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Rare Naissance

When the early communications commenced with the Pleiadians, in 1999 or so, they spoke to me as if we were finding each other again. It wasn’t like a new meeting with unknown beings. They spoke about how good it was to come back together with me, and called me by the name Joegil. This name, they explained, was the name by which they knew me in the long-distant past (by Earth reckoning), when I, as Joegil, was a Pleiadian serving on Earth. You can find out more about this and about my experience of integration more fully with my soul, of which she is an aspect, on her page. Rare Naissance: Autonomic Data collects the direct communications from Joegil to humanity now.

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Rare Naissance: Autonomic Data

Watch the Videos

Be sure to visit the Nine’s Path YouTube channel for the video library of Rare Naissance transmissions from Joegil. This includes some that only appear there, in spoken-word format. Some of them are also on Bitchute and Brighteon, for those who don’t use YT. Explore all there is on the channel; there’s so much to discover, from twice-weekly guidance updates to FAQs, direct voice transmissions, and more.


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Discover the wisdom of Joegil, a Temmerian Pleiadian in service to the League of Light. Rare Naissance on Nine's Path: #pleiadian #temmer #cosmicguidance #etwisdom #angelicguidance #joegil… Share on X
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