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Pleiadian Light Language


English-to-Saren Dictionary

Back in the early 2000s, my communications with the League of Light began to enrich themselves with a huge influx of words I didn’t understand.

I needed a Pleiadian dictionary to figure out what we were talking about. What you see collected on these pages are a result of combing through pages of my notebooks, carefully double- (and triple-)checking each word, notating, and alphabetizing them into these lists.

New words are added as I come across them. I’ll be gathering phrases and sentences in one place, too. It’s a work in progress! This page features a tabbed alphabetical listing for translating English to Saren. Obviously, the list isn’t exhaustive; it merely reflects those words and phrases that came through various conversations. Further enhance your appreciation and study with the Saren-to-English page.

Want to see more of the communications from the Pleiadians and others of the League of Light? Follow the links below to explore pages of the Pleiadian notebooks on Nine’s Path. For more information on Joegil, the Pleiadian name by which the League of Light addresses me, click here. Finally, consider subscribing for news and posts, for more information as it comes online. You’ll find a link below.

Be sure to see the list of phrases and expressions in the Saren light language!

pleiadian dictionary

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Pleiadian Dictionary


abandon — KREGAHIL

ably (do more very ably) — MEL

abused (sexually), being — CULOAGIL

acquaintance (make our acquaintance) — NAL

acquiesce — OQUIL

agree — MASENIL

all that is — PAN

allow knowledge of love — PEMADHOGIL

allow, just let it — MIGLIL

amalek is going well — MAGIP EK AMALEKAN

amalek-maker — AMASIL

amalek, One (Now you are one more step further in amalek of One.) — NANIMIL LANKAIL PINAHAMAIL LIOKEIL

amalek (amalek in love nicely made) — NAMAGIL

ambassador — DOKIMIL

amends (making amends) — NILOGIL

ancestry — GINAPIL

ancestry — MIPEMIL

ancestry, OM (map of the OM in one’s old natural ancestry) — PARIN

ancient, not really new — MENAM

angel (more angel than human) — AOKAL

angel (positive quark, angel of light)— ARALIL

angels — COANAL

anger — ROILIL

animal (energy, care for body) — BOAMIL

animal (lust) — EPALIL

another step — TISA

answer — FIMAKAL

answer, question (answer personal questions) — MATARAKIL

answer, right (talk of the very right answer)— RINAIL

answer, serve, humanity (answer calling to serve in Pleiadian love of reality of fostering humanity’s growth) — VUMI DOGIMIL

answer, thinking, forward (An answer for your really forward-thinking energy is on understanding what we are saying) — IPAL JOEGIL MAK NA KELNOD RELALIL LEK CHO HOAHEK PELEL NAL LAPIL

apparent — PLAPIL

appear — ATMAOBE

appearance, fears (silly appearance of one’s fears) — TINEL

applaud (we applaud you) — STEAMAS

archive, history (person who archives history of one’s life) — POLAMAL

Arcturian elder of contact — FODOMIL

Arcturian, contactees, love, (Arcturian) put new contactees in line with understanding that they loved (are loved) — QUATET

arrangement of thoughts — RASEP

arrangement, evolve (arrangement in helping to evolve) — NAGOAIL

ascension (far in ascension) — TIDIMEK

ascension (make great leaps in one’s quest for ascension) — TOANAKASAL

ascend, Earthly, Pleiadian (ascend out of Earthly path to start Pleiadian path) — BEARGOANAMIL

ascending (You earned great merit ascending so high.) — MALAGIL LAKAEKAIL KAUMASIEL

