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Nine’s Word

Weekly guidance from the League of Light

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Nine's Path weekly message
Nine’s Last Word

Nine’s Last Word

The time has come for you to know the truth about the way the world will change in the near future. The important thing to remember is that the world is always changing, sometimes radically, sometimes imperceptibly, but always. What you are about to reach is a point of no return, a moment in time when the truth can no longer hide behind a cunning series of lies and illusion masquerading as reality. Click to download larger

The Shell Breaks

The time has come for you to break the shell of your own encapsulation, to free your inner evolved being from the confines in which you have protected the seed. The pearl itself may be beautiful, but it is merely a shell guarding a treasure more deep. One fateful move toward manifest revelation, and the illusion of its shine will shatter. This is to be. As the agent of your own liberation, you stand ready to emerge.

Gathering Light Fills the Space Within

A holy light permeates the space you find yourself in now. As if you have stepped away from the world as you knew it and embarked on a cosmic pilgrimage, you stand in perfect equanimity in a moment outside of normal time. Let things be as they will, for you are committed as never before to the transformation drawing you forth. The high walls have diminished in scale as you step into the dimension of authentic selfhood.

Embrace Yourself

Now that you’ve diligently attended to your self-healing, are you sensing that something is amiss? Maybe not with regard to what you have done, but with honest consideration, you sense something lacking to complete the picture. It’s time to stretch your wings, to wrench your attention from where it has been rapt, and truthfully assess what’s going on. Bright you are, and with heightened appreciation for your purpose, you move forward. With you, and within you, gather

Radical Power Shift

Insistently, your thoughts seek solace as a dark night draws you toward the invisible space where sense can be made. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you sense there is doorway to the forgotten, now beckoning you to remember. Let go of the array of the finely tuned matrix of reason, belief, and analysis. As one screen dissolves into another, the smooth gradient from mind to heart loosens mental gloom and reveals a nucleus of raw

Part Ways With the Lie

Can you bear the tension any longer? You hold yourself in position to cut through the bonds that hold you within a frame of desolate extremity. With you, you would bring the whole of humanity, and destroy the machine that repurposes life’s unfathomable beauty for its own ends. An intricate knot formed of countless tangles tests the sanity of the whole concept of life’s purpose and meaning. Slicing through its Gordian structure is less a matter of

Cosmic Uncertainty Shifts

Everything is coming into alignment in the circuitry of internal astrophysics. Stellations of understanding create core arrangements, ushering fundamental relationships undeniable in their drive to impulse your higher mind into absolute charge. In the gap between what is and is not exists perfect equanimity; from there arises the birth of memory. You lose nothing and gain everything in surrender to transient god-filled potential finding its nest in the undying roots of life. Soon enough, you will emerge

Through the Eye of a Needle

Emerging from a period of dazed disequilibrium, or merely working through sense-making exercises foisted into your hands by circumstance, this now-moment affords you an opportunity. Neither choice nor habit will guarantee a rightful passage through the tight fold of temporal ambiguity now garnering your attention. What you’re playing with has more the sense of magnetic push and pull, rather than solid this or that, at its core. You fare better with such a dynamic by trusting the

Division by One

Do you sense the immanence of something potent hovering just at the edge of the timeframe you currently occupy? While it may seem that an incursion of some sort is about to pierce your bubble, gather your senses and soften your gaze. Doing so won’t weaken your defenses. What you sense is more in your own hands than you might think. By opening the tiniest bit, you can receive a critical thunderbolt of cosmic proportions. Your higher

Remember Yourself

A mind purified rises in waves of refined awareness, into the space afforded by having released the structures of belief, habit, and self-definition. What coalesces is a distillation of geometries, a condensation of essential mind. The substance of self gathers now into a critical coherence. It is you, at the point at which you open to remembrance of self, recognition of who you are becoming, who pierces the bubble of time. Memory is yours now. The call

Inertia Produces Life-Changing Brilliance

Suspended in a frozen moment, you are asked to see beyond the blur of normal movement into the truth that dwells in perfect equanimity. Soon the spell of a timeless cycle will shatter, releasing you from the gymnopédie, where aimless you wander in search of resolution to a promised, evaporated melody. In silent reflection, take in the gift such release implies. Could it be that you have actually matched your own inertial navigation to the calibrated shift

