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Frequency Adjustment Questions



FAQ: Frequency Adjustment Questions

frequency adjustment questions from the League of Light
We of the stars you see in your sky have answers to questions some of you might have.

You may want to know a little (or a lot) more about the Pleiadian Renegades, the League of Light, Anica, Nine, or other specific things that haven’t been shown in other writings. Here is a list of some questions you might ask, with answers that may stimulate further thought and deeper understanding. At the most, we hope it opens your mind to the true nature of a universe that has its share of mysteries to one living on Earth, and we are happy to tell what we can to introduce the idea of galactic citizenship and interdimensional friendship in greater detail.

The list will be growing, so please visit often!

Frequency Adjustment Questions

We are a group of people who have the form of what you recognize as human, humanoid, and exotic-looking beings who have existed in various levels of density and dimension for eons longer than the human race on Earth understands their planet to have existed. We are most certainly what you call “real” and have both physical and non-physical forms. The ones who communicate as the Pleiadian Renegades and Anica are as human-looking and alive as you or anyone else walking your planet. Indeed, some of our crew are serving on the surface of Earth now and blend in quite well with the population.

We respect the right and divine task of development without interference from outside sources. The most direct answer is so that you don’t get fixated on someone else solving your problems, but that is not the most appropriate response. We watch for signals from you that have a tendency towards self-fulfillment of encoded potential. If we were to appear in front of you as you were in the process of understanding what that means, you would have a different outcome than if you were to come into your understanding of divinity on your own, as a species. This would deny you the fullness of experience as embodied soul-forms that you have come here to have, and impede the development of not only your species, but ours and others as well.

That said, we do and are permitted to impulse energetic communications to you in the form of inner conversation, as you are naturally capable of telepathy, and from time to time, when history requires that it not be dismantled in planetary destruction, we step in as guides and teachers of fearless disposition. In your history, this has happened several times, and in the present time, it is the next thing for you to encounter. This is according to your conduct as stewards of the planet and to the well-being of the galactic neighborhood. It is not to take from you the joy of discovering your own divinity, but to allow that divinity to express itself without the complications of nuclear or environmental disintegration. It is our job, in a way, to maintain distance and objective compassion towards the planetary entity, of which you are a part, but also to step in as need arises.

We will address this as Pleiadians in service to the League of Light who are mainly from the planet Temmer of the stellar neighborhood of the star Taygeta. Whether or not you understand the ability of our planet to exist in such a place as the Pleiades star system, this is our home base. As a planet, it is larger than Earth and less densely populated, though our world does indeed have both cities and rural types of settlements. Our star is large and complex, though it is not what you know it to be from this bearing in space and time. You will be discovering more about the relative physics of where you are in relation to other life-bearing worlds in the near future.

For now, we will describe our home world. Temmer is big and beautiful, in terms of what you find to be beautiful on Earth. We live in the temperate climate of sun-drenched comfort, surrounded by healthy environment and in communities that sustain themselves in many ways. Our gardens are lush, our sky is sparkling purple and effervescent with life-force, and the inert locality of atmosphere is alive, conscious, and protective of the whole biosphere. Our homes are what you would call organically designed, and offer warm family nurturance and secure energetics of peace and pleasant living. We have furnishings of beautiful design, we have art and music, we have literature and other entertainments of mind and soul. As a people, our race is diverse and homogeneously interdependent with a great number of other civilizations.

We are highly technologically advanced and highly spiritually advanced, and our understanding of divinity is what we would like to help other civilizations, those who have given themselves severely limiting belief structures, for instance, an understanding of the scientifically based experience of spirituality. It is something that gives our society stability, not because it is enforced, but because it eliminates the need for enforcement of any outside control. Thus is our life structured.

This is a good question! You have asked the one question that most people have in mind when they decide that messages from any Pleiadian are not going to be worth listening to, since there couldn’t possibly be a planet in that star system. Here we have a paradox. You on Earth have advanced telescopes and other computer-related equipment to allow you to access the far reaches of your totality of knowing. You are making discoveries and you are coming up with more questions. Do not think you have all the answers yet! The list of questions is growing with each new discovery the scientific ones are making.