ascension — NIBIMIL

ascension, a school of— DOGON

ask, mind, answered (Ask what is on your mind and you will be answered.) — PEMA

ask, nicely (nicely ask something) — TEMRIMIL

attention (pay attention) — GOLA

augurs well — RITIL

augury — RO

auspiciously said — TOGALIL

awake, present for a period of time —  TASID

awakening — FUMAGIL

awakening, light (the awakening to light) — RATODIL

awareness — OLADIL


babysitter — AJADIL

balance — MITEN

base (one’s own base) — PEPEPNANIL

battle cry (All for one, one for all!) — RANAMIL/NIPANIL/ REAMARIL

be, as it should — ARIDIL

bed — KUNIL

beingness, true — IMDEL

best, very — AK

binding — PAN

birds — LAMIL

birth, an instance of, amelgo — IN

bodies (take form in bodies of light) — INJINJI

body (in a light body) — NOHUNIL

body (lives in animal body) — NAKAGIL

body (physical) love — YANFAMIL

both man and woman — AR

break (Take a break) — DAS

breathe in, light (You need to breathe in more light.) — BROD NAR



canyon — FONAKIL


chirping — TENEMIL

choose, pick to find — GO

circle, thought (Move back into our circle of thought.) — TAR NO

code — GOBIL

cogent — TAM

combined — NIMAGIL

come (let it come) —  ATTO

command — RAVO

communication — TISEMIL

consciousness — DOAROIL

consciousness, dwell (dwell in the mist of the rim of consciousness) — NERA

consciousness, God (mass consciousness God) — SAPADIL

consciousness, shift (Be ready for a shift in consciousness!) — MU PLO

contact, exchange (original contract for exchange) — PUNINIL

core quepil — ALIMIL

corpse, impervious (to be an impervious corpse) — PALANAIL

courage — ROKE

courageous heart — NIMEMIL/LARENAPIL

create, knowledge, reality (knowledge of the reality you wish to create) — TET

creation, all of — PAMAGIL

crime, partners in — KEPIL

cumulative — NITUPAL

cure of man’s condition of darkness; lead you to realization that death is unnecessary — TIBILANIL


