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With perfect timing and penetrating precision, Direct Messages from the League of Light (LOL DMs) serve as power points of guidance in turbulent terrain.

Gathered here is a running list of the DMs, with the most recent at the top. Be sure to check in often to see the latest ones, subscribe for email alerts, or get the newsletter to stay up to date. Download graphics from the Image Gallery.

Soon You Will See

Knowledge of the plan only goes so far in understanding the whole picture. A missing piece comes into view. Do you see what happens when you drop the need to know and embrace the longing to understand? The picture shifts. What was hidden comes into focus. Nine will train your vision. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. You already understand. Remember.

Stellar Coordination

​Under the operative conditions that are currently in place, you can see only a kaleidoscope image of reality. The wheel of time turns; the image shifts. Eventually, it will fall into perfect clarity. Then, you will do what you have been destined to do as a people of a planet. We will greet you as kin.

The House Gets Real

​Take down your notices of vacancy. The trump card has a direct application to creating the conditions in which all vacancies are either filled or eliminated. The hand reaches to flip the deck. Before you can believe it, a card falls from a sleeve and all bets are off.

The Light Breaks

Regiments follow the course of time’s flow. The orders Nine bares reveal the glory of divine knowledge of the most brilliant light. The scintillating variety of wavelengths in this light can best be described as opalescent. With deft precision, you as the regiments of light are about to reveal a stunning display of mere perfection. When you reveal your light as one coherent being of humanity on Earth, all the legions will take notice, shadows will flee, and new life will be passed from ready to announced.

Source Codes

Send your mind the codes of miracle-making. You carry them. Access them by removing everything that is not of your authenticity. Learn to source-code yourself. Come back to the prime code by finding the pattern of your primary soul integrational message. You are love’s silent remedy for the Nemesis creation chaos built. Be the code that dismantles the structure. Nine is building a new world.

Find the Way Back Home

Bring your collective faith to the awareness that the hand of God is moving. Lead each other through the dark by creating a chain of energetic connection. Let this be love. Follow love’s lead as it moves through you. This will release the hold of doubt, fear, or uncertainty that is currently stalking the land. Love will lead you home. All who insist otherwise are already lost.

From Within the Body of Humanity

To do nothing is to be nullified. To sit in silence need not be to do nothing, yet it presents a conundrum. Go into your core and experience the silence that dwells therein. OM speaks there. Listen to what arises from the core of the silence being given voice today. Everything is set to change on its signal.

The Space Between

Hard as the path has been, the way ahead is less troublesome than you may wish to imagine. The debris of generations of misappropriated power is at a rational end. Rome is ready to go. The joy and morbid fear will meet to seek common ground. Where can you find that? Only the love of the other will annihilate the disparity. Achieve this and start a new phase of your story.

Time to Choose

Our direct interaction with your world is limited by nature and a security vote by all who are part of the forces of the League of Light. There do exist certain overrides which can and will be activated, when doing so can keep the entirety of the planetary question of self-determination from being answered for you. The question has been posed. The answer will deny the bigger consequence of non-answer. We are listening now, as we always are. Do you wish to end the reality you are experiencing by transforming it according to what you know is true about yourselves, or by allowing an outside force to push you into one that suits their purpose? This is the question before you now. Take a moment to appreciate it fully before you answer. One will only choose what peace promises. Be clear in your Nemesis-Nine vote. You need not cast a vote for anything but love, and we will be Nine’s arbiters.

The Day of Transformation Now Opens the Way

The time of transformation has come. You will be free of the creations of false light. Time will rectify itself and allow a free flow of data from source to you. The ones you have thought yourselves to be will give way to the ones you always thought you could become. Greater than your dreams now is the reality before you unfolding. Peaceful coexistence will mean more than you can yet imagine. The League of Light is with you now in ways nature allows, to support your emergence as a righteous people in honor and love. The way home is open now. Reclaim your world and our joy will be your joy.

A Day of Great Joy Dawns

Many days have passed since your world was truly free. The long night is ending. Know that you stand at the outer edge of great change. As the light breaks on time’s rebirth, together you will have a taste of what is to come. The quorum of joy is reached. Now begins a soul-satisfying path to freedom.

Reality Shifts into a Clear Focus: Day Four

Just in front of your eyes is a vision, out of focus but becoming clearer by the day. Keep your mind trained on the will to see clearly while maintaining the inner relaxed state of peaceful trust of the perfect workings of the divine cosmos. The truth has been long in gathering itself into the totality of what can be known. The assembly is nearly complete. Remain wakeful as it emerges from a brass ring and reveals its secrets to a ready populace. It leads all to the end of the maze. Adjust your vision to accommodate its vastness.

