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A Community Out of Time

Cathar Nine's Path
Long ago, the community of Cathars guarded the ancient ways of a spiritual life now largely forgotten. Lost to history, but not to time, a member of this community emerges in peace and joy, to share an encouragement for how we may capture the essence of a living spirituality.

About the Cathars

“From within the corridors of time comes now a call to remember the origins of your own connection with your soul and with each other. You have been chosen as much as you have chosen to be. The time has arrived for your recognition of the part you have undertaken to carry into the full light of truth and of human reconciliation with divinity. Do not balk at such words, nor enter into them without a full understanding of what this entails. You are being given a signal now, to stimulate some yet-dormant faculty of common mind among you. Community you are called to be.” — Rojan

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divinity divine being
divinity divine being

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