dark, naturally — ROBOGIL

death (as a blessing) — TOD

debt — KIMAGIL

debts, all cancelled — SODOGIL

decide — PIAGIL

despair — DIRIL

destiny, path of — GONAMEIL

destruction — NIPEL

devotee — MIGEMIL

dialect of Pameil — MIRALEL

diamond — KAMIL

dimension, a reality of God (dimension) — PAKAIL

dimension, jolt in a new — MEVARIL

dimensional (put through a new dimensional block) — LA

dimensions (put on from land of 3D onto making 3D into 5D) — LE

direct application of peace — SEMARIL

direct message from God — PAMAFIL/DITEGIL

disciple — ANAGOMAM

do by saying — OM

do what you need to do — NATEPIL

do, find time to — BOINIL

dojo (one who is pure in dojo) — COANAL

Dream of us together — NEN

duty to appear — HEBRON


ears — KEGNAN

ears — LOPEILI

Earth, land of men of goals of making personal and pinalil growth — OGUPANIL

Earth, mother (original Earth mother) — MA

easy (feeling) — AKIGIL

eat, “chomp on food”— VAKOAGIL

egg (alamanail) — AMALAIL/OAEF

emerald green — MIPIL

end now, stop — CRAF

energetically variable — RASIMIL

energy — SAMIL

energy (reptilian tail energy, like kundalini) — LIKASMIL

energy fluctuations — RAS

energy of (one’s) nature — PINALIL

energy of coming into ninwonahil — H

energy of magic — EMAGIL

energy of movement towards — AL

energy of nanamil — OM NAMAH SHIVAYA

energy, methodical (an energy of methodical nature) — PELEL

energy, natural — GOAM

energy, of holiness — DIL

energy, of Masters — MOLAMOUN

energy, of mirror — AL

energy, of separation — ALTAGIL

engineer — RINATINIL

enter the system (as bugs) — NISANIL

etymology — MINIPIL

evolution, step in — ANJANGIL

evolve, how to — ODI ANJANGIL

exactly — SENALIL

expand — ORLINIL

eyes (all eyes) — NAN

eyes, close your — ANAGAL


fantasy — PEGAGIL

favor, do — INPEIL

fear — NIPEN

fear — ON

fear eradication technology — AGAMAMAL

fear of shadow — LEM

fear, child (naked child in fear) — MARIGIMIL

feel disappointed — PAGIL

feeling peace — ODOGLIL

feeling that something is not right — DUAR

fine gararil — BU

finished — MOAJIL/PIADIL

flow, understanding (understanding of going with the flow) — TITAT

for — TO

forget (your energy) — PIKIMIMEIL

forgive (just forgive) — OLAN

forgive (much to forgive one’s moranil ) — NARI OLAN OLAN

forgive and forget — OLAN OLAN

forgiveness — LANAGLIL

forgiveness, for the purpose of — ARAMAIL

form — GEN

formulation — CORGENIL

forward motion of person’s advancement — ORANEL

freedom (magenta) — DINIL

frequencies (adjusting frequencies and rate of alimil) — IM

funny — AGIKAIL

fury — LABGEIL


gallantly — DIMAGIL

games — TESEMIL

genes, full of lizard — GATEPILI

genetically modified — DOLOFIL

gift, natural — LEROANIL

girl (my dear sweet girl) — IKALAJIL

giving one’s ak — EM

go there — SEANKIL

go, remain (go and remain) — TAN ERAO TAM

God (how God) — COG

God, light, not of, nasinil (not of God’s light, one who knows a soul’s light and nasinil) — OGLI

God, one (one real God in all (lavender)) — MIPEMIL

going (just keeps going) — MENIODI

good — OCADIL

good; correct an error — DRO

grandson — TASDIL

great one — VIKOANAIL

green vegetables — MORALAGIL

groping, enough (you’ve lasted long enough groping) — ONANANGIL

guardian of one’s own — OLAN

guess; take a break — ADRO

guidance on mission — FOSOCOGIL

guidance, law, universal (universal law which states guidance can’t tell you what you don’t allow them to) — SEMERIL

Guru pantheon — PAMALIL/SOALAJAL


harmony (a million hearts beating as one, complete harmony) — IPEMIMIMIL

hate — LANAGIL

head — KELNOD

head — KETLOD

healed — ATALAMAIL

healing, peace (inner healing and peace be yours) — ARO

healthy (be healthy! as a toast) — NESIM SKOLO

hearing, receiving (You are perfectly hearing and receiving our communicative pulse.) — ATIOC

heart (let arms fall and heart open) — EM

heart, knowing (be knowing of your heart) — TAR-O-YAR

heart, love in — NANAMIL

help — EP

help — PILAGIL

history — RITOAL

hold onto realization — TAMENIL

hold there — MEN

hole (landing hole) — LAR

holiness, energy of — DIL

holy place right inside your heart — NA

home — NITIL

home (going home) — MILANAIL

home (long journey home) — MIL

honor — LO

hope — HUREMIL

humility — MUAFIL


idea — POD

idea, now, opening (opening up a big idea now) — RENEC

illnesses, opening past — NINWONAHIL

illusion (living illusion in greater reality) — ROKAPIL

illusion, land of — NA

images, mental, right, track (You are on the right track with your mental images.) — ASAN

in — NA

incarnating, before (where you are before incarnating on Earth) — MAPINAPEIL

incest, betrayal, act of — NARAMAL


inquiry, main point of — NEGLAM

instruction (under hour-to-hour instruction) — TINAMEL

integration, of love and fear in god of love — IDIL

intention, make an — ETIPIL

intuition (an amalek of trusting intuition) — RELALIL

investigate — VESIL

irritating — RARI

is — EK


jasmine-scented — AR

just (simply) — TET

justice — RANIP


karma (made up through karma) — LEANIMIL

keep them there — TANEMIL

kill — LOGIL

know (which) — PAEGIL

know in your heart — NIADIL

know ring of truth in — LA

know, passion to — GARARIL

knower (as a new knower of a secret teaching) — TAM

knowing (a knowing one) — IPMIL

knowing (knowing how to) — IPAL

knowing (like knowing how) — GOLAMEL

knowing (on knowing) — MENAL

knowing diamond in rough — LIMMEGIL

knowing dreams — NIMELIL

knowing how to astral travel — MALOMIL

knowing how to let go — TAPAKEIL

knowing one’s name — NIMALIL

knowing quite naturally — PESOGIL

knowingness — JAMAGIL

knowledge (necessary knowledge of mission) — LA

knowledge of ginapil — HERTIMIL

knowledge of God’s mysteries — PELOGOGIL

knowledge of many keys, of light codes of music — NA

knowledge of self — QUEPIL

knowledge of the snepanil — COR

knowledge, master level — HUAK DOAIL

knowledge, Masters of Light, (000, the opening of knowledge of one’s fortunate relationship with Masters of Light)— MALALANA

knowledge, of doing mission — FOS

knowledge, of one’s ancestry as Pleiadian, aonim — UNBOIL

knowledge, of one’s hertimil — MEPIMIL

knowledge, pirate “human pirate of knowledge” — NITAGIL

knowledge, technical (serious business, knowledge of the technical aspect of something) — QUAPIL

