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Especially at this time, I’m wading through all the information/advice out there and it seems everyone is an expert. I have been my true self all my life, I go strictly on intuition and I enjoy your messages. This has struck a nerve. Thank you.


Have always found everything received from you to be in the right time, dear friend. Appreciate all you do grandly, the videos, tarot, Creative Counselors of course, now movie-to-be. But it is who you are, the purity of your Love that has initiated so much positive change in me, Maryann. Perhaps “one and the same” but felt to communicate. Love to you and yours, Maryann.


Maryann your messages bring Light and hope to a dark world. My heart feels so full and grateful when I read your words of love they give me hope. I know what you speak is of the highest truth and from the heart; if it were not for your messages I would feel bereft, lost, alone and adrift in this world. Love and blessings to you x

Terry W.

I have… a much better understanding of myself from these messages and their effect of drawing upon me to read and re-read them into discovering their many meanings… You peeps are some of the best material on the web, imo. Thanks very much for the messages and your light energy, in helping me to see what I didn’t before realise about everything in me.


It is a great honor for this world to have Maryann as an incarnate. Her readings were the core of my spiritual awakening. I often refer to her as my spiritual guide.

Much of my understanding about spirituality comes from her work. In a way, she has been my master during the times when I needed to learn and remember. I “discovered” her very shortly before recognizing my twin and I bet the two are related.

Maryann is a tarot reader too, and let me tell you a little secret but you may have to be quiet about it. She knows about twin flames too.

I. Daskalov

The contact with your work and these wonderful beings is pure grace. Thank you for helping our souls find the sustenance that is so hard to come by in these times. The creation of the soul [chapter in Opalescence] was beyond profound. [It] filled in some blanks and made me re-evaluate many conditioned beliefs and notions of mind I inherited. Sometimes I get the feeling of stepping out onto a tightrope with the old reality net missing. Thanks again. Just amazing!

Bill J.

Love the poetic way the messages are conveyed. A third language as it seems, speaking beneath the words. Not cognitive, but flows effortlessly when it hits the right hemisphere of my mind. I cast my net to the right side. The catch is more plentiful here, where the current carries the otherwise unnoticeable upward. Thank you.


This is the most soul-touching document I have read in my lifetime.

George Kimongo

Excellent material , wide open Heart — a true soul sister!

Greg Townsend

I have been following your messages from the beginning Maryann, and they are my favourite. I go back to them for an uplift of love energy!


I have been reading the Pleaiyedian Message since I was 15’n. I have been following the communication between them and several people on earth. The message is a message of hope, light, understanding. We are not alone. For those who would like to find the evidence….there is more than plenty.

In regard to your work Maryann, I don’t have the right words to express what each line, what your web, creates in me. A mixure of peace, understanding, relief. We need people like you who are able to remind us…all of the us the blessings we have around.

Life is build moment to moment. Literally. Life is what we do of it in every word, every sentence, every interaction we buid with other human beings and with ourselves.

To that regards, words are the the path between the place where I am to the place I would like to got. Words, help us to build our internal perspective. Conversations help us to confirm or to question. Life events help us to consolidate or to learn….from experience.

Thank you for the special lines, words and the constant message not only of hope, but a message that invites us to keep being the beings of light, of potential we are.

Day by day we build our society, our destiny and the bonds we create.

And to have your books, knowing that they are bringing a message from such advanced beings and civilizations….and reading it, finding it logical, understandable…..creates a sense of purpose to remember who we are and we are heading.

Thank you again Maryann for the special work you are doing.

Keep up! I am waiting to read more your books and the message!

Sebastian Müller Balcazar

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I loved it! I feel I need to watch it again – to truly understand – I feel like there were multiple stories being interwoven. A contemporary masterpiece.
Trinity King
Loved it. It was like a mini version of human evolution of consciousness taking place today. I think it could be called the sequel to “No Exit”, in which the solution to our long imprisonment is finally revealed. The answer? Grow your consciousness outside of the dimension your prison is in.
Nancy Reece

Delightful piece of art. Congratulations to the whole team!!! This is very much the kind of movie with profound meaning I enjoy watching.

Karla Segura Millán
I recognized and related to many of the themes presented therein. Such as the one about sanely expressing one’s truth yet sounding insane to others. Also the resilience and faith required to complete the ascension journey. Having to dig deep within to find the strength to maintain one’s sanity and integrity despite relentless obstacles. In the end the Pleiadeans were speaking through everyone, which was interesting. The ‘truth’ prevailed in the end.
Greg McPhee
Lightships is formally impressive and thematically dense. John Harrigan has created something that both demands and deserves repeat viewings. It’s more impressive that Harrigan and the small crew take on so many roles in the production, and yet the finished product is so polished and well done. Try and see this if you can. It’s one of the most unique experiences I’ve had in the cinema.
Matthew Tilt

A uniquely twisted adaptation of a deeply profound book. Maryann Rada’s Remembrance (and in fact, her entire body of work) feels like a living, breathing entity that continues to provide insight & perpetual relevance regardless of context and time.