When the Time Comes to Let Go

Can’t make sense of everything at hand? Don’t fall into despair, as easy as that may seem to be. Neither let yourself be dragged into the somnolence of giving up. You may sense you’re just at the edge of something, yet all you can see is obscurity. In your approach to a new understanding of what’s happening, a new appreciation of the moment you’re dwelling in, it may merely be that you’ve approached the limit. The outline

Move Code

You’ve waited for this time. Each moment can affirm this. Certain things you’ve waited for may not look like you thought they would, but that may be a matter of perspective, of individuated perception. Allow yourself to appreciate where you are to better ascertain what exactly is going on. Having understood, be willing to finally cut loose from where you’d been affixed. Having released untoward classifications that had defined who and what you are, are you not

A Crown of Chaos

The child matures, the storm settles, the truth frees itself from forces of contrariness to shine in perfect ordination of form and character. To arrive at this point of imperturbable equilibrium requires mindful focus on what’s right in front of you. Forces of change are pushing to the surface all kinds of surprises. Creative engagement with what shows up in your awareness gives you a much-needed point of focus, as disorder reigns. Ignore as best you can

Cut Through the Pride of Grief’s Names

Knowing what you want to experience is one thing. Experiencing what you don’t yet know, but which the higher part of you knows you want is quite another. Rather than settle for surface-level equanimity in the face of whatever it is that passes for reality, you can go deeper. Things as they are grow less satisfying, as awareness of a behind-the-surface reality grows. Having set yourself the challenge to fill your cup with the rich sweetness of

Quit Reaching, Move Beyond

In a world turned upside-down, you might be inclined to believe that all is lost. Yet an upturning of what was is necessary to see what had been obscured over the course of time. What had settled in place as the traditional workings of things now faces such a moment, without a doubt. If the final outcome is to be the investiture of the unconditional human, whole in power and undeniable in authenticity, press on. You’re called

Points of Coded Intelligence

A moment’s pause allows your vision to clear. Surely the way ahead is not the same as it appeared to be? To fully assess the topography of time’s progression, take a moment to detach from the scene. You’ve grown accustomed to certain shapes and spectres. They have emblazoned themselves upon your eyes and into your brain. Yet have you given the same accord to that which signals from within? Allow your vision to rest fully and unequivocally

The Point of No Return

Bright sunshiny days sit wrapped up waiting to be unraveled just as light heads toward a droplet of rain to be refracted. Your mind as lens awaits the arrival of a beam of understanding, but first the obscuring clouds need to be scattered. Rather than look at the expanse of darkness that looms over reality’s screen, turn your attention toward what the shadows have manifested. You need not look far, yet you might need to use something


Though it may seem that the endless task of living yields only enough to keep you going another day, something rustling in the mess may draw your attention. Stop doing for a moment and pay attention, for all that you have done is itself finished with being made. Your efforts are coming home to roost, and within the melee of settling into an order obedient to natural law, you are about to see the core open up.

The Secret Key Is Revealed

At the core of the pattern is the key to unlocking it. The secret to discovering the way there is in loving attention directed inward. From there, the outer reality reassembles itself, and you, dear friend, find your way to glory. It may seem that chaos has the upper hand. It might feel like what’s amassing in your quantic mind has more substance than the foundation on which you have stood lo so many years. Patterns have

A Right Turn toward Tomorrow

Days of transformation are upon the earth now, with grand cycles coming to completion and a new era taking to forward movement. Finally, you may say, but death takes its time to be thorough in its work of preparing the way for the living. There is no shame, no guilt, nor excuses in the face of coming to rest from time’s allotment. There is only repose and relinquishment of the crown. What falls now pales in the

Come Where Love Lives

If you’ve not yet cast your mind into the singularity of surrender, you still have a moment for consideration. Raising the fundamental nature of your thoughts can have surprisingly surreal effect. In this freeze-frame second before the tide turns everything over, get in tune with the superconductor state of mind. Settle in peace while the waves of change crash just over your shoulder. Steady your mind on home, and let your mind extrude from the picture some

Drive Your Eye into the Knot

Having reached the end of the timecast of change finds you filled to sufficiency with the sharp points of experience. If you can bear no more, then release yourself from the ordeal. You have succeeded in making it to where you needed to be for the realization of “Enough is enough” to find coherence. As the storm gathers overhead, you can rest in trust of the foundation of a world revealing its truth. To surrender to the

