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League of Light


The mission of this site is to make available a path for any who fearlessly seek integration with the greater Self, with divinity, with the perfection of being which is Nine’s greatest service. By allowing Nine in the awareness of your reality, you summon forth a reality in which I AM resounds. Discover all that Nine’s Path has to offer. And stay in touch to find what’s new.

Get to Know the League of Light

The original vision that the League of Light shared a decade ago has evolved. Find out the essentials about Nine’s Path.

From the singular blog that formed the basis of the book Remembrance, through the websites Speaking of Nine and Opalescent Nine, Nine’s Path now encompasses Pleiadian tarot and galactic history. Find out what seeded their message, from early notebook pages and conversations on the essence of Nine to a newly developing narrative. Learn about the League of Light as a group and get to know them as individuals who have shared insights and conversation in so many ways. Also, get to know Maryann, the relay point between the League of Light and the world.

Launch your exploration from here. Do you have questions about Nine’s Path (not covered in the FAQ)? Post them below, in the comments section.


League of Light crew channeled messages

“League of Light” denotes a community of galactic entities, re-emerging now to remind us of a few pieces of wisdom, and help us find our way home. Get to know who they are and their mission now.


Maryann Rada

Maryann is the terrestrial contact point for the League of Light; Nine’s Path is the culmination of lifetimes of work on their mission together. Visit her site,



Nine is a path to wholeness. The intention behind the site is to provide a reliable map for the traveler along that path.


Frequency Adjustment Questions shed more light on specific things about Nine’s Path that haven’t been shown in other writings.


Soul whispers lead your awareness to the core of insight and offer incisively personalized guidance for your path of greatest transformational potential.

divine Pleiadian Renegades pleadian

The Pleiadian Renegades are a collective of human beings come to our realm as midwives for our collective transformation into the consciousness of divinity.

creative counselors personal message league of light about

The Creative Counselors of the Pleiadian Renegade Family of Light-Hearted Healers guide individuals back to their own divinity.


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    You seem to be a money-making operation, though sincere, but is there any authenticity? Thousands, maybe millions of these channeling movements have arisen, and I don’t see anything beyond deep desire for imagined reality to become actual reality. Is it a kind of insanity? “Dimensions” exist, but they are not invisible and unobservable locations where you can play out your creative fantasies…unless you have created them just for that purpose. They can be observed and interacted with, it just takes the right knowledge and technology. What is a “dimension” really? What is your attitude towards science and math? Pleiades is one of my avatars, should I regret this choice? I hope not.

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    Interesting that “money-making” would be your conclusion, as this site has no ads, videos are not monetized, I charge no membership fees, all info is freely given, nothing is “premium”-ized, and the three websites I design and develop are 100% my own work and paid for on my own dime. Which I don’t have many of. Hence, I accept donations and tips, I sell books (I cannot give them away), and provide a service for those who wish to explore their connection with the divine a little deeper. And I make about ten bucks a year on my store. I assure you, I’m not in this for the money. Please adjust your set, as there is some interference in the picture.

    You are certainly free to regret any choice you’ve made, with or without the approval of a random website’s operator 😁 My attitude toward science and math is pure love. Unfortunately, I live on a planet that’s fairly myopic on applications thereof that are shared for the benefit of humanity. You might enjoy the video library I have on the subject (not my own work, just my growing collection) here: I’m not afraid to entertain views alternative to mainstream availability of science, in the fundamental sense of the word, but I don’t entertain fools. So you won’t find flat earth nonsense, but you will find things that hopefully make you say, “huh, interesting idea”. We’re so limited in what we’ve been socially trained to see as possible, that we see reality and imagination as the only acceptable shades of grey between black and white. I hope to be part of some collective effort to shift that into full-color spectrum sight.

    I’ve written more extensively on these things in the book “Opalescence” and to some extent in the other titles. That’s where the meat is.


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