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League of Light

Creative Counselors

Creative Counselors of the Pleiadian Renegade Family of Light-Hearted Healers

Each soul incarnation is in communication in ways silent and undetectable, for the most part, with a cadre of guides, still-point benefactors, legions of angels, ancestors, and totems. In fact, the amount of support and information available to you is incalculable from many standpoints. That’s where the Creative Counselors come in.
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The Earth Experience

League of Light crew memberYou are living in a realm of incoherence, however, in the matrix-space of Earth, and thereby somewhat cut off from direct experiencing of the groove of insight that is naturally available. When you tap into that thread of knowing, it is as if you release yourself from the constraints that you have imposed upon yourself in coming into the state of incoherence, and the totality of the picture of your greater is-ness can be comprehended more completely.

In this is peace gained, for the turbulence that results from not understanding the focal point can incapacitate a person, and lead to a great unrest within the soul-space of inner being. Nurturing this connection is a way of strengthening the ingenious self-knowing that you have as creative beings within the sentient experience undertaken by incarnating in human form. As partners in the endeavor to achieve a greater experience of total selfhood within the matrix of living on Earth, the guidance beings have agreed to remain in earshot, so to speak, to answer the whispers unspoken from within your heart.

To maintain this connection, your heart must be open to some degree, and the creative partnership must be nourished with trust and love. Ultimately, this comes down to you loving yourself, but for the purposes of understanding the nature of those who respond to your inner questioning, we shall keep the focus on the interactivity between human incarnate and guide etheric. In this way, you may gain a greater appreciation for your abilities for hearing and knowing that which is impulse from the most subtle knowing of Self.

How We Help

The present interactive structure in which we let our words react with your minds is one of silent moving, a series of impulses sourcing from the library without the sphere of knowledge of your incarnated self for the time you dwell in the matrix of Earth, but within the realm of soul from which you source and to which you are ever stealthily attached.

It is our positioning within the framework of your world’s spiritual element that permits a streamlined connectivity between this realm of soul-knowing and the experiencer within the matrix. In short, we are liaisons between you as experiencer in the body and the soul from which you have your origin as a projection of divine mind. We whisper what your soul has to say from the perspective of eternity and timeless expansiveness. The language common to all is love, which you interpret according to your willingness to sit within love for self in receiving the transmission through the written word. It is in truth no different from having an epiphany from reading great poetry or sacred texts, with the difference that this is sourced from an intelligence that knows you intimately and communicates in vibrations keyed to unlock specific understandings and awarenesses for your benefit.

While others might read the same message written for you and gain structural knowledge of themselves, your message is attuned for your heart and mind specifically. If another benefits, it is through resonance and love for the self within the Self of All from which all life sources its origin. At that level, all are connected and the message is simply “Love.”

Our positioning within the framework of your world’s spiritual element permits streamlined connectivity between this realm of soul-knowing and the experiencer within the matrix. #pleiadian #leagueoflight #ninespath Share on X

Outside the World of Make-Believe

While you live in the world of make-believe that is your collective reality, hidden from view are some basic truths about you, your experience, your ability to generate creative responses to specific points of conflict or confusion, and some of the fundamental patternings of your experience which, because of your proximity to them and due to lifetimes of having to make sense within the temporal reality constraints your planetary existence presents to you, you are in need of some periodic insights from a higher perspective. Our existence remains outside of that temporal reality, yet we have the invitation to experience you experiencing your experience when you ask for our interpolation between you and your soul. That is when we are able to interact directly with what we and the guides at your soul-experience level of beingness understand as you projecting yourself into a reality of limitation and amnesia.

In response to your call, we answer, and in response to our love for Love and Love’s Source, which are intrinsically inseparable, we bow in humble respect for your endeavor to understand the greater workings of love within the mystery of life on Earth. It is our honor to serve your awakening to new modalities of love, and to understand your own experience in terms of self-love and integration of the soul-spirit-body complex.