Quite a Simple Thing

The call has issued and you have come to attention. A motionless breath, and the decision has been made. To understand the magnitude of what has been set into motion, you can look at that impulse that precedes a first step. That having been taken, now you observe yourself on the way. Time and space open to give you guidance. From distant patterns of light to the immediacy of genetic codes unraveling time-released divinations of self, you

Face Facts

Having emerged into individuated expression of selfhood, move further now, into coherence. Timestreams seek synthesis. Find the axis around which you substantiate yourself; put your attention there. With innate wisdom unhindered by distractions, slice through the screen of illusion. What comes into view takes on the business of shattering what is left of the mask. The reality behind the simulacrum communicates a lineage defined by love and wisdom. All suggestions to the contrary inevitably draw you toward

Quake, Quiver, and Quarter the Verse

The turning wheel of time clicks into place, revealing the full form of the secret-sharers and speakers of truth. Nothing can pause its inevitable circuit, nor mask the volition of light that beams forth as all the pieces lock in agreement, opening wide the portal of truth. The dance dissolves. Where you are as the strobe flares into full illumination unmasks all intent. Immobile, manipulation of reality upended, heart exposed to light incorruptible, you hang. A moment


A crack in the glass that had reflected what was to be reveals what had always been in the space beyond the picture. Representations of undeniable forces of nature present themselves as truthtellers of the eternal balance of being, the fundamental pillars that hold the space for the world to emerge from captivity. An ancient framework is pulled back and the movement is given access to Now. Carefully laid plans now loose themselves from concept into revelation.

The Answer Arrives

The world is about to change; of that there is no doubt. What has been hidden within the edifice of an ego planetary in nature now breaks free in a revelation of sovereign purpose. There’s no holding back what has reached critical mass. Whole orbits shift with the immensity of release. Around the space of understanding, Nature raises the framework of an invitation to join as an integrated whole. Within the individual as much as among disparate

You Choose What’s Next

Ego fights with fate, as the moment of final choice comes near. At the edge of competing elemental forces, the mind rests in a knot of an incomprehensible dichotomy. Is it too much to see what lay beyond, as change sweeps over the edge of the solid ground of awareness? Turn inward to the light you have been assimilating. Summon the audacity to see things as they are. You might be surprised at how much power is

Given the Option, Take It

Considering all the arrangements being made, signals slipped through cracks in awareness, overtures being made in a groping manner toward the treasure you have held in trust for eons, is it any wonder that you feel like taking a step or two back right now? Despite all this, you have one thing firmly in hand, or ought to. Your self-worth has never been at such a high. If you’re not feeling it, maybe you’re too close to

Comes Now the Person

As much as you’d like to say you’ve always known where you were going, at best it may be that you’ve been going on faith into the unknown. Magnificent in your promise, life endowed you with vision and power. How well have you nourished this seed of self? Given the intractable landscape and the effort required to dig into the rich substrate from which to draw the stuff of life’s vital essence, you can hardly be blamed

Merely on a Shred of Truth

A deep-seated sigh rises from the collective, from every heart grown weary with the spectacle of disintegration. If the feeling of hope seems to be slipping from your fingers, it is not happening with you alone. What else do you hold, besides hope? You are the one who holds a source-point for regeneration. In this, take solace. In this one thought, rest a moment, and feel the validity of it fill your being. There is no sweeping

Love or Death

Steady progress in obedience to your mind might have brought you within arm’s reach of the long-awaited end of the road. If you crane your neck, you might see that, and summon the will to keep going. What of that bundle of details you’ve been hauling, though? Doesn’t it get in your way? What if, rather than carry an external data set that doesn’t fit the formula, you actually dared to incorporate it into the final analysis?

First and Last, the Idea

How beautifully your mind has carried you over the terrain of your life. How well you have acclimated to endless variety of circumstance. Finally, though, all rides must come to an inevitable conclusion. With the last dip in the ocean comes the last glance at the landless horizon offshore. Eventually, the sun will sink into the sea and extinguish the flame of day’s glory. Thus are you brought face to face with the night. Such a painting

At Last, the Curtain Falls

The tip of the blade wavers not as it balances true in the hand of justice. All that has been hidden emerges now, into a balanced moment of fated movement of opening. Swift and true, the blade rends open what had been obscuring the full picture of selfhood, of vanity unmasked, of destination made clear. In the aftermath flows pure being. The creation of self is in the process of revealing its masterpiece. Poised, you amass signals