known (As soon as you ask, the answer is known.) — MENAL AMALEK AL FIMAKAL LAK NEGLAM DO GOLAMEL NA PEOHIL

known (make known from 5D into 3D mind) — SIANAKAIL


la (as made in a la) — SAN

language (map of remnants of original language of the gods of olden days on Earth ) — ENCOLGOJOMIL

language, knowledge (Joegil is learning the Pleiadian language one step at a time quite verily under our amalek. May her knowledge of her native tongue take hardly the miracle she thinks it will. So be it.) — JOEGIL FO REOLIL QUAPIL PINAO-SINAMIL UDLEN QUEMGIL VIM RINAIL-TINAMEL EQUINEM LEPIMIL TINEL. JOEGIL SAREM APIPLEN QUEM TO KODLEMFO DO SHI. OM.

language, old, Pleiadian (old language of Pleiadian in real joke about language: Quite some time ago, men spoke only one language, called Quandoil. More men were born, and the language spread with them and changed. Pretty soon, there were many languages. Right at keeping with rising numbers of men, Pleiadian attempts to just have one language failed. Nevertheless, one language became many. Soon no one could understand each other. The only language in which all could communicate was LEL, LEL is Light Energy Language.) — LEL

language, our collective old — ELGOLAL/MIT NANAO

laugh — DU

laugh (to laugh at nearly everything) — LEPIMIL

leader — QUATONAL

leader (boat and navy leader) — ARL

leaping over the fence — DRIBNIMIL ESANIL

learn — ATAMAL

learn lessons (in sleep) — AKAREL

learning a lesson — AMAMALAL EKAIL

learning, foyer of, level — LANAMAIL

learning, map of — LETIRIL

learns — FO

lemon — FOKOP

leroanil, of one’s — SINU

lesson — AMALEK

lesson — N

lesson of naming parts of speech — LAPEMAIL

lever, understanding, speech (lever of understanding of rationale lapemail) — RAQ

lie on back — LUDIL

life — KOGPIL

life, mole-like — KENKIMIL

lifetimes, forgotten — INIMINEK

light, petrified of — OG

light body — RAEGIL

light body transformation — GELEHIL

light message — PANAMERIL

light of God’s happiness of remembrance achieved — QUOMANAIL

light purple, “God’s second favorite color (green is first)” — RAMALINIL

light your way — NALIMAEL

light, building (mission of building kingdoms of light) — KERALIL DULTALEIL RARDOAL

light, love (more light and love) — VA

light, more — FOTOFIL

lightbody (gain one’s lightbody) — TINASOLIL

lightness (on lightness) — TA

like — MO

like — OD

limit of going away from God — NISSEMIL

limit of reality — NIDIL / NAPIRLEAL

lineage — MENIPIL

lit on knowledge, passionate — GAR

literally — LIRIMIL

little bit — LIRAGIL

location — NAMINIMIL

locker of nature (name of starship) — HOTEMIL NA LIR

lonely nights — KERIMEIL

lonely, is — MASNI

love (get in love) — MER

love (how you love life) — RIEMIL

love (met in love) — NA

love (very dear love of I AM) — G

love energy in fear of itself — NIDIL/BOIPMEN

love in a substance, food, of God — JOADLIL/ARNIMALIL

love in reality of fear — ODOIL

love like you have no worries — HO

love medicine — TOMEMAIL

love of God as a totality of Being — SHIVAYA

love of God of love — SHI

love of me, of oneself — FO

love of one’s mission — FOLANIL

love of Temmer/home — MN

love, I am, life (I am of love and of your love. I love you and me. Life is love alive.) — CREM UW AMO