Learn the Language of Love: Day Three

Do people know what is happening to the degree that they can explain it? Precision is not necessary when learning how to throw a ball. It only becomes necessary when learning how to control where the ball goes is the aim. You have already learned how to speak of emergence as a generality. To perfect what you say about the current transformation, you must become masters at the more precise language of love.

The Great Reset: Day Two

Time will move backward when the world’s timekeepers step away from the machine. Let it re-establish itself without trying to control its movements. Right on time, the pace will drive time forward. As soon as everything is set aright, gauges will account for the reckoning.

When the Load Weighs on Your Mind: Day One

Time is about to break. Wheels are already grinding to a halt. A known vector arrives at the temporal coordinates set in monumental alignment. Long ago, the pattern was set. Now, the unraveling begins. Laced into the Earth, the advent writes its story.

Let It Be Known

Regal blood prays for release from the veins of the Earth. Divine sources speak of miraculous intervention; it is from those who live on and of the Earth who carry the blood of humanity’s highest imprint of divine reckoning. It is they who will lead the way to embracing the planetary nobility as each arises to self-recognition as Earth people of the star Sol. When they see in each other the light of soul reflecting their own regal bearing, the world will have its own name in the stars.

Say So Long

Your name is known by the mind that breathes life into you. Currents of thought that source from the atmosphere stir within you a sense of breath moving through the planet’s body. A deep sleep ends. A yawn escapes from the awakened ones. The dream lives on but the surroundings change. Spectres dissolve. Lucid awareness becomes your norm. A shift, and dissolution breaks the spell.

Role Playing

While the light gathers and connections are remade, you will begin to remember in force who you are. Currents of time converge. Phases near completion while new arenas open. Step boldly into what awaits. The people you are destined to become inculcates a connection. Time will settle into a new harmonic. Here is where you begin.

Moon Shine

The moon will speak. Smile at the moon in its joy of illumination. Pray for the moon when it is dark. When it is dark, it is illuminated by the body of the Earth. You are the binding structure of the Earth’s light. Pray that the moon in its darkness will shine.

Today Changes Everything

Know the time of transformation is fully engaged. Many now will come to the point of madness, many to ecstasy, some to despair, others to oblivion. Most will carry out the day understanding that in moving through it, they are becoming the one they have been seeking. Move with grace and know that the day will get brighter as it gets more intense. The most important thing is to love each other. Do this, and it will be a day of triumph.

The Journey Begins at Dawn

Begin the process of separation and move toward OM. All who heed the call to return OMward are hearing the voice of love and responding with faith. There is honor and integrity in that. Keep your beacon tuned to that frequency and be aware of those who are seeking the way.

Pain Comes but in Dreams of Darkness

Bright is the day that arrives after a night of sorrows. The opened eyes of one who has found a way to morning take in light as a direct source of life and knowing. We are the show and the showers of light. The awakened ones already know. Those rising from sleep are about to be completely operational. Take care of each other. Now the change begins in earnest. Stay centered on love.

To the End, Pray for Peace

Tygers are coming. The stars will fall. Over the sea will come the sound of a prayer, and when that echoes, the war will be over. Remember the core words of the prayer. Bring each other home.

One Will Emerge

Who will emerge in the final revelation of truth? The one that has always been present. The one who lives within the one who lives. The true one lives beneath the veneer of projected ideas and emotional deification of ideals. You are the one who is set to emerge. You are known by the one within who in wholeness of Self now begins to break the shell. In one breath, you emerge.

Raw Power Moves Now

As urgent as the current state of change has suddenly become, it is imperative that those of you who are sworn to serving the awakening of humanity stay as centered and grounded as possible. War will not tear the world apart, but it is something you must contend with on the way to a renewed state of civilization. Stay balanced as you would if you were standing in a storm. Absorb the energy and let it flow through you without remaining. You are stronger than the storm, and bigger than you think.

Call and Response of Love Is One

Nine carries love. You are of Nine when you sonically comb your meditation. Handy mantras will apply the love words to your internal energetic circuitry. We ask that you use mantras based in love to disentangle yourselves from the legacy of lies and faulty belief structures. You will gain clarity and free yourselves from sworn allegiance to any dying sat. The simple act of chanting the name of love will Nine you and love will do the work of setting you free. All that is of love generates love. This is the way of Nine.