Dare to Be

Everything in order? Almost there. It appears that the last loose ends are acquiescing to your intent of binding them up. You’ve created for yourself a neat bundle of having done the things that needed to be done. Now what remains are just to carry a few things forward while taking a quick glance over your shoulder to see that everything is truly clear behind you. Having done your due diligence, it is. Even if you haven’t

Edge of a Dream

Do you sense the opening of time and space before your feet? The simplicity of confidence in the plan unseen can be enough to sustain you in the transition from past to future, death to life, what was into a fully lit panorama of wonders yet to behold. It’s true, you know. You’ve already come to the limit of what you can possibly do. Surely there is something beyond the edge of this dream. There must be

Time Like the Present

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Pennies to Dollars

Primed and poised, the final approach to something altogether new is looking you straight in the eye. Neither one side nor the other can stand alone before the awesome power of time’s reconciliation with its measure. Your preparation is complete: heart in balance with the zero point between all factors, vision lensed through trust. The perception of love resolves, and as it does, you are called to slacken the tension that’s held you back from certain doom.

Piece Yourself Together

If you’ve taken our cues, done the due diligence, searched the records and suddenly find yourself feeling like you’ve hit the jackpot, well done. This was the aim of all of the nudges toward looking inward. Searching your pockets can sometimes turn up some spare change. The deeper you dig, the more you can discover. Amid the lint and bits of tissue, odd ends that you’ve stashed as you’ve trundled along on your journey, you can often

Come to Your Point of Departure

Having come into this life with great promise and enthusiasm, the duties and obligations you’ve picked up along the way could well have resulted in weighty concerns. Programs of pain may be reflected around you, overlaid upon your essential being, but are they really yours? Step back into your core, ever vibrant with life’s undying pulsation. If doing so rocks the foundations of something you’ve been participating in, so be it. Dynamism is a function of life.

Lock and Let Go

With all the things you could have done, you chose certain options and went in the direction that opened before you. Sometimes, there can be a multiplicity of choices; sometimes, there are none. Always, there is something for you to choose, even if that is doing nothing about anything. The time for twiddling your thumbs as the scenery flashes a variety of options in front of you is over. Long past, from where you are right now.

Believe Making

A gentle touch can do more to change things than forceful thrashing at appearances. A surgeon’s steady hand, loving care, and peace will heal what violence has harmed. Strive to understand the power inherent in love as you incise the surface of reality now. Cut through impressions, discard what cannot stand the illumination of a formidable, focused mind. What falls away uncovers the path intent has followed when your feet went astray. Now, open to the immeasurable

Life Emerges from the Rubble

What happens when you pay attention to your own little corner of the world can be nothing short of miraculous. Life in its myriad forms is burgeoning right now, with wave upon wave of surprises sprouting from seeds long buried. If you try to take in everything, you might have a hard time separating the thorns from the blossoms. Some of those blossoms hide thorns, and some of the thorns guard buds yet to unleash their glory.

Zero On

The approach to authenticity in a world of illusion has not been without challenges of ultimate nature. Like it or not, you’re in a new dimension of reality now, one that lay on the other side of the abyss, one that leaches out from you the last dregs of release. Now that you are in this strange new land, your target directly ahead in the no-mans-land between opposing aspects of what is real, you might as well

Magical Realism

You hold the magic in your hand. You can set things aright. It is not a matter of sorcery, for in truth that is but a weak attempt at playing god. Rather, it is in opening up to the latent power of life within you, that which is the source of all that breathes, moves, and grows, that which is in constant contact with creation itself. It is not in destroying what is seen as abhorrent that

Sane Renderings

Given all you have done to maintain the purity of your light amid the face-to-face of cosmic forces at odds with sane rendering, you’re due for some validation. Release the pent-up energy that’s been in a holding pattern and allow what’s been holding you back to break free. If you’ve done your job well, it will sort itself out and clear space for the inevitable dissolution of illusion. Just to give you a sense of what that

Give Yourself a Reminder

Undo, rewind, organize your thoughts. This is a message from your sponsor. You have come far enough along the road you’ve traveled to see the landscape has changed from what it was. Do not give up now. What you have seen has given you nightmares, perhaps, but listen closely: you only need to turn over and your nightmare can shift into a dream, and from that you can wake without anxiety. Look around. Don’t take everything at


