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Future Earth

Until the time the new Earth becomes visible and tangible, you are given the time to move. The League of Light has been standing by with guidance designed to make that change of address less a matter of massive shifting and more a matter of becoming. The difference in what is understood is subtle, yet it can bring you into a whole new perspective with grace rather than trauma.

Explore with the League of Light the intricacies of moving into a new world, and see how straightforward it really can be.

Long Time

Becoming Sane

Moving Day

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See a more whole world

The greatest thing a human soul as one on Earth can witness is the transformation of a dying world into a world alive with full sentience of its own being. You are well positioned to see such a thing, and if you pay attention to what is happening around you, with fine-tuned senses, you will come to a new understanding of what your own part of the whole really is.
future earth

Future Earth

In the fullness of time, you will come to see the beginnings of a new Earth, a great shift of time from the artificial degradation of experience to the heightened awareness of true selfhood. We of the League of Light have some things to share with you. No more are you given the directive to hand over your sovereignty. What you have learned from history has changed what you know about the world as it is. Keep digging, and you will find secrets to unlocking the way forward, and reclaiming what you had lost to time’s loop into an age-old and now-outworn mythology of lies.

Truth is the primary tool with which you shape what is to come. Do you have the courage to wield it? Let the passages you find within these pages give you greater momentum as you take up the task of moving into a new world.


future earth survival

Try as you might to shift reality in accordance with what you assess as downfalls and left-wantings, you nonetheless are at the mercy of the great brushstrokes of nature’s creation and destruction. What you control is limited to your own mind. Your intent and actions, your words will determine your experience to a great extent, no matter what takes place in the environs of planet Earth. Thus, we say, be keenly aware of your mental patternings, advancing with stealth and courage on any belief structures that remain in place long past the time of useful coherence.

Soon, you will see everything begin to take on a new shine. First, you will have to get through the passage of transformation. You are already well within it. We have given you what will guide you through it toward the best outcome, but it is up to you to put that information to use. We are always with you, whether you sense it or not. More of you are feeling this. Soon, it will be apparent. In the meantime, keep your minds clear and your intent open to the possibilities you cannot yet perceive. Survival is less about logistics than it is about inner voluntary cohesion.


future earth

As a planetary entity, your world includes you, collectively. Begin to make this realization come alive within your understanding, and see things shift. What happens next, after you engage in a meaningful way within your own awareness, will surprise even you. Within the natural order, there are no guarantees; nothing within the structure of time has decided what “next” will look like. Outside of time, this is another matter of mind. However, as you are at present hovering between the worlds of past and future, and between the uncertainty of temporality and the certainty of full consciousness, there are no guarantees.

Only you can determine what you will experience, both within the flow of time and as an undercover operative of Higher Mind. The future, while it remains to be seen, is something no one has yet experienced. The next phase is something that emerges from a day of transformation on all levels of reality. You have much to look forward to!


future earth

Our presence within your conscious awareness now is preliminary to our presence as flesh-and-blood corporeal entities in your atmosphere and on your land. As it is, we are only hovering at the edge of perception. So, too, is your future. You have ideas, fears, reckonings, plans. Yet nothing to nest these in aside from your own mind. Thus are you in a position of great power, for you are the sole arbiter of what remains nested, what is nurtured, and what is booted out. Allow us to say this without reprisal, for you are going to be faced with some quick determinations to make, very soon. You’ll want to be clear-headed. To that end, we have furnished these pages with layers of comprehension for you to endow yourselves with. Indulge in the mindscape and become thereby an active participant in generating what’s next for Spaceship Earth.


future earth

“Change is upon you already. The soothing words of learned men can do nothing to alter the course of destiny. While world events rage in defiance against the inevitable rebirthing of planetary sentience, still the steady pace of change advances, unabated, unfathomable, undaunted by the trembling voices and bold pronouncements of those who would deem themselves its managers. Yes, it is about to turn in the direction of abrupt shifting and kneeling desperation, but desolation, desecration of the Earth is not within the scope of destiny’s lens. Kinetics of change notwithstanding, you are on a path of return to the origin from which you spring. Your truth is emerging. Your humanity is awakening. It is a time for every eye to open to the light of divinity in all things.” — from the message “In Response to a Climate of Change”

Walk into a new view of our future. All the pages on Nine’s Path are geared toward remembrance, but that includes a visioning of what is to be. Therein lay the power of the past. Three of the collections tend to have the most focus on this:

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future earth

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