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A Film Inspired by the League of Light

Lightships is an evocative new work by visionary filmmaker John Harrigan, based on the book Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact, which brings to life a story of awakening to a greater reality… and unlocking inner truth.

Pleiadian lightships film by John Harrigan nine's path indiegogo

The Story

It’s been a year since Eve died, and while her body was revived, her spirit is damaged. She feels like she’s lost herself and struggles to present a normal façade. Her life before death seems like another’s memory. Her husband, son, her acclaimed writing career… all vague somehow.

Eve’s family gives her a beautiful journal, hoping it will help her creativity spark. She intended to record her recovery. As soon as she starts to write, however, the alien world at the edge of her dreams begins to pulse through and compels her to write the transmissions down.

Soon, these visions consume her. Her life disintegrates. Is Eve losing her mind or wallowing in Truth, evolving to post-human?

The Writer/Director

John Harrigan, Writer and Director for Lightships

John is an award-winning filmmaker who has won acclaim for his previous films and theatrical productions. He continues his exploration of the numinous with Lightships. His first film, Strange Factories, was featured in Wired and Filmmaker Magazine and toured the oldest cinemas in the UK. Armageddon Gospels is due for release in 2019. A founder of F00lishPe0ple and one of the earliest pioneers of immersive theatre in the UK, his work has been commissioned by institutions and organisations such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts, British Film Institute, Royal College of Art and presented widely throughout the UK, the US and the Netherlands.

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Critical Acclaim for F00lishPe0ple:

“The production fuses the haunting, authentic dreamworlds of David Lynch and the theatrical philosophies of Antonin Artaud… to create a vivid and disturbing reality to powerfully draw in the audience.”—Nick Dawson, Filmmaker Magazine

Watch the Teaser Trailer

Lightships Pleiadian movie teaser trailer

Recent Updates

Some posts that shed light on the origins and progress of the Lightships feature film project. The film is based on the book Remembrance from the Logbooks of the League of Light series. Be sure to visit this page to explore it and other Pleiadian books from the League of Light.

Lightships Is Moving Along

Lightships Is Moving Along

After 6 weeks of shooting in the bleak midwinter, John Harrigan dove into the editor's cave and started doing the magic he's so adept at. Recently, he emerged, with the first edit of Lightships for viewing... just for the critical eyes of those in the core filmmaking crew, a necessary step in getting ready for [...]
End of Phase: That’s a Wrap

End of Phase: That’s a Wrap

Today was a wrap on filming on the set of Lightships. I feel as if something has launched, balloon-like, into the free space of what-is-to-become, after having been filled with so much energy and life. The next phase is in the mode of becoming. The evolution is underway. In the intense month of January, where many [...]
“Lightships” Indiegogo Launch: Participate in Filmmaking

“Lightships” Indiegogo Launch: Participate in Filmmaking

In the light of this past weekend’s full moon eclipse, we daringly launched a campaign to crowdfund something very special. Given the multiple possible points of entry to understand the material the League of Light has shared in so may ways, I sometimes am at a loss about where to recommend someone start. When you're [...]
Pleiadian Renegades Movie Is Coming

Pleiadian Renegades Movie Is Coming

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Earlier this year, late spring I think, I started hearing from the Pleiadians that my work was going to change in a dramatic way in the not-too-distant future. While I continue with the tarot, which I love and I know has a profound touch on the reality field, I sensed a down-shifting of the overall [...]

Stills from the Teaser Trailer

The Cast

Lois Temel

Lightships Lois TemelRADA-trained actress Lois has international credits as a performer/devisor and producer. She owns and runs the production company Blue SiSTAR, and has produced immersive film and stage work in places as diverse as the Namibian desert, a royal palace, a church crypt, and Catherine deMedici’s wedding bed. Having recently toured the globe with her award-winning one-woman show Beerey, Lois reveals her raw authenticity in the lead role in Lightships.

Learn more:

Tereza Kamenicka

Lightships Tereza KamenickaOriginally from the Czech Republic, Tereza worked in classical theatre in Prague for almost 10 years before moving to London to explore more innovative performance methods and to challenge herself by performing in English. She joined F00lishPe0ple as a core member of the creative team in February 2006 and has since extended her repertoire to the edges of the inner human experience. She infuses a dynamic depth of presence to Lightships.

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David Allard

Lightships David AllardDavid had been performing in Bristol, UK-area theatre productions, taking on lead roles as disparate as Jesus and Prospero, before moving to London 15 years ago. Following his studies at East 15 Acting School, he picked up a taste for experimental theatre and has been working with F00lishPe0ple since 2007. He is an actor who thrives on the strange and has a passion for portraying complex dystopian characters and fictions, making his role in Lightships engaging to the extreme.

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John Harrigan

Lightships John HarriganJohn founded the immersive theatre group F00lishPe0ple in 1989. Their unique “Theatre of Manifestation”, a form of ritual theatre, combines mythology, shamanism, drama therapy, strategic forecasting and open source collaboration. He brings intensity and spiritual force to a truly transformative leading role in Lightships, appearing both behind and in front of the camera.

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Lucy Harrigan

Lightships Lucy HarriganA graduate of the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, Lucy joined the core creative group of F00lishPe0ple in February 2006. Since then, she has produced and performed in all of their projects. Lucy co-founded the publishing imprint Weaponized in 2010 and has edited all of their released book titles. Her devotion to the arts of dance and drama lend her appearance in Lightships an intense, elegant strength within a powerful storyline.

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Usifu Jalloh

Lightships Usifu JallohFrom his roots in Sierra Leone, Usifu (“The Cowfoot Prince”) is renowned as a storyteller and educator, a motivator and architect for social change and cultural awakening. He has cultivated arts education for more than 20 years and worked extensively on BBC radio. With generations eager to learn from him, through performance, documentary, festivals and his unmistakable presence, he paves the way for future storytellers. We’re delighted to have his inimitable style in Lightships.

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The Crew

Mark Caldwell

Director of Photography

Mark (BAFTA Crew) has worked professionally for the past two decades, with work meriting international acclaim. His expertise in lighting (UCL Film Society/Christopher Nolan), and filmmaking (Metropolitan Film School, Ealing Studios) ensure a master’s touch behind the camera. Skilled with celluloid and computer-savvy in HD, Mark is making sure Lightships brings audiences an exceptional experience.

Learn more:

Lightships Mark Caldwell

Paulo Frasão Costa

Sound Engineer

Creative sound engineer Paolo has worked in many motion picture projects and holds degrees in music production, artist development, and creative music technology. Among his award-winning productions is a nomination for Best Sound Design in the Southampton International Film Festival. His five major music albums include two award-winners by Latin guitarist Thiago Colombo. We’re thrilled to have him on the crew of Lightships.

Lightships Paolo Frasao Costa

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