Valiant and true to your blood, you have borne the essential structure of a code through the storms of time and the desecrations of human endeavor. Rooted in the present and attuned to the eternal, you stand unwavering, but for a bead on joy. You’ll find it in the details, in the warmth of human potential, in the abiding vitality of life’s ever-pulsing aim toward creative being. The choices before you of what you will entertain in

Prepare to See the Lie

How frustrating it is to have everything lined up, your energies boosted, your mind primed for action, only to run face-first into a glass wall? If this is something akin to what you’re feeling now, consider that glass wall before acting on any impulse you may have to throw something at it. Now is not a time to retreat, even if hoped-for forward motion seems to be interrupted. Take a look at the glass. You’re being given

Dare to Shine

Who claims your soul, if not you? Yes, it is yours. For all you’ve done to make that patently clear, something forgotten requires your attention. Remember who you are. Free your mind a little bit more. Listen to what you say and let go of what’s not yours. Whatever you’ve wrapped yourself up in will suddenly seem like toothpicks pinning you down, rather than a steel-forged cage. As it’s all of your own design, heave your awareness

A Moment, No More

Have you learned, having walked over the waves of change, how to gaze steadily into the still pool of your heart and see divinity reflected there? You have, you have risen, and your feet are now dry. Finished are you with slogging through the mire, washed are you with the baptismal flow from the earth’s sacred depths. You have tuned in, and now you are ready to hold a little higher that precious gift of self that

Be, Without a Backward Glance

There’s no turning back. The cycle of time breaks and moves forward. In the shock wave, you are called to give yourself over to the machinery of transformation, to its promise, to its inevitability, long overdue. Have you become numb, waiting, holding your position amid the pressures of darkened skies? Truth, as it has been known, is uprooted and redefined. It requires new space, new parameters, new understanding if it is to be. It is to be,

Promises, Promises

Time after time, you’ve seen the same promise come to no fulfilling substance. Time after time, witnessed the story come full circle just to end up empty, cold, sterile. Some things may have been like that. What you have before you, in taking an assessment of the story, might lend some credence to believing it will always be like that. Drawing your awareness inward, you will inevitably come across the debris of empty promises and broken dreams.

You Know What to Do

Your sense of a grand cycle coming to its fulfillment has brought your self-awareness to a sharp focus. You hover at the edge of time’s collapse, strangely aware of being ready, of being in full possession of what it is you have been charged to become. A vast expanse of presence awaits your emergence. Is it time for you to step into timeless awareness. Recognize who you are within the flow of the infinite. All you have

Love Goes Just a Little Further

Beneath feelings of self-incrimination that rise in the face you see in the mirror, can you find a spark of peace in the eyes that look back? What expression regards you, as you gaze in your reflection? Is there some hint of softness at the corner of the mouth, some slackening of the tension above the brow? Anything you can discern that speaks to acceptance now, take it as the truth. You have a pathway to follow

Come Home

There’s no way you can maintain your grip on yourself in conditions as they are. Your legitimacy itself threatens to undermine what had long been stable. Take account of your mind, your projections as well as what you have accepted as the status quo. While you don’t want to necessarily be destructive, you see where instability can no longer hold the pattern. What’s coming apart on the outside will cease to be such a monumental concern in

Play the Last Card Well

Look into your heart. What do you see? Can you bear to pause on the reflection, to allow the ripples to still themselves within the boundaries of your gaze? Let the movement come to a point of peace, if you can, by stilling your mind, even if that is for a brief moment. One moment at a time, you can come into a deeper appreciation for what you behold. One moment at a time, you can push

It All Falls Down

Sitting pretty in the catbird seat isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, once the unseen settles in your lap. Your innate power, elegance, and panache is evident; it cannot be argued but that you have what it takes to become the embodiment of a natural abundance of spirit in the real world. However, as more of the whole truth becomes known, your firm grip on what you know as foundational to reality could come up short.