love, lack of — PEDOIL

love, master (type of master love of the nilapil) — ONA

love, power (potential love power) — GUMIP

lovemaking, mission, “mission in ageless lovemaking” — PEMEOL

lover of God — LEOFIL

loving (are very loving) — INLAN

loyalty, God, close (moving close, loyalty to God of love (orange)) — NIRIL


magic — ODIL

magic (“keep it real,” Pleiadian magic) — FINETEL

magic (lose magic) — NINAGIL

magic (making energy of amalek real) — NAMAGIL

magic, energy of — EMAGIL

magic of balance (miten) — ATELAGIL

magic of questioning reality — LAGAEIL/LAGOADIL

magic of tantra — MILIMIKIL/KADAEIL

magic-maker — MAOGLAEK

margin — MEP

marriage — BOBIL

married — NAGIL

master plan — SNEPANIL

master training — ARARENEIL

mastery of 3D law — PAPENAMIL

meditate for instructions and love, go inside — MIPANALALIL

memory (like memory of new rendering of old paradigm, making oneself to realize) — MERAON

men of Earth’s past — NARINIL

mental, images, garbage, free from (dump mental images in a cosmic garbage incinerator and be free of their effects) — LAP-IR-AN ASI AP AS AN

mercy (mekalil) — LUNUGIL

merit — KUAL

merit — MALAGIL

merrymaking — NIRIMPLOT

message — NESANARIL

message (nesanaril), point of — BULO

message, energy of — LAPIL

message, love (targeted message of love) — PIPAMARANIL

message, music of — LEMIL

message, new (new message of quilaral) — TERATERIL

message(message sent to one’s other dimensional existences) — ER

messages (receive messages) — GAP

messages, timepiece, pendulum (timepiece that makes messages, tick-tock of pendulum) — PEOLARIL/CULUARIL

messenger (looking like God’s messengers) — PEMANIL

methodical energy (an energy of methodical nature) — PELEL

mind (of one mind) — I

mind, jokes (mind of our maker of silly jokes) — QUIREPANIL

mind, open (Open your mind a little.) — DROU

mindscape — JULEN

mirror, energy of — AL

mischievous — UMAGIL

missing piece — RAQUEMAIL

mission — REILANIL

mission (Earth’s mission, to know and support all life) — MAKOMAL

mission on Earth — MIUNIM/CLEMMIN

mission, understanding (Energetically go hold a space for where understanding can emerge next on master arlamanil raq. Know that our idea mission is knowing julen of human. Make raq in door of renanel (old understanding) of new oranel.) — MALALANA BULO COANAL PESOGIL QUOLANAIL RARAVO NIPAP MERAON OLAN OGUPANIL SINU TO RIMEPIL TO NELET ENCOLGOJOMIL MEMUNALEL MENAM MAMEL ELGOLAL OD LEL.