Now, we have been giving you some information that you do not yet understand how to incorporate into the general compendium of knowledge that you have so far amassed about the totality of knowledge. You have heard of dimensions and densities, you have listened to words about numbers, and computed numbers without relating them to our words. It is to be expected that you have not yet grasped the truth about our existence, scientifically, and as you will learn, there are reasons for our not revealing the secret of that to the scientifically minded among you, for the most part. However, there is truth in the fact that we do indeed live on a planet that exists in a part of the galaxy that you do not have the ability to see or calculate the parameters of outside of your own stratum of dimension, density, and basic interactivity of knowledge.

Our stellar neighborhood is, from one perspective, young and volatile and full of nebulous complexity that seemingly renders it incapable of sustaining life. Yet where we are, there is order and life-sustaining harmony. What is it that makes such a difference in perspectives? In the most basic terms, it is that there are veils of dimensionality, membranes of reality, buffers between locality that render it thus incomprehensibly true. When the instrumentation of the encroaching scientifically advanced age sufficiently gains sensitivity to show signs of life where otherwise it should not be, your understanding will give your answer in a more satisfying way. Until then, we can only say that our world exists in a universe parallel to this one, occupying the same space but not the same time or density. This creates phase-shift in relation to many aspects of what you now see and what will become apparent as the recalibration of your world’s matrix-level measurements and interactivity progresses to the point of convergence between hitherto disparate realities.

You are in the context of humanity in a reality of planetary oneness. You may not have achieved harmonic resonance yet, though there is some indication that you may. Oneness in terms of your terrestriality is what we are referring to. Likewise, you have many factions and divisions among your people and nations that delineate your inclinations vis-a-vis political insight, social service, nominality of mission, world view, religion, etc. These are territorial as well as organically ideological in nature. It is a fractured nature, but it is what you are working with at this time. From where we are speaking with you today, your world appears in many, many aspects appearing to make sense to as many people as possible, yet failing in the attempt to gain sovereignty overall. This is the basis of the reason for fracture.

On our side of the veil of dimension through which we communicate, our social and political and other organizational structures are much less marginalizing and more homogeneously interactive. Yet we do not have one bland mass of being expressing form without variety. The universe is full of variation! We are of a common outlook and speak from the vantage point of frequencies of high intensity light impulses of great intelligence and love sourcing from a centrality of empathic omniscience we refer to as Nine. Those who identify with the LOL share such a sympathetic resonance, which is brought into material reality in the form of benevolent activity, inner knowledge manifest as being of light heart, peacefulness, wisdom, bold empathy, and gracious bending of the light of illusion to allow for deeper insight into the truth of love’s existence everywhere. We of the LOL love to embolden the ones on the path of service to humanity, so we take it to heart that those who call for understanding and peace are interested in gaining the same for themselves despite their lack of big-picture wholeness of the truth. We are interested in sharing the truth of humanity’s path and past, in shedding light on the truth that has been hidden, in opening the door to greater interactivity with the galactic family of humans, and in fostering greater understanding of your reality in this moment of awakening to the bigger experience waiting for you to enter into it. You have always been part of our engagement with human evolvement, as part of our family, as cousins, as brethren, and as neighbors. We are made up of many different races both human and non-human, but share a common foundation of love for the Earth and her people.

You are in the benevolent care of our service, dear people of Earth, yet in no way do we interfere with your lifepath. Our service is as internal conductors of energy and frequency within the matrix of material reality, yet we do not take it upon ourselves to make moves in opposition to your collective desire to live life as the evolving beings of divine inner dimensionality that you are. Our purpose is to watch, to guide, and to intervene only when the planet itself is threatened with annihilation. This is the same for any other federation of Light organization, with which we are affiliated but not identical to. As the League of Light, we act independently from yet in accord with the frequency source of other galactic leagues, groups, federations, or such entities.

