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Briefings from the Crew

From The Order comes a series of essential updates for the ground crew.
Nine's Path briefings from the crew

A Continental Divide

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How Time Works

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Men of Light Update

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Mother Code

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The Jaywalk

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Next Question

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Direct Lines of Perfecting Source Code

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With One Voice

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Bear the Name of Human Instead of Being

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Background Check

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Instruction to Core World Quorum: Beginning

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The Master is one of a secret order who works behind the curtain you see. The Master is not one of any of the dark ones, but an ancient one who guards the path for humanity to find the way to sanctification. Learn more about them here.

Read more from them in the Higher Orders collection of transmissions. Download their messages in graphic form from the Image Gallery

From The Order comes a series of essential updates for the ground crew. Read 'Briefings from the Crew' exclusively on Nine's Path, from the League of Light. #ninespath #pleiadian #groundcrew Click To Tweet

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