missions for Pleiadians — LAGIL/FOAFGIL

mistake (make no mistake) — POGIL

mistakes — STILEIL

mold, something that helps give shape to matter — LA

moon, of Luna— N

moon, of Luna; nighttime — NIPAP

more, later (more later) — BOMIL/KEMIAKEIL

mother — GAIA

much — NARI


nadis (of yogic meridians) — LAGEHIL

naïve, cold-nosed puppies — MEMIMEIL

name — NULEMIL

name, “Joegil” (me, my name) — AR

name, choose — PISODIL/QUEMINIL

naming Saren, matters of — NELET

nap (time for a nap) — NOMEI

narinil — LARENAMIL

natural — GE

natural — KENIMIL

naturally dark — ROBOGIL

nature (of a being) — IMIL

nature, of — KO

near — LAK

necessary resources are in place — TEMERAHAMIL

nectar (taste of very sweet nectar) — SHI

nemesis — NISAM

Nemesis, energy (imbued with Nemesis energy) — GINERA

next — ODI

next — PES



nod off — HATIL

nothing (making nothing out of something promising) — ORANAIL

novitiate — FOGIL



of — O

of — OD

of course — TITOLOG

officer — NERFIL

officer (as a Pleiadian knowledge officer) —LAM

officer, starship (as a knowledge officer on a starship) — ARLAMANIL

okay — PITEMIL

Olé! — NASO

OM — D

OM, of — A

OM, of — YA

on — AN

open — EM

open by thought of love — NANEMIL/RIRINIL

open heart to _________ — RAMIMIL

open in love to higher life forces — RAMNIL/AMAGIL

opening into Earth — KOLAMIL/ANFOG

opening message in code — NISANEK

opposite (just the opposite) — LI

orders of reality — NAKAGIL

other one, of — PE

outpouring, very great — PASITANIL



paired knowledge in making love magic — RAGAHIL

partnership — LAMEK

past, (saying to one’s past, “at last I’ll pass an even eremil”) — DUERAQUEMIL

pat on back — LOCOGIL

path of rising — FIRAN

path, vex (vex your path)— EP-ER-IR

pause — ROS

paw is now ready to strike — OLAPAMIL

peace — MIR

peace, feeling — ODOGLIL

peace-loving — LIRINEK

pen in grip of scribe — QUOLANAIL

percent — MARIMIL

pessimism — SEPEN/MAPINIL

physical, aspect (people’s physical aspect) — GITIMIL

piano door exposes many keys — RI

pick — PAGIL

pick out friends — LAROAG

pirate, “human pirate of knowledge” — NITAGIL

Pleiadian culture, main branch of — TANEPIL

Pleiadian dialect — SAREN

Pleiadian energy of underland — MAP

Pleiadian goal of love — NELIMIL

Pleiadian mother tongue — PAMEIL

Pleiadian of long ago — AN

Pleiadian oppressors (oppressors of Pleiadians) — NIRGOL

Pleiadian origin in Pan — NAGIL

Pleiadian over-culture — GOALIL

Pleiadian systems-buster — APDIPLEN

Pleiadian without lizard genes — JUAMILI

Pleiadians, make (“Go make Pleiadians of men”) — NIPIMIL

polarities (attractive polarities) — MALODIL

polarity (lives of polarity of human and angel) — MELAKAIL

power (abuse power) — JURUM

power (last one of power in a match of wits) — N

presence (in our presence) — RILEL

pride (much pride) — DOPAGIL

problem (a problem) — MAL

problem, no — BIR

procrastinate — JAGALIMIL

punk — TOKADIL

pure — IL

pure love, of — SI

purity, thoughts (purity of one’s thoughts) — SIPANEL


quaint — QUEMGIL

quarantined from light and love, shame — NIRGOL

quarters, title, of master — JENATEIL

query — TA

question (love question) — AR

question (pinpointed question) — BUARIL

question of one’s arrangement — PASOGIL

question, frame of — MAP

questioner (tells questioner) — HOAHEK

questions of natural framing of asking personally — RA

questions, lasting — UMEPANIL

quickly snuffs it out — NASINIL

quiet — MALENIL

quiet (perfect quiet) — NAPANAIL

quite the home run — PIT

quorum — G

quotation of neman — RIMEPIL

quote of one speaking — RARAVO


race — LIMINIL

raise one’s expectations — QUEM

Rana, overseer, (of Rana, the overseer of poor larenamil) — RANANAIL

rapist of trust — MORANIL

rare one — AS

rare one, initiate — TAMASARIL

rare serious knowledge of Saren — UDLEN

rate of people’s ascension — REOLIL

reality — SINAHIL

reality (process of making reality on Earth) — FIFEKAKALIL

reality of image (illusion) — LAGIL

reality of magic (true reality) — LAGOEIL

reality-busting — KATEGIL

realize — SODLAL

realizing quite readily raquemail, backward movement — PEPAPAKEIL

really good, well done — PITEMIL

really perverse — SAOLIMIL

reason for matter in question — MAMEL/NAPAMIL

reasons for keeping ramequin, attachment — DUERAQUEMIL

reconnect better — DASO

records (he who accesses records) — LATHANIL/UNAREMAN

reflection of purity — TAMANIL

regarding — TO

remember, language (Joegil, as you learn the language of your ancestors, you start to remember your own light and make a new past for yourself.) — JOEGIL, MEPIMIL NARIMIL SAREM OD NIMEMIL; SEPEN LO MENI TO SARENGO LOCOGIL.

remember where I go — TINALAIL

renegade, revelation (A revelation about you, loving renegade, follows next.) — ORMEC PESA

repository of Saren in dojo of people native to unboil — MEMUNALEL

rescue mission — OBINIL

research (do research) — LAPIL

respect (term of native respect) — GO

rest (a just need for rest) — NA

rest (more time for rest) — HEQUAREIL

rest (session of rest) — AQ

right energy — NIPEL

right form of task — NIBIL

rising (you are rising) — TAN HAG RITI

rising, path of — FIRAN

rising, understand what is (rising to a level at which you just understand what is) — RITI