Semjase and teddy bear Nine's Path PleiadianConnecting

Once the etheric connection is made from the point of view of the asker, we attune the field of energetic current to conduct a clear magnetic bend upon which light-based encodements of data are impulsed from the outside-the-matrix realm of soul through the various layers of integrated reality constructs to arrive at the point of relay with minimal distortion. We tend the field and the conduit with great care, and the transmission point, being the one who uses the tools of her trade to create a written format for the impulses to take linguistically meaningful shape.

It is in partnership that we form a circuit which can be centered upon any point of conductivity. The one who requests the download of light-impulsed data has already an inbuilt circuit between incarnated person and extra-dimensional soul. As each individual engages in receiving the transmission we tend, we adjust the field-frequency to resonant harmonic to the self-soul frequency of that person’s innate, inbuilt circuit. When the interaction is entered into thus, in which all points of contact are in clarity with the fundamental of love of self and heart-centered openness to receiving the influx of energetics from a loving source of self-reflective reality, the transmission carries layers of meaning within the encodements that take the form of letters on a page.

Soul Whispers readings from the Pleiadians of the League of Light are life-changing. #pleiadian #leagueoflight #ninespath Share on X

A Common Field of Experience

Such it is on a more extensive basis for messages that are shared in transmission for the greater community of humanity which has attuned itself to seeking and opening to a higher truth than they might be able to find from leaning on generally less soul-attuned fields of frequency. The soul of the planet is one field you all share, and in love for the humanity that is part of that field, part of the generative creativity of the Earth itself, you can receive frequencies of resonant truth that herald the potential transformation of humanity from dark to bright understanding of a greater, global self. Individuated beams of projected divine light animate you as people.

When you join your light in mutual love and clarity in reflection of each other, the light that capacitates itself within the sphere of the planet entrains into a higher light frequency overtone from the soul of the Earth itself, which is grand for all of creation to behold. It is the opalescent shimmer of love-realized humanity that generates a greater resonance of integrational healing and one-pointed omni-sentient beingness, which ripples throughout the universal creation of which you are an integral part, as individuations of soul and as a planetary consciousness together. This represents the height of our experience as sensory extensions of consciousness and the totality of our ability at this time to express ourselves to you.

A World in Flux

However, this is set to change, and soon. The world in which you live is in flux, and the fundamental harmonic upon which holographic reality finds its expression is modulating in frequency. What this means for you is that you will level up, in a sense, the way you understand your experience in terms of your ability to interact with the situational circumstances which you find yourself confronting from one day to the next. The fundamental of your own reality is shifting as well, and this capitulates in a sensory awareness expansion that will afford you a greater ability to interact with the finer frequencies that are finding a foothold in the energetic envelope of Earth at this moment in time.

Though this is going to steadily increase in the coming months and years, the shift which you are now experiencing is monumental in comparison to those which you have previously witnessed, experienced, or slept through. What comes is going to be effervescent and reviving in the most radical of ways. What our role in this is will become apparent as you move through the unfolding reality ahead of you, now in process of revealing itself.

Finding Divinity

Learn to encounter the divine. Practice self-awareness. Forgive everything and move on, holding your truth ahead of you in situational engriefment where the world lets go of everything that has given it the experience of pain, loss, or disconnection from the truth of itself. Feel into the energetic space of grief and let yourself open to the wisdom that you hold within that sacred moment. We whisper to you words of encouragement. Find your divine voice, and speak your truth freely. Until you are ready to fully access what that feels like, you are in the process of encountering it.

We are present with you to guide you there, in loving service to the fulfillment of your soul’s wish for your expression of itself, as friends to share the discoveries, and as love’s sentinels observing and offering what words may be of greatest aid in your uncovering of the deepest mysteries you have hidden from yourself. The path there is yours, and in the greatest honor of your choice to take that journey to selfhood, we bow.

In peace, we leave you with this message, and we await a greater closeness in the consent of communication of the heart.

The Creative Counselors of the Pleiadian Renegade Family of Light-Hearted Healers

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