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Core Matrix Change

Core Matrix Change

Core Matrix Change: Insight for a New Conscious Unified Visioning

Nine's Path Core Matrix Change

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Core Matrix Change Maryann Rada

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With the high wisdom of stellar races of man who long ago established a peaceful world free from forces seeking to subjugate them come these words:

You have everything to begin a new world.

“The pivot-point around which revolutionary ideas and events spin is the ground zero for massive change. Core change. It is within the singularity of revolution that worlds in collision create entire new realities, and it is in the instant of finding one’s consciousness pin-pointed in that singularity that time no longer exists. In the collapse of some structure of reality, everything seems to happen at once, time dilation stretches out the now-moment indefinitely, and you step out of your role and redefine yourself according to more enhanced understanding gained in the experience of dissolution and emergence.”

Thus begins the process of core matrix change: the absolute and total dimensional realignment of what we see as reality. Explore the intricacies of such a revolution, enjoy the rich tapestry of story and code woven into the words, and enter into knowing the true meaning of what higher consciousness recognizes as fully human being.

This is a handbook for a new revolution… no less than the transformation and full empowerment of humanity.


  • Introduction to Insight
  • Low and Slow
  • Nemesis
  • Angelic Vision
  • Memory and Projection
  • Mind of Man
  • Someone Else’s Shoes
  • Mother and Father
  • Taking It to the Limit
  • Love
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“Esoteric insight combined with practical participatory solutions. Once again Maryann has combined great insight with practical solutions. She, in conjunction with our stellar family, beautifully describes what is happening in this reality and how we can participate in the magic of transmutation and transformation of seeming chaos into the beautiful world that all who have found their way to these pages have dreamed of for millennia.” — customer

“High-level spiritual teachings. If you are a fan of Maryann’s other books, you will be delighted with the depth and richness of this soul lifting manual! If you have never read any of her books, I recommend this one, as well as all the rest, if spiritual Ascension is your goal. The Pleiadian teachings are of the highest quality and full of the loving energies of our galactic brothers and sisters. It is rare to find soul level self improvement literature, but alas here it is! Enjoy every bit of it.” —Kaydee

“A story about endless love in a time of transformation. Such a beautiful book…it brings peace of mind and heart, and the knowing while reading each sentence, that everything is ok, perfect as it is because of the way everything is configured and how everything moves. The rapture that brings the realization of endless love.” — customer

“Five stars. Awesome most relevant information for these times we live in.” — customer

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    These are words from a higher density. Wisdom from above. They may not all bring comfort, as they speak of a path beyond where we currently find ourselves. But has not that always been our challenge? In our search for individuality within the all – for identity among the indistiguishable, we find a path where we will experience change. Those who welcome it will flourish. Emotionally. Spiritually. Personally. Read this. It will give you a better foundation.


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