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What is your soul whispering? Gain insight beyond a reading, with a personal message from the Pleiadians of the League of Light, the Creative Counselors.
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Soul Whispers

The Creative Counselors of the Pleiadian Renegade Family of Light-Hearted Healing offer indepth personal messages they dub “Soul Whispers”. More than a reading, they are personalized spiritual contemplations and meditations that serve your self-understanding on the spiritual path of awakening. Soul Whispers messages are uniquely tailored to speak to you in often unexpected and always insightful ways. Personal messages are approximately 3 pages and provided in PDF form.


NOTE: I recommend printing the file, so you have it handy for easy reference and reading. A personal message from the Pleiadians is multilayered and designed to speak to many aspects of your understanding. Multiple readings are to your advantage. More can be revealed with each review. Reading the insights can prove to be highly transformational!

Send Your Request

When you’re ready to initiate your personal message from the Pleiadians, use the contact form. Let me know what your concerns are, or if you just want a general personal message from the guides of the Creative Counselors. NOTE: Clicking “SEND” redirects you to PayPal.

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Did you know…? You can tune into weekly words of guidance from the Pleiadians through their ever-insightful Pleiadian Tarot messages. Click here to find out more, and be sure to subscribe!

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