal cobra. Hence, the origins of the word are linked to the concept of flying fiery serpents (i.e., dragons) and powerful energies. I see the concept of kundalini allied with the nature of seraphim, as well as primordial planetary electrical plasma events..

Below are collections of images of both seraphim and nagas/kundalini in artistic representation and archeological motifs.

From the chapter “Angelic Vision” in Core Matrix Change: Insight for a New Conscious Unified Visioning:

Once in a while, amid the noise and relative chaos of life on earth, a moment of crystalline clarity emerges into the foreground of your awareness, time hangs as if suspended, and you see into things, for a moment, rather than staring blindly at them. At these crystalline moments, you are closer to the true nature of yourself as a human being complete in every facet and nuance of human beingness, and knowing yourself as embodied energetic pulsations of the divine mind in search of self-knowledge through experience. You can attain such states of clear awareness by bringing your attention to the pinnacle of being, which is to say, to the peak experience of self-observation. When you can see yourself through the eyes of your own soul, you immediately shift into angelic vision.

League of Light Pleiadian books channeled messages

A note on language, time, and truth.

The Assyrian “Nergal” bears a resemblance to words that appear in the Pleiadian light language dictionary:

NIRGIL – Pleiadian boat of light (after death)
NIRGOL – Pleiadian oppressors (oppressors of Pleiadians)
NIRGOL – quarantined from light and love, shame

It’s interesting to consider the tendency, in this world’s matrix of control, how things can get overtaken and twisted from their original intent. Obscurantism has come into play more often than we realize. The history of the Anunnaki is a good example of this, to my understanding. Read this transmission for insight into that topic. Perhaps, though, this is merely another example of Nemesis at work, to prod us forward, upward, outward to personal integration, and from there to truth.

You can find the dictionary at this link, and easily browse through the listings. Perhaps it will help to trigger remembrance.

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About the sacred geometry within the Nine’s Path Seal:

“Within the center point of the symbol is a vesica piscis, itself a powerful and ancient symbol which is extensively discussed in topics from ancient esotericism to modern gnostic and new-age circles (no pun intended).”

Nine's Path Pleiadian Divinity


Sometimes, it helps to have a higher perspective in deciphering your personal map.



Divine Guidance: Every week, Pleiadian tarot offers messages imbued with whispers of the divine presence aware with you in your own life. The messages speak to what’s going on in front of you, personally, or aim at getting a better understanding on what’s happening on the world stage. Discover what Pleiadian tarot is, unique to Nine’s Path: A weekly conversation with the Pleiadians that hits home in the heart, illustrated with archetypal images that reach deep into the psyche. See how the readings build, week after week, developing themes and illuminating your path.


Weekly messages are posted every Thursday, with midweek updates the following Monday. Click here to see the latest messages, and to learn more about this fascinating, practical, and precious tool.

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A message of divine transformation from Asket of Temmer


The Pleiadian language Saren is full of light. Explore the online dictionary.

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