You have just the general idea of the various groups of entities who are interested in your planet that are “out there.” There are more than you know of, of course, but there are reasons for you to not know of them. Some of the groups are incognito and some are doing their work in secret from the populace of Earth, for reasons of keeping the bigger picture in focus for everything to come together in grace and synchrony. It is like your experience when you are dealing with the various entities in your everyday life that have given their trust to you in order to establish a working relationship, but that have other relationships with other organizational entities who do the behind-the-scenes work of getting things done behind the scenes. All to your benefit, we are very quick to say, for there is only your wellbeing and inner growth as a people that is the concern of the crew of those not-to-be-named groups. They are of the greatest understanding of OM and are of the highest vibratory frequency of light, and act the part of invisible loving god-forces and facilitators of blessing.

Other than that, on the interest of understanding between those of you who identify yourselves with one group or another, it goes something like this. There is one headquarters, so to speak, to which all beings of loving disposition hearken, and that is OM. It is necessary to understand that other dispositions hearken as well to OM, but they have a rather sinister approach, whereas the those of whom we are speaking and with whom we work are of the vitality of love, life, and peaceful evolvement. As you have so much to take into account at this point in your history, realize that you have a lot of support in the outskirts of your space capsule, your Earth, and we are all working together in some form or other to bring the new golden age into being as peacefully and effectively as possible for the good of the most people and the evolvement of the most souls to harmonize with the oversoul of the planet and the emanation of OM that takes form in this galactic arm of the universe you are in.

In your civilizations long past, those legendary worlds which have disappeared from the face of the Earth, those great cultures you know of through myths and lost histories, there were moments like the one you are facing now. Your present civilization has no idea, as those worlds did in times of great catastrophic events, of the extent of what is on the doorstep. Not all were prepared to undergo transformation, but some were. Those who prepared for a shift in world dominance in terms of culture, guiding policy, and survival practices were only somewhat better placed than those who merely survived and made their way to another scene and setting for humanity’s next phase of evolutionary abreality. Why do we bring up old stories? Because at this time, you are facing something akin to what long-lost ancestors faced, yet as with all transitionary stories, this one is not the same retelling of what had happened before. Some elements, it is true, resound again for settlement of karmic loose ends, and some of the same players have returned to right the mistakes and missteps taken in another time. However, this time, you face a new and different situation than the ones faced by humans in Atlantis, Egypt before the arrival of lighted priests from afar, Hyperborea before the world split open, and so on. These are remnants of memory you carry within your code, and through time you have extended your learning curve to make sure that the next time you went through a major shift in civilization, you would have the benefit of having thought things through with hindsight as your guide.

Whether you have heeded the lessons of history or not, we have this to say regarding our presence on your world in the days of transformation. First, the things you hear about worldwide catastrophic changes in the planet’s ability to sustain life are far from the truth of what is already happening, and yet in the bigger picture, it is not impossible for some big shakeups to happen before all is said and done. Life will continue and you will have the assurance that your descendants are to live through the next phase of Earth’s geopolitical turn. What is happening now is indicative of the violence of human nature, which nature will match if that is the desired effect. However, it is not necessary either for man to continue to desecrate all that is human, nor for the Earth to follow suit and unseat a massive number of people from the comfort of her biosphere. You have no guarantee that the world will indeed sink into global war, nor that nuclear annihilation will befall her, nor that her surface will be unlivable. You have hints, you have fears, you have memories, and you also have fairy tales constructed to ensure the speedy and sure process of a plan you had no direct hand in concocting. Yet you are here and you participate, whether you buy into the scene or not. What comes will be short of total destruction; what arises in the transitionary phase’s denouement will be satisfying to the soul, should you want to know.