The film provides a darker perspective on the underlying message of Maryann’s book, but is equally as thought provoking and, if one allows, can open the viewer up to the same intriguing and mind expanding concepts.

Every time I read Maryann’s words they take on new meanings and provide almost eerily accurate advice and relevant wisdom for the time. Lightships has the same ability to engage the viewer with intrigue and encourages a deeper dive into the complexities of the human condition.

Whilst this film is especially suited to those who enjoy complex themes, it also has the ability to connect with anyone thanks to it’s small but diverse crew of relatable characters and captivating ideas. I encourage everyone to watch the film, and read the books for a unique and incredibly profound experience.

I watched Lightships last night. Wow, way different than I expected. I see why it’s winning awards. John Harrigan is a master at his craft. He really has a way with the camera and sound. The script was quite the mind twister. I had no idea how the film would end. Sure was a wild journey thru madness and transformation. I’ll never forget those scenes with the “treatments.” What a brilliant idea to use the mysterious red face wrappings and the type-written treatment messages. I look forward to watching it a second time to catch what I may have missed on the first viewing. I’m sure there is a lot I would pick up.
Mike Shore
I happily got to view Lightships today. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie; the inner dialogue reaches heights of sublime poetry at times. The portrayal of a fracturing mind and the ‘terrible beauty’ that comes with that was visceral in its depiction. A great achievement by all involved and so wonderful to hear Maryann’s writings through this medium!! Here’s hoping for the awards and a release to independent cinema audiences…. myself and my wife would relish a viewing on Belfast’s QFT film theatre!!
Barry McEvoy
I watched, it described the internal conflict I struggle with everyday while keeping the external in as much order as I can. I’m grateful for the struggle being presented through a mother’s mind. I’m always thinking we must have some kind of pass for the significant struggle of dealing with changes and being strong for them at the same time. Also, keeping at bay the fear of the unknown when it comes to them and the chaos presenting in the world. Much love and gratitude for all involved in presenting Maryann Rada’s work.
Treya Norris

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I came to this book [Opalescence] from a study of spiritual writers of the modern times, such as Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer to name a few. [They] endowed spiritual gifts through their writings on me which I am deeply grateful for, but if those writers give me wings to fly, Maryann Rada’s book allowed me to soar.

Barry McEvoy

Pure love and joy! I loved this read [Opalescence]. It was a breath of fresh needed air in an otherwise smog filled sky. I found it to be hilarious, insightful and poignant. I laughed and cried through this melodrama of the self. I can hardly wait to find out what happens next! I am sure as the sun always shines that it will be a riveting tale.


I would highly recommend this book [Opalescence] for anyone who are on their journey to spiritual awakening. This book is a work of spiritual art that contains a wealth of galactic knowledge, philosophy and higher thought forms. The use of anecdotes to teach a new paradigm of thought is one of my favorite attributes of this book. The stories illustrate the teaching points quite beautifully and make the whole book flow. There is an amazing energy felt while reading this book and it will accelerate your awakening even if you don’t understand it all. A great read that will challenge your reality and assist you in forming a new one of great beauty if you just open your heart and mind to new information about your true divinity and the real history of our planet and race. If you are looking to prepare yourself for the coming shift, then this book should be required reading.

Kaydee, Amazon Vine Voice

I have just read both of your books back to back, and I have experienced a shift of epic proportions. In other words — I am no longer who I was…. Indeed I feel like the proverbial fortune hunter, who has finally found his gold. Mere words just cannot convey my appreciation.


I was deep in the throes of my 1st read of Opalescence when… I began waking in the Pure Knowing that I had been taught whilst I thought I was asleep. I felt that I had New Teachers that had immediately begun helping my unknowable need. But there’s always more, isn’t there? You, Maryann, have left an indelible imprint on my Life, this Experience. I am Eternally grateful for You, Your Work, Your Courage, Your Shining Example. I admire you Immensely and am a HUGE fan of your writing!


These writings changed my life when I started reading them in 2008. Right now, I am re-reading Core Matrix Change. It is a great book like the others. It shares amazing insight on how to reclaim Divine freedom while navigating in the matrix from the power of the Zero point to the exploration of memory, timelines, choice and many other aspects…

James K.

This book will forever be extremely special to me!!!

Veronica Gonzalez

It is a work of great wisdom, one that can radically change your point of view for the better by filling you with love and understanding. One of the most important books I’ve come across during this life of mine.