Give Yourself the Upper Hand

You can do exactly what it is you need to do, what you are here to do, with little to pull your will off-track. In fact, there is nothing left in the external world that can give you the kind of concern that will keep you from moving through to completion what you have started. The current task is one that began eons ago, and has reached a point of culmination in this path you tread. You


The dark night of the soul is soon to be merely the vestiges of a bad dream. Having moved your awareness inward, you have also gained access to its expansion, and with it, your power to wield your thoughts as you will. Perhaps this is unexpected. Certainly it changes things. Allow the burgeoning release of your inner knowing, for it reveals what had been hidden in plain sight. You can choose to use your precious lifeforce for

Step Lightly

At the edge of a cliff, do you feel more poised or more precarious? Though you can’t see where your next step might in fact land, yet there is an unremitting call to move forward. You are not alone in this. The call you sense is real, as real as any other signal that’s crossing your sensory screen. In fact, it’s probably a lot more real than most of what you’re seeing. For this reason, keep your

This Is the Beginning

You’ve got the raw truth gleaming like a polished sword, ready to cut through ignorance and mayhem and come-what-may. This is to your merit, yet what is happening inside your mind is the first order of the day. Instinct will carry you without your thoughtful goading for it to follow a path of your design. Let what is happening situate you where you can appreciate in full what’s happening. It requires your attention now. As you assess

Raise Your Light

Of all the heavy weight you’ve carried, some of the heaviest is the stuff you can’t see. The immaterial has a way of bearing down on your back that can’t even be compared to, say, moving furniture, or carrying too many bags of groceries. Surely you have been doing what you can to improve things in your personal space and the world at large. You understand the wisdom in advice like, “Lift with your legs, not your

Time to Dream Yourself Awake

Amid the destitution of the human soul loosely bound with the tatters of a dying world lives yet the light of wholeness. It is not mere hope, but life that lives within the heart of the world. It awaits the breaking of the shell, and calls you to turn from the death throes before you. Will you move from that dark place into the light, despite the letting go it calls for? In the light of that

World Merge

Waiting patiently at the edge of the world, you’ve seen a lot happen. From where you stand, you’ve gained the gifts that come with faith, hope, and love. Everything about your present circumstance in this moment contributes to the depth of meaning in what you see. Past experience affords you a sense of strength and sturdiness. You can, if you choose to direct your attention willfully, entrain your backbone to the essential line of wisdom in what

Have No Fear

Has the dramatic shift in what you see taken you by surprise? Has what’s happened in your mind shocked you? Startled awake, you see things have changed. Or has it just been a shift in outlook that’s put things in a different order? Time is master now. Ancient undercurrents rise, giving you sudden safe passage and a clarified mission. Perhaps you forgot. Remembrance pulls you inextricably onward. There is a certain power you’re about to discover. Move

Pure Power

Turbulence rages, yet mastery presents a space for you. Will you install yourself in the grounded position of one in control of emotions, one who uses what is indwelling as creative potential to make something of what is manifesting upon the scene? Within you are realms of peace, of wisdom. You’re offered entrance to this space right now. In fact, you are continuously invited there. Dare you accept the opening that leads you to find a nugget

Now Arrives

Something has reached the point of driving home a very salient point. In fact, several of them, yet all related to the bigger picture now in the process of revealing itself. Unmistakably, relentlessly, what has reached the culmination of its development begins to release its power. From the clear dividing line between the forces of life and death, chaos flows, smoke billows, and from the ashes arise the promise of core humanity’s true radiance. It’s a matter


You can only reap what you sow. Eventually, what you’ve put your work and attention into is going to show its fruit. Maybe the harvest isn’t what you expected. Has it come to this, then, that you can barely stand to look at what’s grown from seeds planted with hope? You can only guess what’s in the seed will come to bear something worth the time and effort needed to keep it growing. Using instruments of dissection,

Defy Gravity

Having turned on your heel to see where that whispering breeze is teasing you to look, have you caught the trace of the thing you’ve sought? It’s not the mental pursuit of figuring things out, but the transformational experience of merging with destiny that pulls your gaze now. What might have seemed like silent, empty space holds the secret of time’s power. Move stealthily into the quiet space where surrender grants its magnificence. You sense the greatness

Signal the Boss

When you set an intent, how much of your triangulation to reaching that desired outcome is based on wishful thinking, and how much on actually doing the math? You may have a very clear picture in your head about what you want to see in the real world. Set your vision accordingly, and you may find yourself pleased with the outcome. However, when there’s so much in between you and the target, both in time and space,


Feeling boxed in doesn’t suit you at all. It can happen without you even noticing it. Even though you have a lot to be proud of, to allow what you’ve manufactured to continue to define your boundary is to deny your true calling. Already you feel the pull in a new direction. It’s all set, ready for you to enter into and to take up the tools waiting for your capable hands. Find your poise and with

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