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Higher Orders

Be As One, As Are We Cathars

A transmission from Rojan of the community of Cathars

May you receive these words with the love of fellow travelers of the road to illumination within the divine heart of the holy source of all love, all life, all perfection of knowing and being, amen. I speak as one who has taken the leave of Earth’s well of suffering at the hands of those who were charged with the authority of divine rule. My name is Rojan, and I speak from the home within celestial orders as a person of the community of Cathars. We did not perish utterly at the end of a vicious raid on what was holy by the keepers of a code of infernal deceit disguised as arbitrary good rulership of Christian doctrine. The spirit of God’s anointing transcends both religion and time. We remain in the world of light and form, unseen but nearing the edge of perception. We carry a message of some urgency and ask you to share its energy where you can.

From within the corridors of time comes now a call to remember the origins of your own connection with your soul and with each other. You have been chosen as much as you have chosen to be. The time has arrived for your recognition of the part you have undertaken to carry into the full light of truth and of human reconciliation with divinity. Do not balk at such words, nor enter into them without a full understanding of what this entails. You are being given a signal now, to stimulate some yet-dormant faculty of common mind among you. Community you are called to be.

Cathar Nine's Path
A view from the ruins of Opoul-Perillos, Cathar country, France. Click for larger image.

The community of Cathars had always remained cognizant of the intimate relationship between the life of Earthly endeavor and the dynamic life of spirit. How have you made community among yourselves? Over time, the whole of humanity has become more and more fractured. Schisms and apartheid have broken the wholeness of you, and led you into the hands of master manipulators, liars, and worse. Do not allow yourselves to be blind any longer. Self-righteousness is one of your greatest obstacles to overcome, if community is truly what you wish to have. Indeed, community now is the only way to save yourselves. Not by excising that which does not conform, but by embracing life and love will you come into wholeness. Do not think that we are saying to condone all and tolerate all. That is not our message. Rather, by conforming your own core being to that which is life and love, you move into a state of resonant purity, in which all that is out of step with the divine path will naturally fall away.

You carry your own obstacles. Many were given to you to bear, others are relics of belief. You are free to let these burdens fall to the wayside. They will only prove to be a hindrance. We ourselves know what it is to carry what is not of the natural state. As one, we relinquished all, knowing that in time our knowing of divine life would again make its return to the world of humanity. We lived, as Cathars, in a state of absolute trust of the way. Though our Earthly path ended in oblivion, from the perspective of divine mind, it merely passed into a different landscape. The spirits of those we were yet live; we yet maintain a community of perfected being. We come to you now, from where we are, to instill within your hearts the understanding of what now you face. Where you are about to enter, you can only go as a pure one. Your baggage will not be needed. You are enough, if you come only with love.

Before we left our Earthly communities, we anchored our souls in an etheric world’s assembly. As we lived our Earthly lives, we maintained a presence as well in that realm. This was natural to our minds. Leaving the Earthly community as we did was merely our transference for a mode of perspective. We did lose our physical presence on the Earthly plane, but we did not lose ourselves, our community, as our presence as a soul group. We use this term to designate our conscious choice to participate in a grand event of divine extension into the world of form. As rememberers, we can say with some certainty that one’s experiences do not vanish when sight of them does. They shape what is of form, yet they have some imprint within the formless spirit as well. As you move into formlessness, yet some aspect of experience remains within your consciousness, even without the form of Earthly flesh.

We tell you this because you will be presented with the choice, very soon, of what to maintain to constitute the concept of human community. Certain vestiges of community have little relevance to the world that is rapidly emerging. These, you can relinquish with no regret, nor any grief. Simply step out of them. You will recognize them as empty; be aware and not asleep. The way is before you, the world is behind you, and we, the community of Cathars, remain present to help you find your footing. What awaits is your own perfected selves, and with it, a perfected spirit and form of community. There is nothing to fear, and much to embrace.

We leave you now with this blessing. The host of heaven, the shining source of all love, all peace, be with you as you move closer to home. In this communion of loving souls, we ask that you remember our words, and know that we enthusiastically support your next leap of faith. With loving regard, we say in grace be as one.

You are given a signal to stimulate some yet-dormant faculty of common mind among you. Community you are called to be. We Cathars remain present to help. #ninespath #cathars #humancommunity Click To Tweet

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