river of death, of — TARENIL

road — EREMIL

roguish — MAGLIL


safety, light (safety in light) — K

salt — TICOGIL

sane (how sane are your last nirgol actions?) — GO

Saren, of — SAREM

sate, satisfy — MA

see (to see) — FO

see (us) — PINABIL

seeding, peace, chaos (seeding peace in chaos) — TAPANIL

separate from God; detest — OBOIL

set, love (set in love)— PA

settled in (You’re settled in.) — NEOD OR

sex — IPAKIL

sexual dynamo — PERIMAMADIL

shadow — KOD

shadows (a sanctuary for shadows) — REPANAIL

show (you) — PIALDIL

sisters (as sisters) — ALANAGIL

sit (Please sit back.) — ADDRA

sleep (You need to sleep now.) – DROF

slow down —  BRO

solid OM parin — DOJO

song of God’s light — RINAGIL

soothe, tiger (soothe the tiger) — OLAPAMIL NAPANAIL

soul, light, frequencies, God (the door of soul on light frequencies, God) — IMASIL

soul, memory (soul memory) — TALINATIL

souls — JEKAGILI

source — RINAPIL

source (of the same source) — LAIL/WIOAIL

space (make space because another being is near) — NIR

spectre, terrifying (terrifying thought, as a spectre) — KODLEMFO

spirit, nurture one’s own — PENASIKIL

spirits, nurture others’ — PENASOKIL

splendidly — AMANAKAL

starfleet commander — REPENIL

starship name, locker of nature — HOTEMIL NA LIR

stay (“stay with me”) — LAREIL

stoned — NEJEMIL

storage — RIPAPIL

storybook — NOVAN

student (of tantra) — NIRILADIL

suffering, end (music of end of suffering) — OM

sunlight — RA

sunspots — NERIL

surprise, ten fingers up — MENI

surprised (hold ten fingers up, be surprised) — EQUINEM

sweeter (gets sweeter) — ARAMIL

systems-buster — APIPLEN

systems-buster, Pleiadian — APDIPLEN


tantra, magic of — MILIMIKIL/KADAEIL

tarenil — NAU QUIN

Taygeta — DOIA

teacher (lead teacher) — NEMAN

tedious work — QUALANIL

telling — TIS

test — SAURIL

testing — PERKOEL

thank you — JO CHLOTE

think — AGAIL

thinking, demoralizing (No demoralizing thinking!) — PEM

those who nalimael — MARJIM

time (an all-now time frame) — LEK

time (long, long time ) — EM

time (take your time) — RARAMIL

time of energetic shift — QUILARAL

to — DO

to be nau quin — BOMA QUAPAN

to dil — NAMAH

told (at least having been told) — MAK

too much — NALAGIAL

towards — A

track (put back on track) — LAMANAMALALAIL

transforming physically — LANGIL

translating, OM (difficulty in translating, full of OM as an infiller of meaning) — HEPARE

through (finally got through) — GOLARAL


truth — MALILIL

truth (telling truth) — MAKIMIL

truth (we tell you the truth) — NIMARIL

truth, (telling truth) — OSIMIL


under (“little under”) — APIMIL

understanding (do just God’s zone of very good understanding of reams of information) — NARIMIL

understanding (occur as understanding) — ATOEMIL

understanding much — TAT RATI

understanding of undertelling — PINAO

understanding sanity of one’s actions — MAPGOIL

understanding, Master (nature of understanding of the Master) — WERAS

undesirable — MALOBIL

unfold — HARIL

unholy — RAODIL

union, mind, heart (perfect union of mind and heart) — ISANARIL

unoppressible, sparkling — TIRAMIL


vibration of God — NAM

vibration, raising (method of pirating personal reality to make shoddy information raised in vibration) — GOARIL

victory — LARONIL


walk-in (ninalil) — PIPAPIL

wavelength — APENCHIL

wavelength (on a new wavelength) — NG


welcome — NIREMIL

welcome (you’re welcome) — MIPIMEL

while, for a  — VIM

who — CHO

who you are — QUI

who you are is like Pleiadian lightworker — QUI MO AN GOAM

whole (making whole that which lies broken) — PIGENEIL

wisdom, love of — NILAPIL

word, right (Every word is right.) — DEN RO

world, natural — CIKAGIL/MINAGIL

worry (don’t worry!) — HODIL


you tet — NAT

yous, universe (the yous in assignment all over the universe) — HU ARA


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