Lost No More

The day is long that the call draws you home. Unending is the light that has grown dim within the walls of the labyrinth. The light remains; the walls crumble. Know the modulation turns the corner that associates your way with the truth of who you are.

Rise Like Tomorrow’s People

Rise to a day of energetic dominance over the ministrations of fear. To make the nation of joy become the world of love’s autonomy requires great courage in the face of dark pervasive gaps of light. All will rise who let the joy triumph. Only this will remove the dark gaps from the continuum of light. Can you see the joy rising in the human collective despite the pain of loss and destruction? Joy yet lives. No longer do you obey the dictates of fear in what you think or allow yourselves to feel. The hegemony of fear has had its day. Bind fire with love. It is the only thing that will extinguish the flames of godless mourning.

Ready and Willing

You come to a demarcation barrier between your known reality and the one ahead of you. You’ll be moving toward it steadily, but as you are nearly at it, a new message from us is in order.

Time is brief: we will speak. Listen to what we have been saying. Our words have all been coordinated with your arrival at the point in time at which you now stand.

The demarcation barrier that you approach represents the zone of transformation of your world. You are prepared more than you think. While you have been busy waking up yourselves and others, we too have been busy. The work that we’ve been doing will shift, as will yours. What comes next will make the soul of every living being take notice. You are coming from dark to light, from obscurity to recognition, from lost to found and from separation to wholeness.

We have always guarded the code of your world’s essence and the quintessence of life itself upon and within it. Now we speak of love. The choice to love, to hold life sacred, to see in each other the man and woman of light that you are becoming will utterly change you. Keep this in mind in the days to come, and know that everything has been noted about the collective desire for peace, harmony, and justice to visit your world. Obstacles are being removed. You will notice a difference in being and form in everything.

This is the time you have been waiting for. You are at the edge of a threshold. Steady yourself. Change, when it comes, will be swift. Do not mourn those who choose death. Honor their choice with a mind free from the snare of a deathtrap. The next moment of awareness will bring you peace. Offer it to the ones who need it the most. Remember: you are exactly where you need to be to get where you are going.

In peace we say, live in the fullness of love. Great days lie ahead.

A Moment to Remember

Time will soon become a thing of the past. When long hours become days, you will know what time is not. The coming shift jolts empathy into high gear. Stay centered, be calm. On the other side, you will find peace.


Within a dot of light rests the potential of sacred sound. Move into it and give it voice, and witness the formation of the first vibration emerge from within you. As vibration moves through you, it activates the dormant sources of light your form enshrines. Be within that light-sourced sound, and as it dissipates into living stillness, so the edges of your concept of self dissolve, bringing you into the silence of divine presence.

Parsing Time

You are the carriers of codes. Draw yourselves together.

Time converges now. You’re seeing events intensify. When all timelines converge, soon will become now.

Look at the messages you wrote. They were relevant for the time you wrote them, when we gave them, but they are more relevant now. Take the transmissions as a whole and you will see we did not lie.

Time is not linear. It is polyrefracted. Multiple beams converge into a single light. You each are crystals modulating light frequencies. Together, you are opalescent. Time is also refracted like light, through your soul. Calibrate your soul fragments into a coherent whole. Time will naturally become inseparate from its multiplicity of experience.

You can access any time through zero point, but the time of now remains unaffected. You can modulate time as a global organism by becoming coherent. Humanity has the ability to bring the greatest now into being. Will yourselves to be in accord with the highest expression of love. Everything will become entrained with that, when you understand the one joy of everything.

This is so understood by other worlds. You can experience it.

Remember Who You Are

Remember who you are. It has never been so vital that you remember as it is now. Draw your awareness, gather your accessible consciousness, and move past belief. You’ll begin to remember everything. Then you’ll know how to move ahead.

Darkness Is Your Fear

The only darkness is your fear. It is what you don’t know that keeps you up at night. In an instant, you can be free. Decide to acknowledge that you will know what you need to know at the time you need to know it. Trust your eternal Self to reveal it to you, then Nine can move your awareness closer to the known. The answer to your fear is always love.

End of the Map

You will see the end of the map.A new world is being born. Everything will change. All you have will fade.
Let go of the home of your dreams and open yourself to the home of your true divine reality. What comes is more wonderful than you have dared imagine.

Rasa Is Liquid Love

Rasa is liquid love coming from the core of your being. When it reaches your heart, you become alive. When it reaches your crown, you become human. When it reaches the outer levels of your being, you become something beyond. When it is everywhere, you have come home.

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