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In an attempt to provide clarity about what vril is and how you can use it, the League of Light has been offering a series of machined parts. Together, they will create a whole functioning vehicle for understanding vril.

This page is constantly updated, so be sure to come back often, or visit the Pleiadian Renegades Facebook group, where these posts are first made known and discussed.

  1. VRIL: Simultaneous intake of energy with outflow of intelligence. You modulate the energy naturally. Because it breathes out intelligence, you can infuse it with intent; however, love is its nature, so only love will intensify it.
  2. Divinity moves through all things. The breath of the divine is vril. The opening and closing of corridors of life brings the activity of vril more near or far from awareness, but in truth it is everywhere, always. Where life is, vril is. Extend your understanding of life, and of love, and you will better understand vril.
  3. To communicate with your higher levels of awareness — that is, your expanded mind — you beam from within your heart the desire to understand. Vril interpolates messages thus impulsed into the direct access of the anthropomorphized soul. There is no distance between that and expanded mind. It generates a dynamic wave, which vril entrains through the mind of all life.
  4. Vril lives as a substance and as a joy-, love-, and life-attuned waveform pattern oscillator. To direct vril most effectively, you need to attune to the template of joy, love, and life. To attune otherwise and attempt to direct vril is less effective. Vril cannot long sustain attempts to the annihilation of these templates. Always, it will revert.
  5. The constituent forms of energy that make up your universe are matter, heat, electricity, etc. You will come to understand each of these as light and sound when you allow vril to become part of the equation. All forms of energy you are familiar with also function according to the laws of vril.
  6. The source of vril cannot be separated from it. Vril operates as light- and sound-encoded energy that emanates from a point of mind, the knowledge and knowing of all. Vril is at once the source and the emanation. It is self-reflexive and eternally alive by merit of life itself.
  7. Streams of intelligence are everywhere. Some are coherently aligned to form a kind of river, while others are dispersed as energetic patterns or waveforms, in orbs, or prime variables, depending on what they carry or encounter within the whole of matrix-based reality. Vril responds to the influence of thought as a current passing through it. The feedback received by the one generating the thought establishes a potential for various kinds of interactivity with raw vril force.
  8. Wormholes and similar bold ideas about the universe point toward an incomplete understanding of the totality of the fabric of universal reality. Such structures do exist, in a way, but your current popular understanding of them lacks understanding of the mechanics of vril as a functional force of nature. Everything that is is because of a thought emanating from the source of intelligence. Vril emanates from this source. Vril needs the noetic force in order to function as a concomitant structuring, living, oscillation-generating, world-making aspect of divine mind.
  9. Royal generation has less to do with who a being is born to than it does with who the being is as a sovereign man or woman. This is an example of vril used as a lacing to which the intent is wedded to a natural nexus of origin. The idea that one is of human parentage, when channeled in accord with the sovereignty of the human being, causes a shift in the royal blood whereby regal bearing results naturally. One need not have a pedigree of royal blood to be regal; however, the royal sovereign human is born of the dominant character carried in vril. The activating factor in this example is love of self in service to human mastery of power and grace. Thus can vril transform a human with loving intent from one state to another.
  10. The nuances of your thought processes make ripples in the vril field to which you attune yourself when you create an intention and known form of will. If the ripples become incoherent, the power of your intent dissipates within the vril field. Nothing is lost but nothing is gained. In entraining your thought processes to the pure vril emanation current issuing from the source of life, you can achieve a coherent harmonic and subsume your intent within the vril field knowing that you have given it into the source emanation current. With the light codes activated, random kinetic events take the underlying harmonic waveform of vril and bring the intent into the point particulate experience that you lend yourself to in engaging with vril through a partnership with it.


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