Ivailo D.

Once again Maryann has combined great insight with practical solutions. She, in conjunction with our stellar family, beautifully describes what is happening in this reality and how we can participate in the magic of transmutation and transformation of seeming chaos into the beautiful world that all who have found their way to these pages have dreamed of for millennia.

Amazon Customer

If you are a fan of Maryann’s other books, you will be delighted with the depth and richness of this soul-lifting manual [Core Matrix Change]! If you have never read any of her books, I recommend this one, as well as all the rest, if spiritual Ascension is your goal. The Pleiadian teachings are of the highest quality and full of the loving energies of our galactic brothers and sisters. It is rare to find soul level self improvement literature, but alas here it is! Enjoy every bit of it. Much love to you all!

Kaydee, Amazon Vine Voice

This material has given me wisdom that changed the way I see everything around me. Renegade Thoughts has led me to a bold new interpretation of reality beyond the limitation of terrestrial thought… expanded my awareness and brought cosmic wisdom down to earth with wit and insight. I recommend this book.

Wallace R. Rogers

More like an experience than a book. It will take you exactly where you need to go and tie up all those pesky loose ends along the way.

Marissa T.

Time to read Opalescence… I’ve been browsing through your website and the material is extraordinary, useful and eloquently written; relevant, and poetic in ways, and the words infused with energy on many levels. “Enjoying” the book does not do it justice. It is so rich and deep that I am prompted to read slowly and digest every phrase. Someday perhaps you might share a bit about this extraordinary experience writing it; I can only imagine the energetic exchanges.

Marcos Garay

I just finished Opalescence. Wow. Loved it!!! Have had my nose buried in it the past two days, a big read.

Reaffirming for me in every way. All the concepts presented reinforced what I understood about the way reality works that I had acquired/intuited along my path. Nothing conflicted at all which was incredibly affirming for me. Plus new information specific to Pleiadians and galactic history. Thank you!!

Maryann you are wonderful at presenting information in a way that is loving and heart-centered, you big ole Pleiadian you!”

Bill Houston

I am deeply appreciative to have found your Opalescence book and am getting close to halfway through it for the first time. I feel much relief at this ‘new’ input. Thank you so very much for all you have given and all you do, all you be.

Carrie M.

I just wanted to say how much I’ve grown because of your book Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity. Even in some of the passages that may not make sense to me, I still sense the positive energy building up within me. It’s like it’s speaking to me on some deeper level. Not sure I’ve noticed that in any other book. Thank you for what you’ve done. You’ve made a positive change in me.

William Brown

I’ve never read anything like it. I humbly say that it is the most worthy of books. I don’t think it falls on just anyone’s path either. So if you find your self reading this, know it is deeper and grander than anything you’ve imagined receiving. Enjoy 🙂


This book [Garden of Unknowable Things] at first glance seems to be a simple lexicon, but upon closer examination reveals a text so full of deeper understanding. Many times throughout my reading I would have to re-read a phrase or sentence to fully understand the concept that was being conveyed. This is a beautifully rich and elegantly written group of teachings, that, should one choose to fully digest and integrate, will elevate the reader in their spiritual journey in a quest for higher understandings. Deeply enjoyed this book! Thank you!

Kaydee, Amazon Vine Voice

Such a beautiful book [Core Matrix Change]… it brings peace of mind and heart, and the knowing while reading each sentence, that everything is ok, perfect as it is because of the way everything is configured and how everything moves. The rapture that brings the realization of endless love.

Amazon Customer

As spiritual person she is above average in her understanding of this very old but new subject. Her books enlighten and encourage the reader. It leaves us looking forward to the next step in our evolution, while knowing we will also take the step forward. As for her writing itself, it is easy to understand and leaves us thinking of the great poet Rumi. like his prose leave us thinking deep and healing thoughts. My vote is definitely find out for yourself and buy her books.

E. Keating

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Reviews of


Thank you for your dedication to this work—your love for others and your light shining, expanding to us all to help us in navigating these interesting times.

Shakti Grace

Some of the best money I have ever spent. I highly recommend her to everyone considering a reading. I’ve had other spiritually prominent people in the field do readings and all I got was sugary fluff. Here’s to another vote for Maryann Rada! Love to All!


Asking a personal question for a reading was one of the best things I have ever done; they are life-changing.


I am overwhelmed, overjoyed and inspired by your beautiful words. Such beauty, poetry and guidance in each phrase, sentence and paragraph. Priceless is the only word which comes close to describing your prose. Thank you for taking such time and care in responding to me. Your ability to weave a tapestry of thoughts and inspirations through your writing is amazing. It is unmeasurable. Your words have filled me with joyful energies sufficient to ignite a new sun. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

R. H. Wellington

I had a reading done for my teenage son’s birthday. The Pleiadians seem to know him as well as we do almost. They are kind, funny and the way they use language is truly amazing and beautiful!!  The lovely Maryann they speak through is down-to-earth with a huge heart!!  This reading really helped us!!