Regarding a mass evacuation of people from the chaos that is preparing itself, we can only say that we are already in position to send emissaries to the surface of Earth, to provide safe quarter to those who have their place within the dramatic turn of events that require them to be elsewhere, and that for those who remain on the surface of the planet, you have heard this to give you assurance that you will not be left alone when the swift shift comes into play. There is more to the concept of “evacuation” than might at first be guessed. When the dimensions open, you will have greater understanding of what is possible, but for now we say, dimensional doorways notwithstanding, we are concerned with those who have served in our ranks and who now serve on Earth, and other contingents of interstellar neighbors also have their plans in the wings. You as a whole of humanity will rescue yourselves from the nightmare that has come into being on your world, and no one will be without a place in one world or another. The short answer is yes, for those who are to leave, and no but there’s something just as juicy for those who choose to stay with the newly birthing world.

Before the time when the world was formed and reformed in great cataclysmic eruptions of change, there was understanding of the nature of the cosmos that transcended the need for questioning the existence of such an all-powerful being as what generally is considered to be “God”. Now, understanding of the cosmic order has been shaped to a large degree by what has happened on the planet. Catastrophe in itself has effected change in the way understanding had been transmitted from generation to generation and among peoples in disparate geographical areas. Add to that the disruptive effect of some influences—in the form of regressively coded powers—upon the tribes and scattered people in a post-catastrophic world, and it becomes easy to see how completely a fundamental tenet of civilizational awareness can be subverted. While core truths survive, their understanding remains incomplete as long as those influences persist. You are entering a time in which the impact of these outside influences can be understood for what they are. As they are, you can reclaim the knowledge that has been kept hidden from full apprehension. Soon, you will know the true nature of reality, both as it relates to your world and to how you understand yourself to be within an expanded concept of life.

The ideas that have arisen in your civilization surrounding the questions about the nature of sacredness and the existence of some kind of intelligence aware and responsive to the entreaties of human beings seeking grace within chaos have become twisted into a tangled knot of confusion. Questions such as this inevitably lead to dissatisfaction, mainly because they arise from a state of fear. Concern over the ability of life to thrive within the aftermath of catastrophic change instilled the seed of disunity. Limitation, ending of what had been, loss, trauma, and grief laid the foundation for doubt in the trustworthiness of nature. Once that took root, little could be done to forestall further change, and further loss of what had been known was enforced by the need to stay alive and make sense of the mortification of trust. Thus began the splintering of the human psyche.

To this day, there have been heroic steps made by man to heal this. However, it is within that the mending takes place, affecting the whole of humanity. Only when the individual comes into direct confrontation with the separation that exists as part of the forgetting, the trauma, the loss that wholeness can be found. It is there, but the way has proved to be one of the greatest tests of courage and faith a person can face. For this reason, you look to heroes, and you find the mightiest in the most unlikely places. In finding within yourself a reflection of the heroic, you feed the will to reach wholeness.

You are able to do great things, to become more than you ever thought you could, to inspire others to reach beyond the limitations that brokenness and ignorance impose. Yet alone, you cannot reach completion if you have limited yourself to being merely human. Apotheosis is something that eventually presents itself in the search for wholeness. This is not to say that you become God, but that at some point, even the most broken, the most skeptical, you will confront divinity. How you approach it determines much of what follows, but no matter which way you choose to explore, you will reach the door which leads to the unknowable. At this point, you will have reached a point of utter dissolution of what you have constructed as self and be faced with the Absolute from which selfhood derives. It is beyond all concept of soul and being. Thus, we say it is unknowable. When it has been approached, all knowing likewise dissolves. What remains, far from being nothing, is what you might call God.

As an entity, there is no Absolute. As a force, it is without limit and thus without a counterpart from which to measure it. As a field, a quality, or anything definable, it is impossible to confine. Understanding brings you closer than knowledge to encountering any meaning to the answer to the question, “Is there a God?” In truth, there is only God. Everything is the one which you enumerate with the name “God” in whatever form you choose to cast it, yet it is beyond the concept of enumeration, naming, or building from the elements of time and space.

Now we come to the point of this rather long exploration of a straightforward question. There is only one and zero, all and nothing, within the matrix of man. When you feel pulled into the drama, you lose the plot. Step back and appreciate the simple elegance of the way we answer the question. That is all.

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