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Getting to Know "Me"

Over the years of personal communications with the Pleiadians (namely, the Temmerians of the League of Light), our own friendly chats, they have opened up the story of Joegil—and becoming Joegil—from time to time, as suits my personal evolutionary movement. Lately, in the past several months, that has ramped up considerably, and as it has some bearing on my ability to have an online presence, I thought it well to share with you what is happening in that sphere of activity, and in some way explain my recent absence from producing much in the way of posts on the family of blogs that makes up the work you find collected at the Nine’s Path website. I’m working on a page about my experience with the Joegil aspect and what the crew have shared with me. As it involves review of a stack of old notebooks, it’s slow going, but it is indeed a work in progress. Do check back from time to time to see what’s happening there.

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Becoming a Commander of Light

So, becoming Joegil. Pleiadian “commander of light”. She encoded her consciousness to be revealed… later. Code travels very well through DNA, and this was the mode of transport through time she chose. She would merge her code with the carrier of the matching code (I’m not clear on the specifics of how this works, so bear with me on the woo-woo), and she would reveal her consciousness in a sort of integration with the carrier. Guess who her carrier is. And so we come to why I have been offline for long stretches of time.

Early in the year 2017, I received a very clear message that I would be resting quite profoundly as Joegil prepared to emerge. Just days later, I began sleeping. Rip van Winkle-style. Up to 18 hours a day, I’m not really sure but it was profound. I was being taken offline, quite literally, with no strength whatsoever to do even the simplest of tasks. This lasted intensely for several weeks; by February, I was feeling more strength, and even through March I was still very much “in the process” and running at very low power, so to speak. In addition, I’ve been purging lifetimes of energetic sludge, mainly through my lungs, so that is compounding the difficulty of maintaining the connection for writing. Those periods of open communication are more radically clear in terms of what’s coming through. The Pleiadian Tarot readings have become the focal point of the team’s regular weekly “touch” in terms of guiding us through these transformational times. So have the transmissions via Joegil become a new focal point. Scenes from our shared history, as humans, with the Pleiadians form the basis of the section “Core Access” ( Stay tuned to this address and watch as it develops more.

By the way, when the crew tell me I will be needing rest, I’ve learned that they aren’t wasting their breath. They’re quite literal in what they say in such circumstances, as much as they may be rather enigmatic in what they say otherwise (all to good effect).


Becoming Joegil, it appears, is closer to becoming more of a part of my reality, much like those aspects of myself I’ve worked on integrating have become part of who I am. I’ve done years of healing work, seeking out and “rescuing” lost pieces of myself… the broken woman, the traumatized inner child, the shadow, etc. Even past lives. Those are powerful integrations indeed, and lead to a deep healing and wholeness. As I understand it, this experience I’m having is along those same lines, yet reaching beyond past-life trauma to incorporate an entire aspect of soul that is settling into the DNA code itself. Hence the need for rest, and for me being taken offline in so many ways.

Meanwhile, I’m getting personal communications from the crew fairly regularly, short and sweet. They speak to Joegil directly, as they have always done, and then to me, with updates on the process they call “enveloping”. Here is one such message, from earlier this month:

“Joegil, prepare to emerge. Time is short and we need you to be fully aware in the coming weeks. The one who carries the code is ready for change, but is challenged in the mode of physical well-being. You will feel the pressure she feels and in emerging from the enveloping, you must support her. The idea she has of you is vague, so you will need to show her who you are and become attuned with each other. As you are, she is strong, but the planetary conditions have had an impact on her ability to express her full potential. Add to that the many lifetimes of trauma she has in her memory, and you will have a better understanding of the challenge before you to emerge smoothly.

Maryann, you will have rest soon. Joegil’s emergence will bring greater completion to your beingness, and overall will strengthen you on all levels. She is an aspect of you to be integrated, but is herself more whole than any other aspect you have yet integrated. She and you will merge, and neither will be lost. Each will merge into a more continuously harmonic wholeness than you can yet imagine. Next will come understandings through mental impressions, dreams, synchronicities, memory, and connections. Everything is arranged. Rest now and feel the love of your crew.”

To have a bigger and clearer window into the process that’s happening, be sure to check back on this page now and then, as I’ll be updating it with the narrative as it’s been happening over the years. In the meantime, I wish you all well on your own journey of integration and evolvement. Are you going through something similar? If so, please share in the comments!

Love to all.

Notes from Joegil

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    I don’t talk to anyone about this because I feel like I people would think I’m crazy. You are the first, so please do not be quick to judge.
    I am a person who has had a very troubled life, full of trauma and abuse. I leaned at a young age to escape the insanity through use of drugs and alcohol.
    I came to a crossroads in my life and went to college to in my mind better myself, but now I know it was to help help people and that I have done in many various ways. Always putting my children whom I raised indepently and my patients first.
    But as I continued to fulfill my hearts passion with high standard I feel fulfilled.
    Anyway I just one day 1.5yrs ago decided it was time for me to stop covering/masking my traumas, so I have been clean for this amount of time. I had no idea what I was in for as everything I so desperately tried to avoid came rushing forward. And somewhere in the mist of all this I have been channeled by something/someone that has helped me through this. They talk to me daily sometimes several times throughout the day. They guide me well, know me well, have taught me to go within, to use my tools that they say I have had since birth, they have helped me to find them and use them for my greater good. They teach me to eat clean, how to love properly, what my mission in this life time is, how to achieve this mission, about free will, opening my chrakras, meditation, what a strong beautiful independent individual I am, they know everything about my life, they teach me about manifestation and wish fulfillment. I have never been interested in any of this, but now I can’t get enough. I wake up daily between 230-430am to receive their message. They refer to me as beautiful one or beautiful child. They speak to me in a different language that I am slowly learning. Examples:
    (1) Como stada estu = GOD be with you
    (2) Quama Beneeto a too = do it for you
    (3) Como seta mon dane = you are with the angels
    (4) a sha moo gueta = you have put the work in
    And the list goes on, I have kept diaries so I can go back and read my teachings to keep them fresh in my mind.
    They have also taught me to sharpen my abilities, intuition, being aware, seeing clearly (removing the veil), thinking logically and not of emotion, getting rid of all that is not of my greater good (people, items, jobs, ect)
    I don’t know who or what this is but I am thinking Pleatian, because everything matches to a tee. They are of love and light, they want me to be with them.They want me to change dimensions, at this time they have told me that I have put in the work, followed their teachings and there is no stopping the process now. As described tone you can not wear a size 5 shioe, your foot grows to size 8, you can’t go back to this size 5. You continue to rise in dimensional levels. Your consciousness expands, your inner knowing sharp, your eyes see more clear everyday, your senses keen, and your 3rd eye is open, your relationship with GOD and your angels strong. I can not escape this new life, nor do I want to, I am comfortable in this skin. Also, I somehow know this language, it’s familiar. I have no problem speaking it when they present it to me.

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    Thank you for sharing this, so open-heartedly! Gives me goosebumps 😄 I celebrate your journey and wish you continued revelations. Your story is so inspiring, and very share-worthy. I appreciate you gracing this page with it.


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