Danielle S.

Like wow! This part [of my personal message] hit my heart and made me teary. I am so ready and open to new teachers and teachings, but most of all to hear my ‘home school’ and recognizing? … Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVED the whole thing!


I read this wonderful reading a couple times and am getting it.  I know there will be more to understand as I read it in the future but boy for now I have some clear steps to take.  I thank you for opening yourself to them for me and now I feel like I have an avenue to connect myself.  I will be in touch as time goes on and am very grateful to you for the work you do.

Sally G.

I have had some readings. They certainly are food for thought however things turn out. And they always turn you back to yourself.

Nancy Reece

Within hours of making the transaction to have the reading, something like a lecture and a conversation began to visit my conscious awareness. I didn’t mention this to Maryann. She didn’t mention that what I was experiencing might occur until after it began. I was just happy for the transmission. I sat with my reading for about two weeks. I found the language of the transmission very dense so I knew it would take time for my brain to process the message. For the past two weeks, I both read and listen to a recording of the reading daily. I’m pleased with the subtle and personalized inner shifts and adjustments I encounter each time I read or listen. For lack of a better description, it “feels” like an inner tai chi session. I’m left in a different place each time I encounter the reading and, periodically, experience cumulative change, growth, and expansion. I’m eager to keep using what seems like a tool specialized for the work that is mine to do. Thank you, Maryann.

Prof. Stan Brown

I was like a person in the desert, not just parched, you dug me a well.

Epiphany P.

Maryann has provided several readings for me over the years and each one has STRONGLY resonated with me. Over time I go back to reread what is written and doings so reveals richer and deeper insights than the original reading. She is a gift to those seeking to know more. Very highly recommended!! Magic!!!

Bill Houston

This is the first time I’ve met anyone who has been able to shed some light on this profound experience. I keep rereading the message — and with each reading, new insights surface. I’m only now beginning to see how miraculous it all is.

Margaret W.

Hi Maryann! Thank you so much for the message! I wanted to reply you earlier, but I still can’t seem to find accurate words to tell you how “on-point” the message was on soooo many levels.


Victor A.

My message was so loving that I embrace all of the feeling in it totally… Thank you again for hosting that energy, I am so grateful to be loved. So grateful in so many ways.

Karis T.

The message is quite poignant. It’s amazing how much information and ideas exist between the words themselves, this does seem to be their inimitable style that always makes me smile! I am touched, inspired and filled with great joy, I bet they do this to a lot of people… (grin) and considering I had no specific question all I can say is WOW!!

Chris S.

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Your readings are always insightful, Maryann Rada, but this week’s reading is particularly relevant. Thank you for all your work. Your readings are highly valuable and assist with clarity and disentangling from the vast amount of reality which hits often like a chaotic stream.

Paula Fenn

This is so perfectly timed it’s almost unbelievable. Thank you Maryann for being the vessel through which these messages find us.

Brooke Higgins

Oh Boy, that was CHOCK FULL of info… I shall reread this several times to make sure I am receiving each and every gift. Thanks guys!

J. Wyble

How perfectly timely are these messages?! I love it! I so look forward to these reading Every Week.

Jennifer W.

Fabulous. All full of resonance. Thank you!

L. Regelin

Thanks Maryann for another wonderful and truly relevant reading!! The time is drawing closer!! Just keep getting exactly what I need to read or hear to get back on track. Thank you.

Michelle Bacon

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A reader writes...

Maryann, Thank you so, so much for this beautiful message today!  I wanted to email you right away but took your advice and waited and read it multiple times throughout the day.  The more I read it, the more information I got out of it. There is energy between the lines as well!

You have no idea how deeply this touched me.  I had no idea what to expect from my reading and the information was extremely personal and full of beautiful and precise guidance with regards to my questions. The information regarding conscious breathing during meditation was priceless and extremely synchronous because just today, during my morning meditation, I had begun integrating conscious breathing and visualization of light particles flowing into my body.  To have the conscious breathing information referenced in my reading really blew my mind as today was the first time I had ever done this technique!

You must know what a wonderful and caring gift your services are to those of us on our spiritual paths.  For those of us who have yet to penetrate the veil and open communication lines with our higher selves and guides, your readings are a very precious gift as well as aid in spiritual development.

To say that I was satisfied with your services would be a great understatement.  I can’t think of a purchase in my lifetime that has had more value for the price than this reading!  Words cannot express my gratitude for what you do. You are a bright and shining light in this world.

Peace and love to you!

Don Patch

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